audi q5 40 tdi quattro s line w
Altair Club Cars Audi Q5 40 TDI quattro S Line w cenie Skody – test i jazda prbna

Audi Q5 40 TDI quattro S Line w cenie Skody – test i jazda prbna

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Audi Q5 drugiej generacji wprowadzono na rynek w 2017 roku. Druga generacja Q5 generacja jest od pierwszej minimalnie większa, ale też minimalnie lżejsza. Samochód nadal waży około 1800 kilogramów, ale pod maską tego Audi Q5 pracuje mocny diesel, więc jest odpowiednio szybko, a przy tym oszczędnie. Jeśli masz przyczepę czy lub łódź, ta wersja może holować do 2400 kilogramów.

This is the audi q5. it’s the price of a new skoda karoq. you can buy one right away, certified pre-owned, with warranty, and financing. what’s that all about? watch this to find out! i’ll start by explaining, how i got this audi to review. this car was lent to me by the volkswagen financial services store here in warsaw on łopuszańska street. you can see, test

Drive, and buy certified pre-owned vehicles, mainly from the vw group, but not only. however if you do not want to or cannot go to the showroom, on the website (link in the description) you will find their full offer. you can search cars by brand, model, price and instalment, year, engine power and displacement, gearbox, mileage, body type or equipment.

The cheapest cars cost less than 500 pln a month. including taxes. that’s for individual clients. if you’re a company buyer, monthly instalments start below 400 pln. i decided to look for for a car in the volkswagen financial services offer that hasn’t yet been featured on my channel, and that’s how i stumbled upon the audi q5 – a popular premium suv, which competes

Against the bmw x3, lexus nx, mercedes-benz glc or the volvo xc60. on the website you can check out the gallery. there are pictures from the outside and inside. every car is photographed in the same place, using decent equipment, not an old nokia in a stocking. this is the second generation q5, which debuted in 2017. this car is from late 2018, and has around

50000 km on the odometer. what does that mean for you? we’ll talk about it in a moment. the second generation audi q5 is marginally bigger and lighter than the first one. the car still weighs around 1800 kilograms, but this particular example has a powerful diesel under the bonnet, so it’s quick enough, and at the same time frugal. if you have a trailer or a boat to

Tow, this car can tow up to 2400 kilograms. within reason of course. the quattro all-wheel drive is designed primarily with on-road dynamics and safety in mind, while off road abilities are a secondary feature. this car is on 19” rims. it’s black metallic with an s line style pack. the upholstery is alcantara and leather. there are also comfort and technology packs.

This equipment list is a part of the dekra expert report. beside standard and optional equipment, the report also includes information about the condition of tires and paint, any damage, as well as photo documentation. nobody is trying to hide anything from you. for example this car has a cracked windscreen, and small paint chips. if you wish, these can be repaired by the

Showroom. let’s look inside the boot, which has 510 liters capacity. there are pockets on the sides. there is also an elastic tape, which is good for holding things vertically. there are two shopping bag hooks, as well as levers to fold the rear seats. under the floor is a subwoofer, and a mini spare. unfortunately there is no place to store the load cover. in the rear

There’s good legroom and headroom, although due to the massive tunnel the middle seat is reserved rather for younger passengers. there are isofix points on side seats. there is also an armrest with cupholders. the middle part of the backrest folds, which allows to you to carry two passengers in the back, and skis. passengers in the back have third zone climate control, as

Well as a 12v socket. if their drinks don’t fit in the cupholders, the door pockets are quite deep. what sets audi apart from the competition is the simple, and elegant cockpit layout. if you like soft-touch materials, audi doesn’t disappoint from top to bottom. everything is well made, legible, and easy to use. except for android auto. on the one hand it’s good to see

It even in a car that was launched in 2017. on the other hand the mmi infotainment in the pre facelift q5 is designed around the touchpad, and the rotary dial next to the gear selector. the screen on top of the dashboard is not touch sensitive. yes, it’s good the mmi was designed so as not to smear the screen with fingers. the touchpad writing works very well. however as

It was designed years ago, the engineers didn’t take into account that android auto is mainly touch based, and using a rotary dial is not as intuitive, as one could wish for. but you don’t have to use android auto. you have the full infotainment system with sat nav, and panoramic map displayed on the virtual instrument cluster. a few years before the second generation

Q5 this type of display debuted in the audi tt. it was a very modern solution. other brands, not only from the vw group, gradually started adding it to their cars, and today virtual instrument clusters are available in most cars, usually as an option. you can control the information on the virtual instrument cluster with buttons on the steering wheel. everything is simple

And logical. the same goes for the buttons for ac and basic car functions. i recently drove an audi e-tron with the new two touch displays, and underneath them a panel with touch buttons for good measure. this here is easier to use. i’ll add the way the touchpad and the mmi knob are located behind the gear selector is very comfortable. and the lever is shaped for you to

Rest your wrist on it. lexus in the nx designed some hump, like on a cheap office supply mousepad. audi took advantage of our natural tendency rest out hand in this place. there are also cupholders, which you can cover with a sliding wireless charger. under the armrest is one of the two usb ports. the second is at the bottom of the center console next to the 12v socket,

And the start button. the armrest storage is small, maybe for sunglasses. more will fit in the glovebox, and the door pockets. under the bonnet of this q5 works a 2-liter 190 hp diesel. it is mated to a 7-speed s tronic gearbox. this is the quattro awd version. a fwd version was also available. in the second generation audi changed the awd system, and it is no longer a

Permanent setup. it is now on-demand. this helps limit fuel consumption. it should be around 7 liters per 100 km combined, and this is more or less, what i averaged. the 0-100 km/h time should be 8.1 seconds, and this is what i got in dynamic mode. in auto mode the 0-100 km/h took about a second longer, because the computer cuts emissions on take off. anyway, a two and

A half year old car with certified 50000 kilometers still has the parameters of a car, which just left the factory. and this is how it feels on the road. it is very quiet inside. that’s thanks to low drag coefficient, as well as soundproofing of the undercarriage. it’s just a pleasant car for your daily commute. it’s not particularly exciting, but that’s not what

It’s fort. it’s all about comfortable and effortless travel. the suspension doesn’t make any suspicious sounds. the car goes over bumps, as if they weren’t there. this q5 has the standard suspension. in case of the optional adaptive suspension the suspension can be noisy, something that many cars with this type of suspension suffer from. here you don’t have to

Worry about anything. the suspension is simple, but it still works great! ok, it works now, but what about when i leave the showroom? all cars from the volkswagen financial services store get one year warranty. and there’s financing, like on a new car. you can buy a car or use it, even with zero downpayment. on the website you’ll find a simple slider, with which you

Select the number of installments, downpayment, and planned mileage. is there something i don’t like about this q5? with audi everything is an option.whoever configured this car, selected the tech package with the virtual cockpit, but didn’t tick the reversing camera. also, due to emissions, vw group cars from this era cut power on take off. the way around is to drive

In dynamic mode, but in the long run this will cost you at the pump. the audi q5 is a comfortable, nice and simple to use car. you’re getting a premium suv with warranty at a price of a skoda. and you don’t have to make a downpayment. and how do you like the audi q5? let me know in the comment section below. check out the volkswagen financial services store website,

And find your next car. link the video description below. if you like my sarcastic, down to earth, and possibly mildly amusing car videos, join me every friday at 3 pm cet. and don’t forget to subscribe and like this video, as it helps me with the youtube algorithm. thanks for watching, and i will see you in the next one.

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Audi Q5 40 TDI quattro S Line w cenie Skody – test i jazda próbna By Marek Drives

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