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Altair Club Cars Audi e-tron SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Audi e-tron SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the all-new Audi e-tron! It’s Audi’s first-ever all-mass produced, all-electric car! This electric SUV will be going up against the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC and the ever-popular Tesla Model X, but are Audi too late to the party to keep up? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!

This is the new audi e-tron and it’s out his first ever all-electric production car what do you mean cameraman jack is right between 2015 and 2016 audi built an electric version and they are right this is out his first proper built from the ground up to be an electric car now this is a rival for cars such as the jaguar ipace the mercedes eqc and of course the

Tesla model x and this iod has a price tag to match it starts from 71 and a half thousand pounds there you can save an average of three and a half grand off one through car while in fact if you wanna see how much money you can save on any new car to click on the pop-out bama just up there or follow the link below the video to get a car way to check out the best

Deals from our trusted dealers let’s start this review by talking about the e-tron’s looks so it doesn’t exactly scream that it’s an suv i do like this light bar at the back which runs the whole width of the car and if you look down there there’s obviously no exhaust pipes all fake exhaust pipes which oddly like stick to its cars these days but it could resist

As brinson slaps in there down the sides a stand you get 20 inch alloy wheels but they rise up to 22 this car has color-coded surrounds for the wheel arches on some cars you have them as black plastic which makes it look a bit more off-roader ii know what’s going on with this but here it’s like they had some spare plastic so they just had to stick it on there at

The front it’s just like a normal howdy really the grille does look slightly different it’s kind of like venetian blind effects it’s got snatches gala anyway right lens at the front you got some here and the stick of truth reveals that they do actually serve a purpose they smooth air flow down the side of the car to help improve the efficiency so you can get the

Maximum range possible at the cause battery the interior design of the e-tron is classic od so it’s quite minimalist nicely laid out and it’s futuristic enough without being tryhard also lights on the material so here on the dash is really squidging nice and up here and a pair and if you want you can upgrade to have this as leather and leather up here as well you

Can also change the interior trims on the dash and various bits all lovely too squidgy here soft they’re shiny here and shiny down there as well that’s great but then bits just feel really cheap oh my god that is like the cheapest plastic i’ve ever touched in my entire life and here as well yet this is a car that costs over 70 thousand pounds that’s insane i don’t

Know what they’ve done still the beautiful looking screens do help make up for that and that brings you on to this cars equipment list as standard the e-tron gets three glorious entertainment screens with inbuilt satellite navigation internet connectivity and apple carplay and android auto there’s also lovely leather seats which are electric and heat it and have

A memory function too and there’s also dual zone climate control launcher system models add powerful matrix led headlamps which can blank out pot their beam so you don’t dazzled the drivers they also get rear privacy glass and a black styling pack being an added or of course plenty of options to separate you from the cash for instance the sand and comfort pack but

1500 quid includes a 16 speaker patent office and stereo keyless go 30 different interior ambient lighting colors and a 360 degree parking camera okay then let’s talk about this cause infotainment system and it’s three screens so this one up here is for most entertainment functions the picture is really clean and crisp and it comes with haptic feedback so that when

You press a button it kind of clicks a little bit like your mobile phone does also you can write your destination directly on to the screen or you can use your smartphone navigation apps through apple carplay or android auto there are voice commands as well they’re not the most extensive but they are fairly decent the smaller screen down here though this controls

All your climate control and stuff like that once again when you press the buttons they click so you know that you’ve hit the right one but still it is more difficult to use than just actual physical buttons what i can complain about though is this digital drivers display i think it’s really really good and you can control mostly entertainment functions through

The buttons on the steering wheel using that which is bloom in handy because this system isn’t that easy to use while you’re driving also it’s really crisp really nice the only downside with it is that if you’re navigating via ways or google maps from your phone it won’t actually put that sat-nav imagery up there it’ll only just do the indoor hourly system which

Is annoying and you know what overall i think the entertainment system you have in the mercedes eqc is slightly better and if you click on the pop up and just up there you can watch my fall into a video review of that car let’s talk about the layout of everything in here and it’s all pretty simple to use there are a few odd things though such as this pad here for

Obviously resting your hand on for controlling the screens and then you’ve got the gear selector there like that which is kind of a bit weird and unnecessary it’d be much better if like on a mercedes it was up here on the steering column speaking of which you can upgrade to have an electrically operated steering column and the driving position is quite adjustable a

Lot of fact you can extend the basis laughs for some more under thigh support here in the front has a practicality you got huge door bins which is great but then there’s some weird stuff going on here i know it’s supposed to look futuristic but i kind of feel there should be a cover on there now underneath there are your cupholders and it’s fine for like big cups

Of coffee but for the smaller ones you put them in there like that when you go to get them out you end up just like putting the lid off like that so you could end up with coffee all in your lap there is a mobile phone charging port down there you’ve got all the connectivity stuff for your usbs there and there’s more storage in there and a little hole so you could

Actually have the cable going from there to your phone in there if you want to keep it hidden away if you want to really keep things hidden away there’s some secret storage there the glovebox is a bit odd though it looks like it’s gonna be huge but it’s not because look the way that’s recessed it means inside there isn’t that much space for your stuff the e-tron

Is a really nice car to travel in the back of this plenty of room as you can see got lots of knee room you can slide your feet under the seat in front to stretch out i also like the fact that this seat is quite high off the ground now usually in electric cars because you’ve got the batteries and meet the floor they can lower the seat to make sure you’ve got enough

Headroom and that means you can i feel like traveling around are benign this is really really good it’s like sitting on a bench he’s still got decent headroom as well so that is great also you’ve got a fairly flat floor so if you need to carry three adults that’s no problem still got headroom here lots of space for everyone’s feet in terms of fitting a baby see

The eyes fixed anchor points are easy to locate under the removable plastic covers that you may lose those plenty of room to lift in a bulky seat base as well because the doors do open wide enough and there’s in a space back here that you do not need to move the front passenger seat forward if you want to fit a really bulky baby seat if you fit two seats in the back

You will have enough room between them to carry another child or an adult at a push in terms of other areas of practicality well the door bins a huge you’ve got some knits on the seat backs as well as the armrest cupholders there there we go and some kind of weird very shallow storage area there which is actually as furry as an animal maybe that’s just to relieve

Stress and along the journeys give this rope look at this you can have through loading if you need to carry longer items and two people in the back at once ok tivity wise you’ve got two usb sockets there and a 12 volt socket as well it’s pretty nice back here one of the great things about this e-tron is that it’s boot is absolutely massive so it’s larger than a

Jag your eye paces it’s larger than the mercedes eq c’s there’s a bit of a load lip but you got the scuff plates and look doesn’t matter you can do things that you won’t scratch the paintwork which in this case is a weird kind of blue color you do have tethering points here and there to tie things to hooks to hang things off special storage areas to stop stuff

Rolling around the cabin 12 volt socket if you need somewhere else to charge a mobile device there’s plenty of underfloor storage as well look at that room for my bag as you can see there’s also space for a spare wheel but we don’t have one in the uk we just get like kind of instant repair stuff because quite frankly we can’t be bothered to change a flat tire and

We’ve become useless in the uk we don’t know how to do anything mechanical now if you want to fold down the rear seats pull these levers and they fall down pretty much completely flat and then you can slide things the front of the car actually don’t think of it that is not completely flat but you you know what i mean it’s not continuous so it’s easy to slide things

In so just how much stuff can you actually fit in this cars boot well with the rear seats folded down you can carry two large boxes and one small box two more large boxes three small boxes and another three small boxes a bike will also fit in with both wheels attached with the rear seats in place the boot is wide enough to carry a set of golf clubs or you can carry

Two suitcases and a baby on its side underneath the lake cover in fact eight small boxes will fit under there you can fit even more stuff in if you remove that they probably thinking this an electric car so what’s at the front some electric gubbins no under here there is a sort of shrunk all fruit that’s front boot by the way talking english and in it there’s room

For audio charging cables which is handy cuz it keeps them at the boot but really there’s more space in the front or fruit of the tesla model x in fact the tesla model x is the car to go for if you need a third row seats as well in fact you want to see more about that car click up there on the pop-out banner to watch my full in-depth video review of it and that

Brings you on to five annoying things about this audi e-tron look how far the back windows don’t go down what duff if you’re french you’re not gonna like telling people what car you own if you have this because it han in french means turd rather than these normal door mirrors you can actually get the cold some special cameras which stick out on stalks then they

Display the image there and that kind of looks cool the problem with the system though is threefold first of all looking down there is a little bit odd when you’re driving is used to looking up here secondly if anyone hits the tall mirror you know knock it often can be very expensive to replace being a camera and thirdly it’s gonna be a real pain for cyclists

Because often they’ll cycle along and they’ll actually look in your mirrors to check that you’ve seen them they went don’t do that with cameras and you’re more likely to hit them the design of the armrest on the door while fine for average-sized people like me it’s not so great if you’re tall like cameraman jack as he found out that when he drives this connie

Sat back there the way that tapers bat means he can actually lean his elbow on it and that did his head in the low cover is really annoying to remove you have to pour that in and that at the same time in order to release it and that so almost like dude some kind of weird new exercise at the gym and then you think i know i’m gonna store it into the false floor you

Realize that there’s absolutely no place under there to do that so you just have to leave it there now i would normally just chuck that he make me mad but change my ways thankfully this cars plenty of cool features to help make up for all this here’s five this car has some high tech doors so rather than normal handle that you have to pull it’s operated by cable

It opens by a switch it’s very easy also it’s easy to close because it has soft clothes look little motor shuts the door for you yeah i like that oh it’s like the fact that if the ignition is on normally a car such as this if you were to open the door would stop beeping on bonging to warn you that the ignition is on this one just simply doesn’t let you get out

Straight away so look doesn’t work if you need to get out in a hurry you just have to pull it twice and it releases you apparently 90% of the cars breaking through normal driving is done using the electric motors to recoup lost energy the friction brakes are only engaged with 10% at the time when you need them to break a trades of more than 0.3 of a g the car gets

Adaptive air suspension as standard and it can change its height by about eight centimeters so it’s at its highest in off-road mode and then it’s at its lowest in dynamic mode where it goes low and lower to make the car more aerodynamic and sporty it’s really cool how the charging port opens and there’s one on this side and another on this side you get the car with

A special id up for your mobile phone and that lets you do stuff like heat and cool the cabin remotely and also set a specific charging time to make use of lower tariffs also it’s the first idea to get alexa voice controls – you could in theory control things in your home from your car the e-tron has two electric motors weren’t the front one of the back so it has

Four-wheel drive combined they produce 408 horsepower has a 95 kilowatt hour battery and if you charge that off a 11 kilowatt wall charger which you can have it at your home that’ll take nine hours to go from empty to fall if you can find a 150 kilowatt fast charger then you can charge it from empty to fall in just 50 minutes but there aren’t any in the uk one

Of my favorite things about electric cars is that they give you instant acceleration which is quite thrilling they are very very quick and you notice especially around town i’m gonna put this car into dynamic mode the stability control into sport you know put the gearbox into sport a lot of specialist timing gear up there i’m gonna launch it now hold on the brake

Throw the throttle and you get these lines whizzing across there to show that you’re in launch control mode off we go it feels quick that was 60 but not amazingly quick so what time did it do not 60 in five point four seconds which is pretty quick i say but it’s not as fast or as thrilling as the acceleration you get in a jag your eye pace and if you click on the

Papaya bar up there the top right hand corner of the screen you can watch my fault in depth video review of that car now as well its performance one of the other things i like about electric cars is the fact that you don’t have an internal combustion engine just whirring away the whole time what you do notice quite a lot in town another thing i like is that they

Regenerate energy through braking we lift off accelerator it’s actually not the brakes working normally it’s the motor sort of working in reverse like a dynamo to put that energy back into the batteries now this car has gear shifter pedals but they don’t actually operate a gearbox instead they can alter the severity of that regenerative braking so you can basically

Drive the car on the throttle alone lift off and it slows like you’re touching the brakes if you do need to engage the actual brakes the transition between that regenerative braking and all braking it’s quite natural this good time to talk about the turning circle because it’s not the best but it’s not terrible it’s actually slightly better than the q7 though that

Is quite a long car it does help that the steering is light my favorite thing about this car though is the suspension it’s ball i mean brilliant over bumps it’s so super super comfy visibly it is quite good as well because it’s a top high because it’s an suv do you get a bit of a blind spot there and there’s a bit of a big blind spot at the very back as well the

Rear pillars which can affect things will get from a park which is what i’m going to try and do now i’m using the standard fit reversing camera above also got the upgraded four engine six degree cameras which i would recommend to you because they do just help you a bit and can alter the view of them as well to have a look around go to 3d mode which is their like

Playing a computer game that does help out right i’m gonna do a top-down view cuz i’ll be better and then go forward the light steering is really helping here and i should and a couple of moves i’ve nailed this it not wrong at first but it was fine i tell you what would have been helpful if that mirror had just dipped down automatically so i could see the curb

Because you don’t want to scratch these big alloys well there you go wasn’t too difficult so this is quite an easy car to park and you can get an auto park feature where it will do it all for you if you’re lazy the e-tron is also really nice to drive on the motorway it’s super quiet even when you’re going quickly this one especially so because it is fitted with a

500 pound optional acoustic glass just keeps out all the wind noise and then if you need to suddenly overtake you got that instant draw response i’m doing 50 i’m doing 17 it’s really quick so greatly arranged though so antique eames this thing will do about 250 miles on a full charge i’m averaging more like 200 miles on a charge but that’s alright it feels plenty

That’s speed and you can obviously get that kind of autopilot system where it all automatically brake and steer to keep you in lane and working stop-start traffic as well which is nice and handy takes this thing long distances finally let’s see what the e-tron is like on a twisty road it’s a heavy car which does hamper it a bit through the bend so it leans quite

A bit and even if you put in dynamic mode doesn’t really help it just getting slightly heavier steering which isn’t actually very nice but it’s okay you know it does a good enough job for this kind of car and you’ve got four-wheel drive grip as well which does help it’s just if you get a little – carried away then the stability control kicks in like it’s about –

No oh it stops – rum white gave me hope but you won’t be driving like that anyway because your family’s gonna rate it i’m just doing cuz i’m a motoring journalist it’s my job all right so then what’s my final verdict on the new audi e-tron should you avoid it should you consider actually shortlist it she’s just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should

Shortlist the e-tron it is the most luxurious feeling electric suv okay it’s a lot look at coming out there look at that space huh well i think you should shortlist the audi eqc it’s basically

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