audi a3 diesel vs audi s3 what i
Altair Club Cars AUDI A3 DIESEL vs AUDI S3 | What I Think of My Audi A3 Saloon Diesel..

AUDI A3 DIESEL vs AUDI S3 | What I Think of My Audi A3 Saloon Diesel..

AUDI A3 DIESEL vs AUDI S3 | What I Think Of My Audi A3 Saloon Diesel..

Don’t get me wrong you can still up one in a diesel you can still have fun in a diesel what is up guys welcome back to another video that i said today we’ve got something a little bit different what a lot of you guys seems to be interested about it so i thought i’d do a bit of a review on my car and tell you what i think about it because i’ve had it about a

Year now i’ve got an audi a3 saloon 2-liter tdi it’s got 184 brake it’s like the black edition park it’s got everything on it it’s really nice but i swear to give it a bit of a comparison to my previous car the audi s3 i know it’s a different engine and stuff but anyway let’s get straight into the video if you do enjoy it don’t forget to drop it like we’re going

A bit of a drive let’s go on so as him the interior is actually quite nice it’s not as updated as minus three that the virtual cockpit which is very nice in that i do kind of like the old fashioned dials and they look pretty nice it’s also got the speed in the middle can’t complain about the interior really at all he’s got half leather half sweet alcantara really

Nice ricardo s-line seats just spot-on but row as well which is something to add which i think is decent but i don’t think you really need it in a diesel car very slight quite you know i mean like not that fast but saying that it’s not as large now i mean it’s got 180 one brake it’s got 280 new amir’s of torque which is decent so let’s go for a drive and i’ll give

You a bit more informal it if you should buy one if you’re in the market so i got a hatchback or saloon so alright guys just posted a few sulfur orders i just want to say a massive thank you to anyone who has ordered anything this month it’s been the best month for sulphate and i see you guys i just can’t thank you enough it makes me very happy to see you start

To grow and just i can start bringing out new products i mean and stuff are so very thankful for that i appreciate you always going to check anything now it’s going to linked in the description but let’s start the drive most of the time i just keep it in comfort you know because it’s got three settings it’s got efficiency comfort and dynamic obviously dynamic is

Like a sport mode and sometimes when i’m feeling a bit racier i will whack it in dynamic for most of the time and you just drive around in confer cos it’s really nice and soft you know the steering’s nice and light feels comfy the suspensions good when you walk it in dynamic mode it does stiffen everything up which is obviously nice if you you’re trying to pass a

Pass someone on their bypass or whatever but most of the time comfort is the wall you can still like whack it in sport mode in comfort as well you just walk you down on the gear shift there then he makes a bit more aggressive the gear changes oh yeah comfort is that it’s got a nice comfy ride if you keeping comfort and efficiency or efficiency i wouldn’t recommend

Driving around enough just because it’s very lethargic very lethargic like you’ll go to put your foot down and this is no response obviously with it being automatic there’s gonna be a slight delay anyway with the kick down so i quite like playing around with the flappy paddles sometimes but they’re not as good as the s tronic m is three which is understandable you

Know i mean it’s not it’s not like a performance-based car like that one and there’s a diesel as well so just one of those things but you’ll get into this nice stretchy roads now it’s like a bypass and there’s loads around about so now a bit a foot on there i work in dynamic mode we’ll have a hulk it doesn’t sound the best because it’s ds or ie doesn’t sound the

Best ball he’s actually quite nippy it is actually not that bad it’s good in the range between two and four thousand rpm after that it just begins to fade diesels are just not the one i don’t think if you’re looking to get a car for four don’t buy a diesel definitely get a petrol because even if it’s not like that much of a quick car you can still wrap it to like

$6,000 yeah or even higher most the time with this is like four and those marks it’s hot today you know the weather is well nice here in the uk it’s very hot perfect driving weather this has also got a sunroof which is an optional extra book it’s quite nice when the sun comes out keep it i’ll keep it down for now because we don’t want it to be too windy you know

For the camera noise one thing that is a lot better in this compared to most three is the road noise isn’t as much even though it’s still not the best because it’s got 19’s on it it’s a lot better than my three master so he was a lot harder the ride wasn’t as soft which is understandable you know i mean just one of those things isn’t it if you want something that

Is just a bit more chilled out a bit more laid-back and maybes going to get your friend it’s going to be like a nice motorway car but you can still put your foot down have a little bit of fun it it’s not that bad like it’s decent what i just do want to prefer petrels because of the noise of the gearchange isn’t you can wrap it further but don’t get me right he

Can still up whatever diesel he can still have fun in a diesel smithy so my next car i’m thinking of a bmw 135i have you know in the comments guys i’ve read i wanted a bm for time so long the thing i’m gonna have to get one involved and still throw me around it will understand a little bit to be bad about most audi’s through her mastery under said loans i don’t

Think anything else makes me happier and a nice drive on a really nice clear blue sky day a hot day driving is just the one i said i need to get more videos like this involve guys a proper love it so i might even get like a road trip video involved when i got a new car now i’ll be very fun and interesting and i managed to get a meet-up involved as well with you

Guys cuz and i was a lot of people that love cars enough and have better cars and me i’ve got some quality guards so and me up could be the one could be sick but back to the audi you know i mean it’s done me well for a year i’ve not properly enjoyed as much as my s3 but i’ve not spent that much money i’ve managed to save a bear money ready for my next petrol car

And then after this i think i’m going to stick to petrol definitely because i just remember getting my ice 3 in just downshifting it’s a second and just go in just revving it to like 7000 rpm you have to go fast jammy after a fast at all to enjoy it the dibble dibley dib listens the dibble is the cops anyway in the uk as we call it well yeah after drive fast is

Just that the adrenaline rush that i excitement from having a petrol engine you can’t get a diesel but but why diesel’s carry well at low revs which is good i this wall this is nippy between two and four thousand hours yeah right hi guys so halfway through the drive gonna head back home now paul i just wanted to give you a bit of a verity basically on my car

So i do enjoy it i do like it it’s nice it’s a nice runabout it’s a nice place to get me from a to b it’s dead smooth not bad on fuel very economical pretty affordable so if you in the market like a comfy car maybe like going long drives for work or whatever dunno i mean stuff like that she’s definitely something to have a think about it’s decent on the motorway

It’s nice and comfy it’s a good car i just want something that is going to be a little bit more fun give me a bit more of an adrenaline rush when i put the foot down and i just want to hear that petrol engine you know i mean the gear change is you just you feel more at once the car that’s the only problem with diesels but anyway i’m gonna hurt him now just buy this

In the carpark we’re at rs4 very tasty that will be very quick very quick so that’s the video guys i’m gonna wrap it up there if you did enjoy don’t forget to drop it a like subscribe to channel if you’ve not already and plenty more car content comment if you do enjoy it like the running costs of this i could do that i could do all the videos any of

You guys have got cars and you let me borrow it i’ll make a video on it that could be the one also this could be the next car video that i do so almost got an x3 40d very quick i’ve driven it a few times it’s probably on pace with my s3 it’s very nippy but yeah that could be another video anyway i’ll catch you on next video guys take care stay safe see you later

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AUDI A3 DIESEL vs AUDI S3 | What I Think of My Audi A3 Saloon Diesel.. By Josh Sullivan

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