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Altair Club Cars Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback Interior, And Review Update 2023

Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback Interior, And Review Update 2023

Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback, Review Update 2023

Thank you welcome guys i am harriet and you are watching car focus on jackson electric in this edition we gonna be reviewing the audi q4 e-tron sportback click subscribe and the bell icon so you don’t miss out on our next edition today we will be reviewing the audi q4 e-tron sportback the q4 e-tron sportback is an suv that puts luxury electric driving firmly

Within reach merging comfort and performance and that’s because it comes with two electric motors producing up to 295 horsepower it got insane numbers 0 to 60 in just 5.8 seconds a top speed of 112 miles per hour can go over 250 miles on a single charge foreign the front has a stylish and beautiful design thanks to this large audi grill that takes nearly this

Entire front and has the audi logo on it making this car look so elegant and futuristic then the headlights are all led which is the audi led matrix system giving this car a very nice look here we have the q4 e-tron nameplate with a camera above it which is for the 360 degree parking system down here we have more air vents that actually fits air into this car

Then we have raiders and sensors on the sides audi uses high gloss black trim all around the car then down here we have high gloss black side skirt on the mirrors we also have high gloss black mirror caps and the mirrors are also powerful automatic folding mirrors the windows are tinted windows providing a safety electric vehicle experience then here we have

The e-tron charging port in which to open you simply push it and it opens it uses the ccs charge port which contains both the ac and dc charging ports and can charge 10 to 80 percent in less than 34 minutes the car has a coupe style look as it just slides through to the back and we have the radio antenna there as well for the prices the q4 e-tron sportback

Is priced at 56 800 the base q4 e-tron is sold for 48 800. then we have the 21 inch trims front and back let’s move to the back it has a very sporty and beautiful back and then the roof line ends in a spoiler that also divides the rear window into two parts with an indicator light beneath it which fits the car perfectly the tail light is a color strip bar that

Links the light units to each other and they are all led tail lights with dynamic turn signal reverse lights and indicators then we have the rear camera beneath the color strip tail lights also it has this beautiful audi logo illuminated at the side of this tail light above the tail lights we have the beautiful audi logo then we also have this q4 4d logo as well

Which makes this car stands out there is another e-tron logo embossed on the bumper then we have the rear diffuser and some raiders and sensors too as well to open the trunk you can use the key and you can also open it with just a foot raise looking at the trunk it has 535 liters of storage space and you can gain 1460 liters with the rear seats folded down and

You have lights on both sides to close the trunk the trunk has a power tailgate and a button where you push to close the trunk you can also use the key or just a foot raise to close the trunk let’s look at the interior the front doors are made of thick and soft materials that are very comfortable to touch it has lots of extra space for water bottles then these

Buttons here are the window and mirror control buttons they have window controls for all passengers the ones up here are the seat profiles you have lock and unlock the doors also have built-in speakers on both sides let’s get inside the car the car has a futuristic elegant and beautiful interior it looks like you are inside an ultra modern spaceship with cool

Looking panels the front seats are very soft and comfortable and made with sustainable materials it comes with standard adjustment options and lumber support they are also heated and ventilated means the seats blow cool air on you when you feel hot when you are inside the car to turn on the car there is a power button on this screen that seems to be floating

Here in the center console you press the button and the car will turn on automatically the center console of the q4 e-tron is full of elegance and technology it comes with this heated steering wheel the steering wheel is a flat bottom rounded steering wheel it has the audi logo on it and also it can be adjusted to fit the way you want it and it comes with a

Lot of controls on the right side you have mainly multimedia controls for main screen access where you have phone controls voice commands music and radio control buttons on the left you have mainly buttons to access the instrument cluster the instrument cluster is a curved 10.25 inch screen it has a rounded look that just fits the car on the instrument cluster

Drivers can choose between different views and layouts either a small screen display or a full screen display most importantly they can look information like traffic signs driver assist features battery consumption and range let’s look at the main screen the screen is a 11.6 inch mmi touchscreen that contains all the information found on the other screens you

Have everything on the main screen from the radio media drive settings phone and navigation settings everything is here let’s look at the different drive modes we have efficiency comfort auto dynamic and individual also you can customize the different light designs from here you can choose the default design two three or design 4. foreign the next screen here

Is this 10.3 inch screen that seems to be floating in this center console the screen has a power button to start and stop the car it has the drive switch in the center here where you have reverse neutral drive and beam here is the parking button then this button is for all the safety features speed warning adaptive cruise assist lane departure warnings and many

Others this one is for the camera if you press it it takes you to the cameras then we have the drive select button which is for the different drive modes also we have the media and radio control buttons as well above it we have a screen for ac controls and here we have a button for heated seats on the center console below this floating screen you have plenty of

Space to store things inside you have two usbc ports and a 12 volt power outlet also you have a slot here to charge your phone wirelessly then the car has two cup holders and this armrest here which can be adjusted and under the armrest there is more storage space actually this car has 25 liters of storage space just inside the interior the car has a very large

Glove box with plenty of space inside which is cool then you have this air vent here to blow cool air on the passenger the most impressive feature in this car is the augmented reality and head-up display where you activate it on the main screen and it displays here as you can see this feature provides real-time vehicle information like speed and the distance

Of the car in front of you with this feature you don’t need to move your eyes from the road to check your speedometer which is amazing up here you have some led lights and this car has an all-glass roof which provides an airy ambience inside the car let’s move to the back of the car the back seats can seat three adults comfortably but there is an option for the

Middle seat to fold down for two cup holders there is a lot of leg room and headroom normally this car is just so roomy and spacious then in the middle here you have climatic settings for rear passengers to set their desirable temperatures then they can control their climate by touching these vents here also you have two usbc ports and a 12 volt port down here

As well to close the car push the door gently and swipe your hand on the door handle and the mirror folds down thank you very much for watching if you like this video please support us by subscribing to help us grow and also be part of our community here at jackson electric channel as we have a mission to take the charge of fighting against climate change by

Bringing the future of sustainable energy closer to our viewers and subscribers showing that electric cars are the best cars in the world for more news and update on evs subscribe to this channel see you on our next car focus edition foreign foreign

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