audi e tron gt quattro first dri
Altair Club Cars Audi e-tron GT quattro | First Drive

Audi e-tron GT quattro | First Drive

With sharp concept car inspired looks and strong performance capable of completing the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4,1 seconds (with boost) the Audi e-tron GT gives us a taste of the future of quattro.

The audi itron gt it’s a car we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time it’s arguably one of the best looking audis and based on porsche’s taikan architecture it’s a serious performance car that offers both luxury and performance the one we have today is the 350 kilowatt quattro version um and i myself enjoy big force saloons and this is a four-door

Coupe style car so it’s quite long almost five meters in length but it’s quite cozy inside we sit quite low it’s relatively narrow inside it’s got a steeply raked roof to give you that coupe design and we’ll show you a shot a bit later if you look closely you actually see a bit of a 911 silhouette so i think on the luxe front this is a very special car

That turns heads however it’s actually on the inside regular audi and audi is at the top of the game when it comes to interiors we have a gorgeous leather wrapped steering wheel the audi mmi system which is a touchwiz haptic feedback a digital drivers display um which is slightly different in terms of its design compared to other audis with the technology

But it really is very familiar easy to use we got our scroll wheels on the steering wheel um and being an electric car it’s naturally very quiet however i haven’t decided on my mind uh quite yet the noise that this car produces is synthetic there are speakers that play sort of engine sounds inside and it makes a noise on the outside to alert pedestrians so

You don’t scare anyone just by arriving silently you know when when folks are trying to cross the road if i had it my way i would maybe prefer to to have some customization to the sound because it’s all digital so if i could have you know a quattro five-cylinder noise i would have that or i’d have no sound at all you know really want to relax and enjoy the the

Comfortable uh ride it’s on air suspension we drove up quite a rough gravel road to get where we are right now so i just checked the suspension up and we didn’t scrape the nose before that i did actually hear the the belly of the vehicle touch the ground um costing 2.7 million rand it is an expensive vehicle um but electric cars in south africa opposition

To very wealthy folks um because it isn’t going to be your only car unless you really do short distances but this is a gt car it’s the type of car that you need to get out onto the open road to experience so let’s go for a drive and see what it’s like once on the move you realize that there is a mechanical sound coming from the motors that’s in comfort

Mode where the synthetic sound is is subdued and if i put it into dynamic mode it starts to play a deeper hum and obviously on the drive thing select the individual mode you can change your sound however we are on quite a rough back road at the moment filled with bottles and ripples and ledges and we are on air suspension i have it in comfort mode at the

Moment and the vehicle’s doing perfectly fine uh to soak up the bumps thus you can feel it has serious sports or intentions just slowing down for a speed bump and off we go this is the the power is quite smooth and uh easy to to put down i’m i’m putting like you know five percent throttle at the moment and we’re already doing 55 63 65 from uh coming off that

Speed bump and that’s really what the electric vehicle is about it’s about that instant talk it’s about pulling away effortlessly and this car has 350 kilowatts and 650 newton meters um it was an overboost function so when you put it in dynamic mode you leave your foot on the brake you smash the throttle to about 30 seconds release the brake you get 390

Kilowatts for about 10 seconds which is a serious amount of power to go to all four wheels you

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Audi e-tron GT quattro | First Drive By CAR

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