audi a8 rear seat entertainment
Altair Club Cars Audi A8 Rear Seat Entertainment System

Audi A8 Rear Seat Entertainment System

Audi A8 Rear Seat Entertainment System

Among the many entertaining options available on the audi a8 is one of the world’s most technologically advanced rear seat entertainment systems the system includes an operating unit independent of the front seat with controls in the center armrest a dedicated jukebox with 20 gigabytes of storage two sd card readers a single dvd drive located in the center

Between the rear seat backrest an audi music interface or ami for personal music players two adjustable 10-inch display screens and two wireless headphones to pair the headphones select one set and power it on by depressing the on off button on the right side keep the button depressed until you see the rate of the blinking light increase next press the menu

Button for the specific side of which you want to pair the headphone and then press the setup rse control button select headphones from the menu and then select find wireless headphones a screen is displayed indicating the system is searching for the headphone when the headphone is found the system will automatically select it and establish a connection if the

System does not automatically select the desired headphone you’ll need to select it manually by pressing the mmi control knob follow the same process for pairing the headphone for the other side of the rse the rear seat entertainment system also is integrated with the front seat entertainment system which effectively creates three distinct control zones the front

Zone which includes the front hard drive single dvd drive two sd card readers and the front ami a common zone which is shared by the front and rear zones includes the radio and available dvd auto changer which is located in the glove box and the rear zone which includes a separate hard drive single dvd drive two sd card readers and the rear ami this unique zone

Configuration enables rear seat occupants to place separate audio outputs simultaneously for the headphones for instance play the radio on the left rear and the jukebox on the right rear seat play a video on all three display screens the front and two rear screens at the same time play the same video on both rear screens while playing a different video or using

The mmi or navigation system on the front screen play a video source on one rear screen using the rear dvd drive while playing a different video on the second screen using the dvd auto changer sd cards jukebox or an external audio visual input using the ami with an av adapter cable in addition the rear seat entertainment system can be used for certain navigation

Functions including viewing the current navigation map displayed on the front screen with a separate zoom function for the rear displaying a different map selection or setting a different navigation destination and sending it to the front navigation display the driver can then accept the new destination manually or you can program the mmi so new direction sent

From the rear seat will be accepted automatically the rear seat entertainment system includes common controls between the two rear seats for the selection dial the four softkey control buttons and the back button and separate controls for the on off button and volume control the forward or back arrow buttons and the menu radio and media control buttons when you

Select the rear seat entertainment system menu the menu button for the active screen is lit and also is indicated in the lower right side of the display for additional information about the audi rear seat entertainment system refer to the mmi navigation plus operating instructions included in the glove box of your vehicle the remarkable audi rear seat entertainment

System it ensures that everyone along for the ride enjoys a highly entertaining experience you

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Audi A8 Rear Seat Entertainment System By Grossinger Audi Bloomington Normal

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