audi a3 used review the best pre
Altair Club Cars Audi A3 used review: the BEST premium hatchback?

Audi A3 used review: the BEST premium hatchback?

Vicki Butler-Henderson explains how to buy the best Audi A3 (Mk3) possible.

Hello and welcome to our audi a3 buying guide where we will help you on your way to find your perfect second-hand example audi’s well-made stylish compact hatchback has been on sale for over 20 years it’s very popular and it paved the way for other premium badged hatchbacks the a3’s recipe is a simple one take a vw golf add a top quality interior and give it a

Classy new body and those ingredients have remained the same for this mark 3 version which was in showrooms from 2012 to 2020 and for a great deal do visit when the mark iii version emerged buyers warmly welcomed the modern styling and the beautifully built cabins it was instantly desirable when it comes to engines most of them are turbocharged

So there’s plenty of pulling power if you’re after a smooth petrol keep an eye out for the tfsi badged models with engines ranging from 1.2 to 2 liters however if you do a lot of miles then a diesel will be best and you can choose between either a 1.6 or two liter motor if you want to go fast head straight for the fire breathing four-wheel drive 2.5 liter five

Cylinder rs3 complete with pumped up wheel arches and oval tailpipes there’s also a hybrid model in the form of the a3 e-tron if you don’t fancy visiting the pumps too often it can go almost 30 miles on electric power alone as nice as all a3s are they’re not as playful to drive as the bmw 1 series or as comfortable as the mercedes a-class the audi a3 does offer

A good compromising the quality inside is top-notch with premium materials scattered throughout now the dark color might be a bit somber for some but these turbine style air vents add a drop of drama as does the pop-up infotainment screen if practicality is most important to you then go for the sport back with its five doors and extra room in the back its

365-litre boot is pretty competitive as well in 2016 there was a facelift that brought the option of audi’s virtual cockpit which really is a bit of a show stopper the updates also gave us new engines to choose from with a one liter tfsi and two liter petrol and new colors and led headlights were added into the mix the base level se includes cruise control and

Air conditioning then the sport models get 17-inch alloys bolstered seats and lowered suspensions the most stylish option is the s-line which has a bigger wheels part leather trim and a snazzy body kit although it does bring a firm ride the options list is long but one worthy pack is the desirable comfort and sound with its bang olufsen system and heated front

Seats there are four body stars to choose from and the practical five door sport back is the most popular but there’s also a sleeker three door and a saloon there’s a convertible too but this is a strict four seater the a3 has strong residuals so it is more expensive to buy than rivals from ford and vw but the fact that it will retain much of its value when the

Time comes for you to sell it should soften the initial blow prices start at around six and a half thousand pounds and services cost around 300 pounds audi allows two years or 19 000 miles between checks and all diesel-powered a3s and the petrol s3 need new timing belts every five years or 75 000 miles and this will cost the best part of 500 pounds fresh brake

Fluid is needed after the first three years and then every two after that costing around 60 pounds the aircon also needs servicing every 24 months for roughly 80 pounds of pop ensuring an a3 will cost more than an equivalent bmw 1 series or vw golf as well it will be worth your while researching the market so look through the classified ads to find out what

Condition of car your budget will buy and then look for the ones with the lowest mileage as a guide at the moment the average is 8 000 miles per year when the time comes to inspect your chosen car look out for leaky water pumps low coolant levels and puddles under the car are telltale signs of this other issues might be a notchy gear change with a six-speed

Manual and temperamental pop-up sat-nav screens on the whole though the a3 is generally reliable and owners love its blend of quality looks and tech the a3 is a premium package that offers practicality and big car quality it is a car you will be proud to own and although i will go for the hottest rs3 further back in the pack is the sportback 1.6 tdi line which would be a cracker too

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