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Altair Club Cars Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600: Analogue Excellence – Carfection (4K)

Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600: Analogue Excellence – Carfection (4K)

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600 might be the last of the truly analogue supercars. Henry Catchpole finds out what it’s like to drive.

It could be argued that the analog driver’s car is something that seems to be in the autumn of its life the weighting of hydraulically assisted steering the interactivity of a manual gearbox the sound and responsive enlarged naturally aspirated engine these are the sensations that are gradually being phased out in new cars some companies retain one or maybe

Two of these facets in one and this the aston martin v12 vantage v600 it might just be the last of the braid this beautiful car was originally a customer’s idea he commissioned aston martin to create and last hurrah a fantastic celebration of what he saw is one of the final analogue supercars aston liked the idea so much but had asked of a very small run of

V6 hundreds 7q paise and seven roadsters can be produced and this is one of that very rare handful the v600 is a sort of road orientated version of the monstrous track-focused gt 12 firstly they decided to get rid of the wild arrow addenda because i’m not sure that arrow is very analogue and instead let the fluid muscular coke bottle shape beneath the sills

And wings do the talking the results is one of the most gorgeous cars i’ve ever seen short wide but somehow still ikeda pretty that sculptural bodywork is all carbon fibre the exposed sections herringbone de macula the huge excitingly hold grille is a subtly waved work of art and i like the fact that the design of the side vents connects this old vantage to the

New current generation of the car the owner of this particular v600 has chosen to have the sentiment wheels diamond-cut as it neatly brings out the intricacy of their particular design and beneath the brogue dan bulging bonnet lies the gt 12s large capacity naturally aspirated v12 kicking out 592 brake horsepower 416 pounds for the torque and an almighty sound

Through its titanium exhaust and of course crucially because this is an analogue road car the engine is mated not to the gt 12 paddle shift gearbox but his 7-speed dogleg manual and the details continue inside the car as well i mean every one of the seven poopies and seven roadsters will obviously be spect purely to each individual owners desires and whims so

Each car will be slightly different but there are things like these these controls here take might not know particularly special at first glance but more you look at them the more you realize that there this is actually threads of carbon fiber round round to make the beautiful rotary switches the carbon fiber – and here as well then the little v motif right on

The centre of the needles it’s all absolutely exquisite there seems to be common fiber everywhere you look from small philips to the huge swathe like the gore cards other details include the saddlebags behind the seats and the gear lever that feels cool and weighted to the touch thanks to being machined from billet aluminium i can’t say that i often examine air

Vents that closely but do so on the v600 and you’ll notice that they are leather wrapped as an advertisement for aston martin key you can get much better but of course it’s beautiful as this car is to look at it was conceived principally to driving so what’s it like to drive metre 12 under the bonnet naturally aspirated of course and it sounds utterly glorious

Through that foreign accent titanium exhaust seeking with a sport button pressed wow that titanium exhaust and then of course we’ve got the manual gearbox the 7-speed dogleg manual some people have said it’s a little bit trickier yes i suppose the thing you have to get used to with this particular door break is the fact because you’ve got there’s so many different

Planes across here the springing you just have to get used from first second to the third of course once you’ve used first once once you’re off running you don’t have to worry about that but the springs perhaps are just not quite what you might expect and it feels quite narrow across the box but it’s a lovely chunky shift just as it should be for this analogue

Car the fact is a bit of a challenge to use some part of it the v600 shares the gt 12 shortened final drive which is really nice because as a results it fills a nicely short geared with closely stat ratios which means you get to use the box a lot and said that there is so much talk to lean on that you can almost ignore the dogleg treat second as 1st 3rd 2nd etc

Etc to be honest whether v12 or v8 this vantage has long been one of my favorite cars to drive on a good bit of road it just feels the right size the balance is absolutely perfect it’s just a wonderful car and this is absolutely no exception all the carbon-fiber body work is lighter than ever for a v12 and it is also got more power so what’s not to like

That delicious talk means it is incredibly easy to steer the v600 from the rear straightening lines and unwinding lock quickly once you’re past an apex through quicker bends it feels beautifully balanced although it’s still best to be just a little bit patient getting the v12 heavier nose into the tighter corners distinctively talkative steering lets you know

Just how hard to work the full tires and that’s one of the hallmarks of an unlock are that it is fun and interactive at any speed fast or slow analog is all about field whether it’s through the brake pedal and acid has always done some of the best carbon brakes for field or whether it’s just about the the richness of the experience the connection between you and

The car the car on the road these records as opposed to cds or downloads it’s film as opposed to digital images it’s wool instead of nylon now of course the more you think about this the more i suppose it’s a question of where does analog begin and end somebody used to driving a 1920s bentley would probably the mon synchromesh on the gearshift then we’ve got

Things like we have on this car a sports button esp adaptive dampers i always like a passive setup in terms of suspension for really pure analog power assisted steering is another one where does it end where do you draw the line in terms of analog and digital feel and disconnect it’s a hard thing to be clear-cut about and certainly i’m not about to say that every

Current or future car is or will be devoid of feel interactivity in some analog characteristics mclaren 600 lp the ferrari 812 superfast the 991 gt3 rs all wonderful thrilling tactile cars but it definitely feels like this generation of car one represented by the v600 the one that included the 997 generation 911 the v8 bmw m3 the zonda the last manual ferraris

That that might just have marked something of a watershed whether they will prove to be also a high-water mark only time will tell i think this is a fitting tribute thank you very much to the owner of this v600 for letting us drive and film it you would like to see more photos of the car then simply check out at the zen car driver on instagram by the link

Below equally if you’d like to see a film of another rare and very analog aston martin and just click on the link to the left and please if you haven’t already do subscribe to the car fiction channel

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