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Altair Club Cars Audi e-tron GT Review | Best Electric Sedan?

Audi e-tron GT Review | Best Electric Sedan?

Here’s the 2023 Audi e-tron GT Premium Plus review! This new e-tron GT sedan is an electric vehicle is that is sexy, efficient and fast. Is it better than the Porsche Taycan? WATCH to find out! Also, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this review — it helps me more than you can imagine!

Thank you everyone this is faze and welcome to my channel recently i reviewed the 2023 e-tron s sportback and you can click the link above or in the description below to check that review out it’s an electric vehicle i absolutely love well with me here today i have its younger brother the e-tron gt sedan audi set out to make this ev look and feel just like the

Audi sport sedans that we know and love it’s both stylish yet wonderfully sporty and before we go any further i just want to give a huge shout out to jim ellis audi atlanta for letting me test this car so i could provide you all with my honest review there are fantastic dealership with amazing service and i highly recommend that you go and check them out first

Let’s start off with the design this is a great looking car it’s sleek and sporty and screams fun on this base model e-tron gt standard exterior features include 20-inch wheels adaptive air suspension matrix designed led headlights and led tail lights with dynamic indicators you also get standard interior features such as 14-way power heated front sport seats a

Panoramic glass roof a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel synthetic leather seating surfaces three zone automatic climbing control and walnut wood inlays now when you look at the e-tron gt you’ll be heavily reminded of the porsche ticon which is its corporate cousin and they do share many similarities as they are based off of the same platform overall the

Exterior of this e-tron gt is quite nice it’s stylish and has a lot of road presence for sure but more than the front i love the rear with its large tail lights it gives the gta more of a sporty and futuristic look and makes it stand apart from its competition however the e-tron’s gt interior is a little underwhelming personally i’m not a huge fan of the wood trim

Finish on this base model first 40 looking car it would make more sense for an aluminum look but of course you can always upgrade to the performance package for matte carbon fiber inlays black exterior elements and mirror housings amongst other tweaks which look way better in my opinion it’s a package that i highly recommend the cabin incorporates multiple digital

Displays on its angular dashboard but what’s missing here is the third display for climate and seed controls this is something i’m so used to from the e-tron suv and the e-tron sportback and i really wish they included one on this e-tron gt these tactile controls almost seem archaic now when you compare it to audi’s other cars with the third digital display the

Gear shifter is simple and easy to use and what i really like is this new click wheel for music controls it’s a lot like the ipod click wheel it’s neat and it works pretty flawlessly front seat passengers sit low to the ground which promotes a sporty driving position the rear outboard seats provide ample legroom but its headroom is less generous and the middle

Seat is let’s just say more courteous is than comfortable wind and road noise are muted neither quality is quite as impressive as audi’s flagship e-tron suv and sport bag but considering this gt’s sportier brief it’s very impressive in this regard the gt has a front but it’s pretty small and the sedan’s trunk opening is shallow and not the most spacious so in

Short the cargo space is average don’t be looking for something over the top here now let’s go over the infotainment where the ticon carries a unique infotainment system and digital instrument cluster the e-tron gt shares its setup with other audi products the current touch intensive version of mmi is pretty easy to figure out with quick access buttons on the

Left side of the display that include a permanent home button on that home screen color-coded tiles for different sections of the infotainment are on hand the system has crisp graphics on the 10.1 inch screen and the responses are quite rapid there’s wireless carplay and wired android auto and to be very honest i use apple car play 99 of the time the partner to

Mmi is audi virtual cockpit the brand name for the 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster it reminds my personal favorite on the market like the mmi display the graphics are lovely and navigating or reconfiguring the screens requires few inputs on the steering wheel but of course if you hit the prestige package you get the attractive heads up display led interior

Lighting and a top view camera system well now that we have discussed the design and the technologies let’s go over perhaps the most important thing performance the lack of an rs badge on this e-tron gt isn’t a huge loss with 469 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque it slots in nearly between the 429 horsepower take on for us and the 509 horsepower take on gts

The sprint to 60 miles per hour takes a respectable 3.9 seconds and the top speed is a happy 152 miles per hour now as with most evs a stomp on the xl generator unleashes immediate and uninterrupted acceleration accelerator response is quick even in the default comfort mode and it’s positively sharp and dynamic on point for a car with such a sporty mission now

The e-tron gt’s handling is sharp and decidedly on audi like better balance than a combustion powered car with four rings on the nose and with an absurdly low center of gravity the hallmarks of an agile handler are on hand now if you upgrade to the six thousand dollar performance package you’ll get rear wheel steering for even more immediate directional changes

And torque vectoring to better apply to power on corner exit that’s in addition to the standard air suspension and adaptive dampers so long story short the e-tron gt is a delight on a twisty road the steering small dead zone and the rear axle steering conspire for an almost telepathic responses to inputs while the air suspension has a tight hold on body motions

Feedback through the steering is limited but the chassis makes up for it transmitting plenty of info through the excellent front chairs also what i really loved what audi has done with all their e-trons is this artificial spaceship type of noise while driving the car with the gt it’s even more amplified especially when you accelerate it’s super cool and here

You know what let’s check it out now let’s go over the last and final thing range and battery every e-tron gt features an 83.7 kilowatt lithium ion battery the regular model gets an epa estimated of 238 miles of range but the rs model is rated slightly lower at 232 miles the e-tron gt can also be recharged from five to eighty percent of its battery capacity

In a clean 23 minutes using the standard dc fast charger now in my testing the e-tron gt beats its respective range as i observed around 240 miles of range even with this result though the e-tron gt’s driving range is short of rivals such as the model s and the lucid air now it’s time for my verdict the audi e-tron gt is fun sharing the same platform as the

Impressive porsche ticon the e-tron gt delivers a calm ride and frenetic acceleration it’s a beautiful looking car that delivers a stylish and exciting fighting driving experience it starts at almost one hundred and five thousand dollars for the base model and the prestige starts at one hundred and eleven thousand three hundred dollars so it definitely comes at

A cost however i must say that several rivals like the tesla model s offer longer more useful driving range so if you want a fast stylish looking car with around 240 miles of range this is a great car and i personally really enjoyed it but as always i want to know your thoughts so comment below and let me know plus let me know which electric vehicle you’d like

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Audi e-tron GT Review | Best Electric Sedan?! By Faiz Aly

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