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Altair Club Cars Audi 2021 RS 6 Avant Defined: Overview

Audi 2021 RS 6 Avant Defined: Overview

Audi engineers discuss the cohesive design of the new 2021 RS 6 Avant, its daily usability and its sport DNA.

When you’re totally into cars, then you know all the little things that are different that other people maybe don’t see. when we’re doing the rs 6 it really feels like a designer dream come true because if finally has the proportions that we’re always thriving for. i’m responsible for exterior design on the new audi rs 6. what makes the rs 6 a true “car freak” car is that

Just the front doors, the middle roof section and the rear hatch is the same as on an a6 avant, what changes the attitude of this car on the road drastically is the big wheels. so we’re talking about 22″ wheels that you can have optional, it’s huge for that kind of car. and we were able to have the bigger wheels higher in the body that shows where the spokes are really

Diving deep to the center of the wheel. so we know from our customers he wants to use the rs 6 avant as the daily cruiser. to go to the office from monday to friday, to take the car on some hot laps. but also to go for skying on the weekend with the whole family. and so this is very important when we talk about rs 6 avant, it’s really a sports car without loosing the

Daily usability. my name is michael binder, i’m the product manager for the rs 6 avant at the audi sport gmbh. completely new developed gear box a bigger gear box. and so we have optimized power figures. we talk about 591 sae horsepower, it’s 590 full pound of torque. and with that power the car accelerates from 0 to 100 in just about 3.6 seconds and the top speed can

Be raised up to 190 miles per hour. the car drives very comfortable, it’s a very changeable character. and so the customer request in my opinion is absolutely fulfilled. we design with a lot of passion, passion for detail it’s about bringing aesthetics and functionality together. my name is mattijs van tuijl, i’m a designer working for audi in the interior department.

Where everything is seamlessly talking to each other. at the same time it has to be a very strong character redesigning. on of the examples is the ventilated sports seats with a integrated head rest, they look really fabulous. it’s more about being in command, it’s more like a tailor cut suite but it has a very different attitude how you sit in the car and how you use

The space. the designers who worked on it we as a team feel proud to get those ideas on the road and have the people enjoy them. there was a big thing when you take a closer look on the front of the car, it doesn’t have a6 headlights it has the a7 headlights. they look a little bit more sporty, a little bit more aggressive. to fit them in we had to do a new bonnet and

Also the bonnet features a power dome the normal a6 doesn’t have. and because of that the rs 6 is the only member of the a6 family that has optional laser lights. you should really see the rear has a really expressive defuser with a lot of movement going up and down around the big oval tailpipes also give even a more brutal optical stance. it’s really important that each

Car we do will have a signature. so we put a lot of time and effort into a very coherent design from the rear to the front and the front to the rear. seeing from an european view, we were always dreaming of getting the rs 6 avant also to the us and now we finally made it. with these rs models it’s especially fun to go through that hassle, and then to see end product and

Then to see like, wow it’s looking totally cool and it was absolutely worth it. this is for sure our dna, this is the story audi sport is famous for, and this will give us the

Audi sport print a huge step forward into absorbed fans and customers.

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Audi 2021 RS 6 Avant Defined: Overview By Audi USA

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