aston martin dbs superleggera vs
Altair Club Cars Aston Martin DBS Superleggera vs. McLaren Senna2019 BDC Hot Lap Matchup

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera vs. McLaren Senna2019 BDC Hot Lap Matchup

For 2019 we’re changing things up. Why watch one hot lap when you can see two at once!?! Spoiler alert: The 2019 McLaren Senna is a nearly $1 million, nearly 800hp hypercar that will crush almost anything on any racetrack anywhere in the world. That said, the 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera makes 715 hp and is pretty dang sporty for a big GT. Yeah, we know we’re not fooling anyone—the Senna is going to win. The question then becomes, win by how much? Watch and find out! #BestDriversCar #AstonMartin #McLaren

Out of the 12 cars at this year’s best drivers car three are in the 700 horsepower club of those three two are from jolly old england and therefore in some alternate universe somewhere it makes sense to pit the aston martin dbs superleggera against the mclaren senna on a race track this is a best drivers car head-to-head hot lap featuring the mclaren senna and

What the hell do you put this thing up against well probably not this the aston martin dbs superleggera but this thing has 715 horsepower all the talk in the world and it is absolutely beautiful just like the mclaren senna no but we’re clearing claims it has to look this way because it’s so trashy in down 4c and blah blah blah blah blah basically the center should

Obliterate the lap records set by a nine nine one gt2 rs and it should obliterate the aston martin but we love this thing anyway let’s find out which is quickest and can this thing become the new fastest car round laguna seca kruschev power powers to places right it took mclaren about a day to get the prima donna sent us sorted out but once they did the things

Rocked it hung up a one minute 20 7.62 second lap the quickest ever whoo again i’m sweaty like the 720s the mclaren senna is a far more powerful version with a comet downforce that i’m still didn’t used to a lot of work to try 10 heartbreak co-run like a real racecar it drives like two cars an over steering car on the way in and has entry oversteer rotates points

In really quickly almost too much and then when i go to power boom immediately and understeer and i’m kind of waiting on this understeer to get the car to point on the way off the corner until i roll into that huge power and then it tries to spin them a little bit but the traction control comes in and kind of helps that i’m using a little bit of the stability of

Traction controls to try to tame the beast wow aston martin gain speed at a pro digis right space shuttle rocket ships apollo moon shots all come to mind ladies black stripes right there i’m proud of that he drama liz is too aggressive has a very aggressive map in sport+ the handling is really it is well balanced has has a good front-end good life no tendency to

Oversteer on entry have stays put is just going so fast coming over that hill on the front straightaway i kept breaking too early there left a little on the table there did a pretty good job everywhere else yes we have a new lap record holder at laguna seca turns out the mclaren center does have to look like this wow rainey did struggle with it a bit he said that

It was like four different cars and he related to work for it but eventually he did get there he broke the record he did he broke the record the thing was quick i mean downforce cars you have to learn them learn the technique this one’s got active aero so it’s changing all the time this doesn’t have active aero but the aston still put in a good lap time and it’s

Just a taut monster this thing isn’t it yeah yeah he said he was just waiting for the torque to kick in you know and that it would explode and that slowed it down but as we saw on the road it’s such good fun it’s such good fun so basically the moral of this story is we have two british cars one of which is a new lap record holder at laguna seca the other one does

The biggest you can imagine around there so the winner of this best drivers car head-to-head hot lap challenge is karen sara you

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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera vs. McLaren Senna—2019 BDC Hot Lap Matchup By MotorTrend Channel

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