audi r8 v chevy corvette v porsc
Altair Club Cars Audi R8 v Chevy Corvette v Porsche 911: DRAG RACE

Audi R8 v Chevy Corvette v Porsche 911: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you mountain here from car wow so i’m sad in a corvette c8 stingray next to me is a porsche 911 carrera the entry level 911. next to that is an audi r8 rear-wheel drive and we’re going to have a drag race now before we do if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way

You won’t miss any of these races now let me tell you about this corvette it’s powered by a 6.2 litre naturally aspirated v8 a good old amazing v8 puts out 482 horsepower 613 newton meters of torque drives the rear wheels only varnate speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control this thing weighs in at 1 655 kilos and it costs from 77 000 pounds that

Porsche it has a three liter flat six twin turbo with just 385 horsepower and 450 newton meters of torque um poor porsche it drives the rear wheels via 8-speed automatic gearbox with launch control and that thing weighs in at 1509 kilos it’s a bit more expensive than this corvette it’s 87 000 pounds finally we come to the most expensive car here which is the audi

R8 rear wheel drive it starts from 132 000 pounds but for that you get a 5.2 liter natural aspirated v10 with 570 horsepower and 550 newton meters of torque driving the rear wheels via a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox that thing weighs in at 1609 kilos that’s enough of the stats but if you want to compare them side by side quickly pause the video because

We’ll give you a little stats table now let’s do this racing come on buy sell car wow now before we start the drag race i’m going to do the obligatory carwash sound check so have a listen to this v8 this has no soft limiter yeah look at it let’s have a listen to that porsche i don’t think it’s going to sound as good go on rev up the 911 oh he is there come on

Then let’s hear the v10 is that an addis off limiter they horrendous limiter on this audi why do they do that ah now if you’re thinking about changing your car you need to check out car wow click on the pop out banner up there or for the link in the description not only can you check out how much you can save on a new car through car where you can see how much you

Can sell your current car for as well because our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it now if you want to do that at a later date simply google whammy car wow and we will wow you and now we’re going to wow you by warming up the tires sorry classic corvette club uk i’ll buy any tyres if i destroy them promise go on porsche it’s done

Oh nice nice nice i like that anyway go on audi r8 let’s do it oh that’s definitely a rear wheel drive all right come on oh america the portion of the light didn’t you got wood but it’s close wait a minute he should be coming back at me he’s coming back at me come on no way that was very interesting between this corvette and the porsche because i took

You on the launch and then you came back at me or they didn’t beat me did you no i didn’t beat you i think i can do a little bit better one more go i think this will beat you on the launch and then i think it’s going to stay ahead but that audi was gone yeah it’s got a lot more power but i thought it would struggle to launch because sometimes they can be a bit funny

Those things when launching the rear wheel drive one seems to launch better than the four-wheel drive ones we’ve launched recently let’s go again i smashed the field on the line come on oh look how how’d he go so that was the same result porsche i got a really sweet launch this thing launches beautifully but that porsche does seem to be pulling it back can i

Have one more go i think i can launch a little bit better that portion is good it’s gonna be tight come on corvette great launches from everyone now the porsche’s coming back come on sure you’re not gonna launch better than that are yeah that is as good as it’s gonna be in this car it was perfect it is pulling back a little bit though audi happy without

Launch but still well clear ahead of both of you regardless i think true that so then what exactly happened well the audi won completing the standing quarter mile in 11 seconds the corvette just beat the porsche for second place but both crossed the line in 11.8 seconds okay now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour with the cars in there relax setting so

It’s tall for this car and we’re gonna do it in automatic mode for the gearboxes right let’s get to 50 guys here we go three two one go kick down the porsche’s taken off come on corvette stretch her legs it’s a race and a half mile can i catch the porsche it’s not getting ahead of me is the half mile damn clearly the audi was ahead but porsche took off like

Crazy and you were like gapping me that’s pdk baby i don’t know how i pulled so far ahead of you though that’s weird hmm it is weird let’s take the kick down of the gearbox out the equation okay then we’re going to do similar thing but this time we’re in our sportiest settings and manual mode for the gearbox let’s get to 50. three two one go yes pickup is strong

Look at this can i beat the push to the half mile he’s coming back what the heck come on colby i’ve got no bloody way no way no way no way no way i’ve got like 100 more horsepower than you porsche twice the capacity i even got the jump on you and matt watson was too stunned to speak this really makes no sense you did jump on me and then i thought oh that’s it now

And yeah i just drove away from you audrey you’re just really here for the audi fans aren’t you i mean this is inevitable let’s move on a little bit upset sorry america now we’re gonna have a break test from 100 miles an hour whenever it’s live full emergency stop if you don’t watch this you’d rather watch other cool drag race with american cars click on the pop

Out there for the link in the description below to go do that instead if not let’s see if the corvette can break in a short distance from the porsche i’m not hopeful but you never know there’s andrew martinez stick it up ready for this come on we beat the audi audi you lost something do you know what matters most the brake test no the drag race doesn’t matter more

Porsches always break brilliantly don’t they yeah they’re just awesome you can’t really fault them can you it’s amazing that’s the entry level 911 as well and just how well it performs however it’s still 10 grand more than this and you get a loaded kick with this and you’ll probably spend a load on options on that porsche so this corvette really value for money is

The car to have without a doubt gives you brilliant performance anyway i just want to say a big thank you to the guys that have lent us this corvette it’s classic corvette club uk go check them out there’s a link in the description if you’d like to see a great performance car which there’s a superb offer on three car away click on the pop-up burn up they’ll follow

The link in the description below to check out what that is anyway hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those windows there for some more videos and on that box there to go to car where you can send your card and just upload some photos of your cart and add these will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it thanks for watching

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Audi R8 v Chevy Corvette v Porsche 911: DRAG RACE By carwow

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