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Welcome to the 2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera! I had the opportunity to film a walk around, start up and revs on the latest flagship GT car from Aston Martin!! ENJOY!!!

Haha that was nuts horace matic good morning guys welcome to the sol youtube channel now today you join me in my living room i’m about to leave i’m about to go up to gayden where the aston martin headquarters are because they have given me an amazing opportunity to stand face to face with the brand new aston martin dbs superleggera now when aston martin sent that

Suite out to the world of that they were unveiling in june this brand new car i was in america with sam from seen through glass and parker from vehicle virgins and let’s just say i was a little bit excited anyway enough of that i’ve got a 2017 aston martin rapide s downstairs yes this is being filmed on the weekend that ferrari cancelled their loan car an aston

Martin porter ooh and gave me their rapide s so let’s jump in that car head up to gayden check out this dbs superleggera fall in love probably driven a little bit but have a wicked day and hopefully we can all learn quite a loss that’s and facts about aston martin’s brand new car here we are in the perfect environment to give a quick and brief overview into why i

Love aston martin so much firstly ravidas is surprisingly cool you step inside and it just smells of aston martin it’s got so many familiar buttons center console steering wheel and seats do you know you’re in an aston martin some manufacturers a little bit of their character and soul when they go a little bit off piste and build a car they’re not used to building

Aston martin wanted to build an aston martin that they could just fit full write-ups in and i can confirm it does that i’ve had friends in the back of this car very comfortable they are also the coolest rear seats have ever seen on any car losing on from the aston martin rapide let’s talk about my first experience behind the wheel of an aston martin driving the

V12 vantage jets now this was a car that i was seriously considering when swapping my lamborghini gallardo for a new car it was between the aston martin dbs the aston martin v12 vantage s and amg gts coincidentally aston martin could have also been one of the catalysts that started supercars of london because it was a db9 that i saw it was the first car that i saw

When i went up to london with my dad for the gcse art project we were on old brompton road just come out of south kensington high street train station and there it was a grey aston martin db9 and it cruised at one of the side streets and from that moment in i was on supercars so let’s just get to gating as quickly and as safely as possible to stand next to the

Brand new aston martin dbs superleggera i’m getting excited and getting hot under the collar we have made it i’ve piled the rapide s up in quite wonky fashion actually it’s five meters long but there is no excuse for how i’ve parked there i might actually have to straighten that out but we are here the dbs superleggera is inside the flagship super gt car to come

From aston martin the vantage is their sporty car the db 11 is their gt car the dbs is gonna sit right in the middle in the way that that car sits on the aston martin product line and oh my god i’m excited i just need to head in sign in and then take the covers off the dbs superleggera there are a couple of db 11s in the carpark we cannot ignore the db 11s that

Are here they look beautiful a couple of them have just left alex’s audi s1 is here because he’s inside so i’m gonna head in let’s both enjoy and welcome the dbs superleggera into the world at the same time i cannot wait to bring you a first glimpse of this car so let’s and enjoy now it is alex ladies and gentlemen welcome to the aston martin

Dbs scoop eulogy reads do not understand how excited i am to not only be standing next to this car but to be giving you an exclusive insight into such a beautiful machine that has come out of the aston martin factory it is a 5.2 liter v12 that pushes out 725 ps 900 new to me is a tall it’s just under 1,700 kilograms dry mass the top speed of the aston martin dbs

Superleggera is 211 miles an hour zero to a hundred kilometers an hour or zero to sixty two is 3.4 seconds but the most exciting fact about this car is it it only takes 4.2 seconds from 50 miles an hour to a hundred miles an hour and data suggests that that is around a second quicker than the ferrari f12 let’s talk a little bit about the name superleggera which as

A lot of you will know comes from the db4 from the 1950s and now is bearing on this this is aston martin’s modern interpretation of what superleggera means super light if an aluminium body chassis the exterior carbon the lightweight materials inside and even the name at superleggera provides a flair and excitement around the car and when you say dbs superleggera

It just rolls off your tongue and imagine how cool is this if you own one of these cars such bizarre yeah i’ve got an aston martin dbs superleggera when you sit inside the new dbs you are greeted with a beautiful variety of leather satin chopped carbon and alcantara we’ve got a sports steering wheel here which feels nice to hold we’ve got extended paddles here

Which come from the aston martin vantage the db 11 has got much smaller paddles it’s just a little bit more of a comfy cruiser in here you feel like there is a purpose about this car but inside i feel like i am sat in a batmobile in the wing mirrors you get the satin finish on the paintwork on the outside it just looks so aggressive when you look in the mirror i’m

Looking at the rear of the car now this is probably the only time that i will look in the wing mirror of a car and see the of my own car the center console is very similar to the db eleven but obviously the saturn shop carbon here which is a standard feature on all dbs superleggera sand around you’ve got bang & olufsen it’s just such a nice place to be i am a

Big fan of the db 11 as it is but then to be sat in this car it is the db 11 on steroids leather alcantara look at the design on the door card it is so impressive and a level of attention to detail on this car is second to none but from the outside is really where i feel it excels there is no angle that looks bad and just to have this opportunity a first look at

This car before it even comes out my mind boggles just how cool this thing is and my god what i would do to own one of these one day i became quite close in trying to buy an old dbs with the six liter v12 but was scared away with some of the pre-owned running costs because when cars change hands you don’t know what the history is like and i was scared by some of

The running costs but now with this car it just brings back my love for aston martin again and sat here in the pilot’s seat i call it the pilot’s seat this isn’t the driver’s seat this is the pilot see this instrument cluster here and the batman s style leather design that you’ve got surrounding it it’s just such an inspiring place to be that i just don’t just

Want to drive it out of this room it’s the coolest thing the seats are amazing the design on them they’re just very very comfy earth i mean you could do endless miles in this i did a fuel efficiency challenge with the db 11 i went from gayden to inverness on one tank of fuel so we all know that it is fairly fuel efficient and that comes from the twin-turbo nature

Of the engine but i feel now what we need to do is hear this car just so that we can get a well-rounded full idea of just how mean and aggressive and menacing and sinister this car is gonna be on our roads oh that was nuts baris matt yeah the car is awesome the car is so aggressive we’re just walking out of aston martin ass that was it aston martin’s design studio

And they are giving private customers the opportunity of having a look at it and yeah i think that’s pecking it yeah so like a really really cool and exclusive opportunity saying goodbye to the estimate rapide sadly and jumping in the re s1 it’s a beautiful day absolutely it’s beautiful yeah it’s hot but oh my god we just saw the dbs superleggera i can now get a

Little bit more excited as i do power walking in oh man what aston martin are doing is amazing now i have always loved the aston martin brand a db9 was one of the first cars i ever saw in london that really sparked my passion for seeing cars out on the road and in the flesh and then to watch aston martin progress and to be honest jumping in the rapide s which is

One of the final pure thoroughbred aston martins before amg and aston martin combined to create the ultimate supergroup when it comes to supercars the db 11 is still up there with being one of my favourite cars and one day i will own a variant of the db 11 is such a special car and it really adds it really pays homage to the old dbs the 2007 one which we all know

From casino royale for flipping that dbs still to this day is such an iconic car it is so beautiful it sounds amazing and i do think that that dbs is they’re sort of the right step forward it’s the right one really replacement to the old dbs but to see that name back on an aston martin and to see it on that car it’s so cool and then i’d obviously the superleggera

It’s a really special we saw the third generation tv i thought the old one as we were driving in and this yes so much yes this is the fourth generation dbs the third being the one that we all saw in casino royale and there was a couple more from the 1960s in the 1970s which i don’t really do too much research on but that car is up there with one of if what if the

Most exciting kong let’s say it’s the most exciting car i’m most excited about driving that car on the road now that we have seen it it all makes a make it’s aston martin design language from about three different cars i’d say and there’s a guard oh yeah the db 11 and the vantage and the volunteer yeah behind them perfect aspects of all three yes and even better

Looking car i just won one i just like db eleven sounds good looks classy looks elegant and i’m staring at one right now i mean and it’s a beautiful spec dark red it just looks so cool there we go ladies and gentlemen that is a vlog at a morning at aston martin checking out the aston martin dbs superleggera when they tweeted that i screamed around parker’s house

And we all got very excited about what the car would look like how would it perform that car is a direct rival to the a12 superfast that is how serious aston martin are taking it i can’t away to drive one ladies and gentlemen please give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and thank you for supporting supercars of london i’m now with alex

Heading back home so i will see you very very soon cheers guys and take care

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