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Altair Club Cars Audi Q7 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson reviews

Audi Q7 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson reviews

It’s hard to miss the Audi Q7. At over five meters long, there’s little else on the road that takes up as much space – even by SUV standards. The upside to those vast dimensions is that the Q7 can carry seven adults in comfort, and all within a cabin flaunting typical Audi build quality. But what is it like to drive? Does it feel as big and heavy as the looks suggest, or does the aluminium construction keep it light on its feet? And is it practical when you don’t need to carry seven? Find out this and more in my full in-depth review.

This is the audi q7 and in some ways it’s a bit like farm morale you seem rather than looking like a traditional suv it’s more of a big posh estate obviously being posh you do have to pay for it and it’s quite expensive if you click up there to get a carbide coat at uk you can see the very latest prices on the id q7 you can also spec at your ideal car any car for

That matter and diggers will come back to you with the best price they can do on it now the great thing about the q7 is just hammering you have in this middle row the doors open really wise it’s dead easy to get in and the height is just about right also the seats are quite half the ground so you sit at a good angle you don’t feel like you’re too low down and

Check this out look how much knee room i’ve got and because this front seat is raised up you can really stretch out it’s like you’re in a limousine plus you can recline the seat and look at that this is this is a wonderful car to do distances in this middle row you can slide the seats board as well it’s like i’m going to leave this seat folks i’m going to need it

In a minute in that position you can slide them all individually and push this on back because i want to show you this the middle row so this car it’s actually pretty good for chemistry in the middle rope thought wilds absolutely message said there’s plenty of room for everyone’s feet you also have your own climate control buttons here to the back which is nice

And it is not sitting in the middle you can fold this down and there’s some couples then it all moves very sweetly there will be a nicely made now i’m going to show you the back of this car because it is a seven-seater there’s a reason i’ve put this chair there lot up though i want you to notice this first look i’ve still got plenty of room with the chair elias

To get into the very back it’s not the most elegant fits that i’m afraid iod hasn’t thought this one through quite so well to fold this down push this lick this up and then hold out the way it’s actually gastric so it’s not too hot and it wanted unlatched it i’m going to get this one out of your way so you can see what i’m doing back here right so i’m going to

Pull this chair back now alright let’s get this one out the way as well come on no wrong leaver the doors just shut on there as well so let me put this on back but with this seat in its forward position i do just about have enough knee room head room you have a certain stroke my head is touching really though it is just for kids back here a land rover discovery

Does feel more spacious in the rear most row doesn’t composite here and here but there doesn’t seem to be any charging point to the people in the very back you do have some in the middle of row and quite there oh yes there’s a charging point in the boot so you could probably use that if you wanted to speaking of the boot i don’t know how to get out the back let me

Know and then this i’ll just let that go good own accord i just put these seeds back up because i can then show you the boot in its various stages and configurations gone tonight there we go and i just jumped i’ve heard them not gonna fall out back we can switch my head open that’s good it gracefully welded me alright let’s get that one back up as well and slide

You back okay bye finally i can show you the boot at last now the actual capacity with all seven feet in place is about the same as you’d have on a volkswagen polo it’s a little bit less than a volvo xc90 has with all its seats in place it slipped okay had tools under here though nothing really nothing nothing much of that oh well there are a few tipping point and

Netting there oh and there’s a 12 volt socket as well as you want to fold the seats down you do it electrically and it’s standard on all models it’s not the fastest system in the world it could be a bit patient but there you go once you’ve done that you’ve got a nice flat load area there’s no load lip either to lift up over and if you want to fold down the other

Row you have to go all the way back round again and do it by hand come on here we go we’ll get there in the end finally done it there we go look loads of space then you’ve got a nice flat continuously load floor and that makes it easy to load heavy items in and slide them to the front in fact seriously just how much stuff you can cram into this cosby click up

There touch my detailed practicality video you’ll also be able to see how it is to be a child seat in the q7 and what it’s like with three people in the middle of road let’s me wanted to front now because i’m really impressed with interior quality in this q7 i mean it’s absolutely bloomin lovely this is a nice car to sit in i mean just yes just so solid materials

Are plush and luxurious and i like this thing here they’ve got this big central air vent which wasn’t blasting you were there press a button down here and it lets that soft diffuse air which i like to call air shower in fact all the controls here just dead simple easy to use it’s a really well thought out car there’s some decent practicality to the door bins are

Huge what they can hold a 1.5 liter bottle however the glovebox is only alright size and there’s not much space under here actually though this god does have charging from mobile phone not this mobile phone it’s too old and there’s some usb inputs there as well actually equipment levels are pretty good right across the range so all cars get all in parking centers

You get leather interior difference these are heated and they’re electrically operated dav digital radio there’s auto emergency braking which can spot pedestrians and you also get a 10 gigabyte hard drive for your music this is the s line so it has some sporty bits of trim on the outside and 20-inch alloy wheels you get led headlamps there’s also these sports seats

As well which are nice and grippy but regardless of which car you go for they all get this glorious eight in screen now the infotainment system is very very easy to use to scroll through the different menus get apple carplay and android auto you can get the internet with it as well and you can use your car as a wi-fi hotspot if you want or you can do it the other

Way around you can bounce the signal from your mobile phone into the car and then on the mapping you can use google maps and it just looks glorious speaking of looking glorious out is virtual cockpit it is an optional extra but it’s well worth having so yeah a fully digital driver’s display you can scroll through the different menus and the best bit is the satellite

Navigation there it’s super wide screen it just looks great and it’s dead easy to use when you’re driving now if you click up there you can see my full in-depth video review of this cars entertainment system and it’s quite long video because there’s plenty to talk about right then let’s hit the road find out what the ib q7 like the drive this id q7 is an apps

Blooming lovely car to drivers just so relaxing as eileen noise regardless of what speed be going out and the standard suspension does a great job of dealing with the bumps but why just put up with merely a great job when for 2,000 pounds extra you can get the optional air suspension and then it deals with bumps brilliantly in fact to conserve the cars giving you

An epidural because you quite literally can’t feel anything through the seat really to take one thing away from this video just one thing its gift the optional air suspension also it means that the press of a button you can fill up the suspension and then this be car goes round corners surprisingly well it’s really quite amazing actually it’s not quite as overtly

Sporty as a porsche cayenne but i think it’s about all-round package and it’s quick as well so the 3 liter v6 diesel is so smooth its silky its quiet and with this 272 horsepower version it flies it we could fly it’s called supposed to do 48 miles per gallon and i’m getting 34 that’s not bad if you want even more performance there’s an x q 7 which is what almost

Supercar quick or if you want more economy there’s a hybrid – what’s not to like and then there’s the 8-speed automatic gearbox which is fast responsive and also very smooth if there is one small problem with the keys over its perhaps the fact you don’t seem to sit quite a high as you do in some other suv such as a land rover discovery which is actually a better

Car if you want to do a lot of off-roading if you don’t well this q7 has more than enough grip from its all-wheel-drive system and it’s still high enough you know you get a good view out and it actually for an suv quite easy to tell with the corners of the car and i think it’s probably one of the easiest 4×4 to pilot round town as well the business is very good

All-round you can save yourself by clicking there – what’s one 360 degree passenger ride video now then it’s time to the par wife i’ve annoying things about the audi q7 hated unfolding door mirrors are a 200 pound option even though this car costs 50 grand when you have autocompletes in place there’s nowhere really to store the parcel shelf i think i might just

Kind of leave it rolling around in there if you like the hybrid version you can forget about carrying seven people because it doesn’t come with a third row seat also the boots a bit smaller you can blame the batches for that because it’s quite a bit of space the rear windows may well be massive it’s just a shame they don’t go all the way down so and we compute and

Lean your arm out of the window this touchpad is really easy to use if you’re left-handed not so much if you’re one of the 90% of people you are thankfully it’s not all bad here the car y5 cool features about the audi q7 this new audi q7 is up to three hundred and twenty five kilos lighter than the old a t q7 which is about the same weight as five or wow cameras

The exit warning system will prevent you from opening your door on an approaching pedestrian or cyclist unfortunately this particular car doesn’t have that option with the optional air suspension you can raise the car’s right height for going offroad or lower it to make it easier your doggie could jump into the back there’s a nice if expect things on every single

Passenger seat even these in the very back row now if you click up there you go to carlo cote uk for more information and to compare offers on the audi q7 or any car for that matter so then what’s on verdict on it should you avoid it should they consider it should even show list it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should just go right

Ahead and buy the id q7 if you can afford it it’s on the very best cars on sale today they enjoyed this video please like it and share it and click up there to subscribe to our channel click up there to watch my detailed practicality video reviews the q7 down there for the detailed entertainment video and down there went to engine 60-degree passenger i video now

Do this for the easter egg in the video it was the band hugh 7 planes on the car

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