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Audi Q4 e-tron / Q4 Sportback e-tron

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The idea was to make a car very very strong in character very clean in muscular architecture big wheels to the corners of the car and you have really a lot of chance to make sculpture and 3d volume changes it’s really a typical audi for me my name is amarvaya i’m an exterior designer at audi what we do to signify an e-tron car is simplify the volumes less

Information is possible visually there are a lot of changes that we can do to the exterior design of the car when we have a battery pack instead of a motor for example we have now the battery in the base of the car and then the front windscreen can go forwards creating even more dramatic space inside so you have a very large interior on an a-class car we

Really really get to pay a lot of attention to the aerodynamics especially in the rear because at the rear we need the air to cut off in a certain clean manner so we can maximize the range of the vehicle for the headlamps we wanted to create a new optic first second we want to have the chance for the customer to be able to change the light graphic so they

Can choose whatever they feel represents the car best for themselves the driver is the master of the car which means the general design should be harmonized with the driver and all the general layouts should be kind of part of the important invitation for the drivers my name is chan park i’m interior architect i work for q4itron we really try to make it a

Form value function and how we implement modern technique and future technology inside of the car our center screen touch screen is the biggest screen i’ve ever made and then the middle console we try to make it more lighter compared to the conventional traditional combustion cars the steering wheel is the most important interface part of the car rather

Than just like a click click button we delivered like a touch feeling with a lighting behind so it is more futuristic and more modern way especially for electric cars audi as a brand is technologically focused and when we can squeeze any amount of advancement out of a car we try to do it so we have two options for the q4 etron family with the q4 sportback

E-tron we’re able to offer a very different appeal to the car so a very sporty character coming from the lineage of the a7 and this this really fast coupe like roof line rolls into a really nice spoiler which is a new feature for our designs we’ve never done this on one of our cars before and it helps us to create very fast cabin because you raise the rear

Up slightly and you can divide the volumes in a very sporty and elegant manner as well good design speaks by itself you don’t need to add on any explanation just like when people open the door wow this is a new architecture this is a new space for the electric car so this kind of just wow effect should be our biggest goal for this q4 you

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Audi Q4 e-tron / Q4 Sportback e-tron By praveen moolya

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