audi c5 s6 avant for sale 4 2l v
Altair Club Cars Audi C5 S6 avant FOR SALE 4.2l v8 wagon Very Nice Condition 155k miles runs and drives perfect 000

Audi C5 S6 avant FOR SALE 4.2l v8 wagon Very Nice Condition 155k miles runs and drives perfect 000

Look here’s the deal guys i just got done cleaning it up it’s as clean as it’s been in a long time i just got done slapping some new rims on it now if you want to pay for these rims they’re brand spanking new rims but uh the price increases if you want these and the old rams i’ll put the old rims back on it for the regular price but i’ve been working this thing

Through its paces for the last 500 miles or so i’ve owned this car for probably three and a half years but i to tell you the complete honest truth i probably only drove at about 150 miles in those three and a half years it’s just a really cool car that was for it was for sale somewhat locally and i just couldn’t help myself but to buy it at the time and i just

Have too many cars and don’t need it and i went through everything it needed so i’m about to explain everything i know about it they got a timing belt right before i got it from the previous owner the previous owner was uh almost graduated to become a doctor and took meticulous care of it but it had a headlight range control issue had a check engine light i

Believe at the time it was only for just the oxygen sensor but i made a couple videos recently about replacing the oxygen sensor and there was a combi valve issue that i had to address so no more check engine light issue i did exhaust all the way back so it’s straight pipes all the way to the mufflers uh the flex pipes typically break on these things and i put

New flex pipes in there it had leaking cv boots cv axles on both front sides i replaced both cv axles i went ahead and replaced every single suspension arm on it even the uh inner and outer tie rod ends and gave it an alignment uh the brakes are great front and rear it’s got performance rotors on it i know there’s always stuff i’m forgetting i put brand new audi

Wipers on it i’ve got uh three audi oil filters that go with it um i i know there’s there’s more stuff that i did to this thing i put a brand new battery in it if i pop the hood i’ll think of some more stuff just got done cleaning it all up the things that are broken on it are this cup holder this speaker uh can need replaced i mean it still works but it’s got

Some crackle in it um of course this is very common for the the buttons to flake off on this generation really the lcd works pretty well it’s a little bit just just a little bit in the radio but uh everything works it starts only 155 and a half thousand miles starts up sounds great there is a small spot of rust on the back here and it is surface rust see it’s

But i just got done see it didn’t look near this bad but i just got done cleaning it up and pressure washing it and you can see where the rust ends i was gonna put some primer or something on it to stop it clean this up first and uh and just kind of blend it in gray i’ll probably do that if it doesn’t sell right away i really really don’t want to sell it but i

Just don’t have the purpose for it and i need to clear up money for uh another movie prop so it’s got these shades that go up and down in the back here it’s got the this is a uh solar sunroof because it’s got a system in it a climate system in it that keeps the fan going it really hot days it’s got alcantara headliner we’ve got the comfort seats silver interior

This one has the jump seat in it for the rear children we’ve very very nice shape for the miles i don’t think that you’re going to find anything cleaner because this was a driver and it will continue to be a driver so if you’ve got a large family you can fit the little ones back here quattro well-wheel drive oh i’m just sure there’s more stuff i’m forgetting that

I did to it so i fixed the headlight range control issue um oh yeah there’s a a milky mirror here but it still works so i didn’t change it it’s for the auto dimming head headlights were recently cleaned i forgot about that they were foggy but i i cleaned those right up this hood strut i replaced the hood strut everything’s working perfectly it’s a solid daily

Driver runs out absolutely perfect it sounds amazing too the hood stretch working real well i gotta close i actually gotta close it like a older car because it is about 20 years old this this one’s a two i said earlier it was a 2003 but i double checked it’s a 2002 as far as i know they only made 1200 of these in a two-year time frame and there’s probably only

About four or five hundred left of them if that because i barely ever see them there might only be a couple hundred of these things left so the value of these will go up you can manual swap them the transmission in this is absolutely perfect it ships butter smooth everything in this thing is butter smooth in a door driver door shuts perfect we’re up to operating

Temperature so you can hear the engine very nice car very nice

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Audi C5 S6 avant FOR SALE 4.2l v8 wagon Very Nice Condition 155k miles runs and drives perfect $9000 By NaptownTuner

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