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Altair Club Cars AT NIGHT: 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited

AT NIGHT: 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited

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Hey this is mike thank you so much for choosing this video today i’m in myrtle beach south carolina visiting sparks toyota and i’m checking out at night a 2017 toyota highlander and the limited trim level so i’m going to show you the interior and exterior lighting of this vehicle i have a full detailed video on my channel if you want to check it out during the day

Showing all the features pushing all the buttons but this focuses just on the lighting of the vehicle so let’s go ahead and check it out right now i have the parking lights on which will turn on the daytime running light led accent here very bright i mean you could in a parking lot or something mistake these for your headlights are very bright and stand out even

From a distance then you have that side marker there alright on this side take a look at the taillights so you have that glowing led okay so here’s your turn signal so you can see as the amber light here in the front the side marker that’s visible and all around here on the side mirror and there’s the amber light in the back okay so now i have the low beams on with

The fog lights and the low beams and the fog lights are powered by halogen bulbs so you see the the low beam there is in a projector tube and you see the reflector here at the bottom for the fog light when you turn the high beams on it turns off your fog lights but turns on this reflector halogen bulb here and adds to the low beam a flood kind of a floodlight and a

Higher elevation i guess you can say so looking down this field here low beams there’s your high beams so the high beams are able to reach all the way across and illuminate those trees and the low beams kind of cut short of that okay i’m going to give you a first-person view for your high and low beams as your high your low you see a turn signal flashing a little

Bit then the fog lights turn those off turn those on and there’s the actually that’s just the parking lights with the daytime running lights you can see they’re pretty bright illuminate the ground there and there’s everything off let’s start looking on the inside starting with the cargo area let’s go and push the button here open it up okay so here’s your cargo

Space it has a single light here on the right side and it’s black carpeting so i put this paper here so you can kind of see a little bit better on camera what it looks like i can see fairly well with my naked eyes you can also lift this up and see under here once you lift it up a certain way the light shines up in this little compartment area take a look at the

Third row seats you have the illumination from four lights here on the side so you have on the second row and the first row and they kind of bleed over it’s actually between the second and third row right there right above the headrest that way you have some illumination here in the back more on the seats and on the sides then in the four board on the liftgate and

It has a little button this backlit for closing it so you can find it in the dark second row let’s take a look at that here’s the inside of the passenger door the rear door here and a see if it’ll focus and look at that you have that accent right under here underneath the door kind of softly glowing and then you have a backlit power window there’s the back seats

Nicely illuminated check it out you can see that blue accent under the door us nice on that side you also have some illuminated controls here for your climate control there are some plugins there at the bottom that are not illuminated all right let’s take a look at the front starting with the door yes nice yeah they approach light too with the puddle lamp in the

Door when you unlock the doors it turns on this approach light here which illuminates the ground in front of you as you walk up to the vehicle and it’s right there on the side so that’s the only light to turn on you unlock unlock it you see everything flashes and then you have this approach light to get in the vehicle and then when you open up the door the light

Right here is kind of a supplemental light put a light for entering the door okay so the inside of the driver’s store is you have that nice accent in blue there on the side all the controls are backlit here backlit controls the seats are nicely eliminated the whole front actually is a limit nicely illuminated because you get some spillover light from the those four

Lights in the back but they also have this dome light is quite bright and of course the light color sees help out with the visibility on camera anyway there’s some backlit buttons right in here okay so now i’m in the vehicle the all the lights are on because i have the door open let’s go ahead and shut the door and see what it looks like nice nice all right so

Now we get to see we really with these backlit light look lights look like here on the steering wheel your cruise control this little knob back here behind the steering wheel is illuminated there’s your gauges clock they’re the top here’s your touchscreen let’s go to home the navigation is the background is now black so it’s not too bright in your face while

You’re looking at the map kind of zoom out so you can see what i’m talking about here’s your climate control and check it out all illuminated here this little pocket or the storage shelf really like that storage shelf super handy but also looks really nice and the addition of that light i don’t remember that light being there last year this is uh this is nice

Right here alright so you have some more backlit buttons right in here it’s your shifter and see the center console is dark so not seeing anything there let me turn on the interior light so you can see what i’m talking about see is center console you have to turn on the interior lights in order to see in here there’s no lights in their glove compartment it does

Have like a does have a little bit of soft light i’m shut the door it has a really small light i guess you can say like almost like a amber light in there and it’s not the normal amber that you would get from a halogen it’s just really more amber than that i guess you can say all right so up here we have some backlit buttons tap lights and stuff like that you

Turn on all the interior lights with that button the visors have a mirror and light in them really impressive interior the soft blue the accents there on the shelf and the doors in the front and the rear you can’t really pick it up on camera but these accents here on the side of the door um actually illuminate the sea in this really nice soft glow which the camera

Can really pick it up it’s just having a hard time picking up that soft glow okay let’s look at the backup camera i put it in reverse so you can see what it looks like back there you see pretty good i mean the reverse lights are pretty bright and the camera does a good job picking up in low-light okay so there you have it 2017 toyota highlander limited at night’s

Interior and exterior lighting really impress a vehicle at nighttime so thank you for watching and thank you to sparks toyota here in myrtle beach south carolina for allowing me to show off another awesome vehicle see you guys next time

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