audi a6 with headers flashes sta
Altair Club Cars Audi A6 with Headers Flashes Stage 2 Crackle File

Audi A6 with Headers Flashes Stage 2 Crackle File

This is my 2012 Audi A6 with headers, stock downpipes, and a full Magnaflow 19159 Catback system. In this video I flash Integrated Engineerings Stage 2 Crackle file on 93 octane.

All right so what’s up guys today we are going to be flashing the car with a crackle tune i know for a fact this is the first video on youtube of a 30t with headers with a crackleton so we’re about to see how it sounds i got uh the laptop charge so we’re gonna flash it real quick through integrated engineering for stage two single pulley file and it’s gonna be

93 pump gas crackleton so we’ll see how it goes all right so we’re about hit flash on the uh crackleton yes the car meets all the requirements purchase woohoo shouldn’t take very long it normally doesn’t so i’ll update you when it’s uh when it’s good all right so we’re at 100 now it’s about to start flashing red turn ignition off ignition is off it’s going

To ask me to cut the ignition back on here in a second i think if you have never flashed your car this is always what it’s like it always flashes red and it throws a bunch of codes while it’s doing it um yeah i got to cut the ignition back on and of course it started pouring down rain the ignition is on awesome cars have been flashed so i’ll update you here in a

Second sorry that’s really loud um i’ll ditch you in a second all right so we’re about to start the car for the first time everything sounded good i’m gonna let it warm up before i just beat the crap out of it but this is a header car my exhaust setup is sorry there’s no uh side skirt it’s headers which is a cat delete as well um we’re good up here um headers

To stock down pipes to a magnaflow 19159 which is a full cat-back system it includes a resonator and two mufflers so i’ll update you here again in a minute i know it’s a lot of updating but i’m gonna let the car warm up for a second before i just wrap the crap out of it all right so i’ve been driving for a little bit and it’s pretty fun i’m not going to keep

This on here very long i just want to see what it does it is raining which sucks but if you like go down into second kind of give it a little bit that makes me so happy i don’t know why i want to see if i can get some sound clips later tonight of uh be like driving by with it let’s see if it’ll do anything here i love that i don’t know why that’s so fun to me

I know if you do this with your cat still in you will melt them very quickly so this is only for test pipe or header cars like i really would not suggest this on uh a car that still has cats in it because they will melt in a hurry but i’ll give you some more sound clips in a little bit all right so what’s up guys this is uh two or three days after i filmed the

Little parts it’s been raining all all day and night here for the last couple days but this is the first day that it’s not been raining as you can see we’ve got an idiot right here turning around um i’m going to wash the car and probably take a couple pictures a day um but yeah here’s some more exhausts i don’t know how good that’s picking up on camera but it’s

Pretty loud in the car i know it’s just loud outside but we went out to work and washing the cars real quick um and we’re gonna take some pictures update you sooner or later now it’s time to dry her off all right a lot of people were asking for a lot of clips so i’m gonna give you a second gear pull here um all right so thanks for watching guys this is going

To be in the video so like and subscribe if you haven’t already and follow me on instagram slowly 6 with 2ws there’s a lot more content of that car on my instagram than there is on this youtube so thanks for watching

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Audi A6 with Headers Flashes Stage 2 Crackle File!! By slowwa6

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