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Altair Club Cars Audi A8 CarPlay and Android Auto Retrofit for A8 D4 with MMI 3G – FULL INSTALLATION

Audi A8 CarPlay and Android Auto Retrofit for A8 D4 with MMI 3G – FULL INSTALLATION

This video demonstrates how to install Apple CarPlay, Android Auto interface in 2012 – 2017 Audi A8, D4 model with MMI 3G radio head unit.

Welcome to another episode of installation in today’s video we’re going to install carplay interface in this beautiful a8 when you receive a kit from us in the box you’ll find cars gadget smart multimedia interface a power cable can bus cable usb av cable lbgs cable and antenna also you will get a small gift from us a trim removal and audio radio removal tool

And here is our recommended tools for the project a trim removal tool provided audi radio removal tools provided 8 millimeter socket wrench ten millimeter socket wrench small flat screwdriver flex steel wire along zip tie electrical tape painters tape also with this kit you can install optional rear view camera or front view camera but that’s gonna be another

Video let’s begin remember when work around car electronics always disconnect negative terminal from the battery so go ahead and remove spare tire using 10 millimeter socket of range and tighten 10 millimeter nut on negative connector after losing the connector wiggle it up and put it aside so you won’t lock trunk accidentally put the rack in the well of the

Locking mechanism on the driver’s side using provided trim tool pop-up side panel then using an eight mil socket remove six bolts from under steering wheel column cover two on the side and four at the bottom grab panel by hand and pull it down unfasten it from its clips then go ahead and disconnect connector from the headlamp switch now the panel is free and

Ready to be removed here is a better picture showing where four bolts are located underneath the steering wheel now let’s go ahead and move to the passenger side and remove side panel now let’s remove the glove box undo two eight mil bolts on the side 5 bolts inside the glove box and then remove two bolts underneath the glove box here is a better view of

All bolts locations in the glove box then what i like to do is using a painters tape to cover up all piano wood panels so i won’t scratch them during the installation same applied to steering wheel and gear shifter now let’s remove two trim panels that cover mmi head unit undo eight mil bolt and remove first piece that easily can be done by hand now

Let’s remove two more bolts and now go ahead and remove second piece using a pry tool remove climate control panel starting from the right corner work your way towards the middle then pop left corner now it’s time to install cars gadget can bus cable disconnect red connector from the climate control panel connect red connector into female cars gadget can

Bus cable to plug male connector into climate control i found easier to disconnect black connector first then connect cars gadget mail connector and then reinstall black connector back in place now we need to run can bus cable to the glow box area first you need to run wire underneath plastic panel so it won’t be on the way when you install climate control

Unit back in place here i am removing another trim piece i thought it’s gonna give me more room to run the wire but it didn’t so it’s unnecessary step you may skip this one a steel wire or long zip tie fish can bus cable outside to the glove box area attach can bus wire connector with electrical tape to the steel wire and fish it through the opening in the

Panel now go ahead and install climate control panel back in place and cover it with masking tape to protect from scratching using a provided special radio removal tool go ahead and remove mmi head unit to release keys from the radio you need to press on the clips on the sides of the radio in case it’s gonna get stuck like right now you need to use a small

Flat screwdriver and press on a small metal lever underneath the key now let’s remove gps and radio antennas using a pry tool pull out white lock and disconnect connector go ahead and disconnect fiber optic cable connector i figure it’s better to cover silver trim on top not to scratch it while moving radio around now disconnect oem quad lock connector to do

So you need to unlock the lever first and then pull out the connector now let’s remove gray lvds cable connector first press with the screwdriver and then wiggle it out now it’s time to install cars gadget power cable first run long end through the radio cavity through the hole to the glovebox area keep your cables organized in a minute you’ll see why

It’s important now let’s install provided lvds cable run long end of lvds cable through the hole from the radio cavity to the glovebox area connect oem lvds gray connector into provided female connector then pull out oem lvds cable outside the cavity to the glove box area so you have less wires behind the radio connect provided male connector into the radius

Gray connector now let’s connect oem male quad lock connector into provided female connector the lever must be pulled out before connecting two connectors together now install cars gadget mail connector into the radio connect fiber optic cable back in place and reconnect both gps and radio antennas now you can place radio back in place but put it half

Way don’t install it all the way before you test everything now with the glove box area you should have your power cable lvgs cable and canvas cable which you need to connect together with power cable now let’s grab cars gadget mmi unit connect lvds cable in the green slot where it says lvds connect power can bus cable in a slot where it says can also connect

Usb av cable in a slot where it says usb video go ahead and attach antenna and make sure the ap switch number 6 set to on position meaning switch in down position by the way this would be your best place where to put mmi unit if you cut off soundproofing you can attach it to the glovebox with the sticky tape or sticky velcro go ahead connect negative wire at

The battery and test the system now if you also remove this trim piece it’s time to install it before you install the radio i found another alternative location for the antenna you can hide it behind this trim piece the main goal not to attach it to the metal surfaces now is the time for most complicated tasks to line up the wires and install radio back in

Place since there is tiny space behind the radio you need to line up wires properly there is a pocket like at the bottom of the cavity where you can place quad lock connector at the same time use a pry tool and press on a quad lock connector while you sliding radio back in place i managed to do this task by myself but it’s definitely be better if somebody will

Help you after you tested the system ensure that everything works fine let’s reinstall all trims back together go ahead and install radio lead back in place and screw in back to 8 mil bolts reinstall second cover simply snap it with the hands and reinstall eight mill bolt also make sure your drill set to the low impact now let’s reinstall steering column cover

Back in place don’t forget to connect light switch connector install six eight mil bolts to the cover two on the side and four at the bottom reinstall side cover back in place now let’s reinstall glove box install 5 volts inside the glove box by the way for this project i place usb cable inside the glove glovebox for easy access for future update or using to

Watch movies from sd card if you’re an android user or would like to use usb connection you can grab one of these cables at our accessories page and install it in armrest for more oem look anyways let’s complete glove box installation tighten five bolts inside the glove box two on the side and two at the bottom a little bonus for you i’m gonna show you how to

Replace air cabin filter in audi a8 undo to plastic screws by hand and remove rubber cover grab it with your hand on snap cover from the air filter then simply pull out air filter then install a new filter and place all parts back together after everything is complete connect negative wire back to the battery go ahead and reinstall spare tire and remove

Rack from the lock in order to use our system you need to switch your media into ami mode you need to insert aftermarket ami to 3.5 jack aux cable in order to activate ami note nothing has to be connected to the other end of the cable after you insert the cable you will be able to activate ami mode to access car’s gadget mmi system press and hold navigation

Button to connect your ios devices go to the phone link connect mobile devices then go to your phone settings select bluetooth settings refresh screen and in the mmi start new search searching for device then you should see your phone pop up select it after a while you’ll see green icon pop-up selected then follow prompts on your phone and now you can enjoy

Carplay in your car for more information about the skit please visit our website you can find link to our webpage in the description down below we have this carplay retrofit available for all audi models starting from 2009 to present thank you for watching and we’ll see in the next one you

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Audi A8 CarPlay and Android Auto Retrofit for A8 D4 with MMI 3G – FULL INSTALLATION By CarsGadget USA

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