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Altair Club Cars Audi Q3 Sportback – AutoWeek Rij-impressie – English subtitles

Audi Q3 Sportback – AutoWeek Rij-impressie – English subtitles

Hoe groter het marktaandeel van SUV’s en crossovers wordt, hoe meer variaties er ontstaan. Ook Audi waagt zich nu aan de SUV-coupé, met de Q3 Sportback. Wij reden hem.

Who could’ve thought that we would still be standing here after the bmw x6 was released. the market share of suv’s is still growing, and the suv coupé has been accepted as a body form. second generation audi q3. it’s the same platform, but a different design. my colleague frank jacobs has already talked about the design, so i’ll it’s lower than the q3, but it’s longer and

Wider to make sure so why does audi make cars like this? cars which don’t seem to serve people want a high entry thus they want an suv, but they also want because the market share of suv’s is still growing, there’s more room within that suv-segment for different body shapes. hence this car. one thing that immediately stood out to me was the lack of a vertical grille. audi

Said that all new suv’s would get vertical bars in the grille… when the q8 was introduced, but they’ve already abandoned that idea. i’m curious what they’re going to do with the possible q6 or q5 sportback. if we look at the sacrifices audi had to make to make the design possible, it’s not too bad. if i get behind myself, the legroom is alright. you can move the rear

Seat, so you can increase legroom or luggage space. however, my head does touch the ceiling. i’m 1,83 m. myself andthat’s not above average in the netherlands… if we don’t look at the design, what are the differences between the q3 and the q3 sportback? well, the sportback comes with a sports chassis as… standard, whilst it’s an option on the regular q3. also, you

Get drive select as standard. you do need to get the dynamic dampers with those, because drive select won’t do much without them, and they are optional. the same goes for hill descend control, if you want to go off-road. at the market introduction, you can only choose between two engines. there’s the 45 tfsi, which is the 230 horsepower 2.0-litre, and there’s the 35 tdi,

Which is the 150 horsepower diesel. in time, you can also choose 35 tfsi, which is the 150 horsepower 1.5-litre petrol. right now, we’re driving the 45 tfsi. it comes with quattro and automatic gearbox as standard. it’s a very good engine, just right for a car like this. however, you shouldn’t get anything less powerful than this. the difference between an a3 and a q3 is

Pretty big. this 2.0-litre combined with the gearbox is an absolute joy to drive. there’s a lot of torque across a big range of revs. the s-tronic is quick enough to process all of the power and because of the quattro, you’ll never struggle for grip. if we’re talking about traction, i should also mention that the rest of the chassis is very good. i’m really impressed

By the way it drives. especially if i compare it with the previous generation, it’s clear that the sportback doesn’t have an entirely different drive than the q3. sure, the sports chassis is a tad sturdier, but it’s not world changing. the previous q3 however was quite a sturdy car, whilst this sportback is nice and tight on the road. not uncomfortable in a single way.

It’s a car which has found a nice balance in those two factors. also, it’s very nimble. even nimbler than the q5, which is bigger but older. the current generation as well. i don’t suffer from that in any way, which makes it feel a lot lighter than you’d expect from its size. if you look around you, there’s lots and lots of luxuries. the new mmi for example, with a big

Touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster. you can even project your satnav map on it, in 3d. it looks good, that’s a reality check, but it what we expect from audi. we don’t have official prices yet for the 35 tfsi, but after a bit of asking around we know you should be aiming at around €53.000. that’s a lot of money for, let’s be blunt here, a raised a3. sure,

It’s a new generation a3, but it’s still very expensive. that’s partly because audi is pretty expensive, but also because the people want it, that’s clear. audi themselves say the market is still growing. i think it’s crazy that if you spend this money at any brand, you can drive a full class higher if you don’t want the car to be this high. but people seem to want high

Entries and a higher seating position. so people are going to pay for them. however, if you want a nicely i’d wait for the next a3, but that’s a matter of taste. i think it’s a very good car to drive. it’s meant to rival the mercedes gla, but there’s no doubt in my mind that this is of a higher level. especially when it comes to driving characteristics and refinement.

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Audi Q3 Sportback – AutoWeek Rij-impressie – English subtitles By AutoWeek

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