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Altair Club Cars Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | Aston Martin Dbs | Aston Martin Db11

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | Aston Martin Dbs | Aston Martin Db11

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | Aston Martin Dbs | Aston Martin Db11

Hi guys i’m here today with a new video but before we start please hit the subscribe button and click on the bell icon for getting the latest updates let’s start today we’ll be talking about the aston martin dbs superleggera discover the ultimate production aston martin for over half a century the name dbs has meant just one thing the ultimate production of

Aston martin a dbs is just still concentrate of all that has made aston martin not just one of the most created brands in the automotive sphere but in all fields of endeavor right around the world now the new dps superleggera has arrived its beauty leaves no room for doubt its power it cannot be reasoned with unquestionably tbs superleggera sits at the pencil of

Aston martin production range it is both a shining light expressing the most beautiful automotive art and at the same time a dark and mincing shadow of crucial unconventional strength it is that fine blend of seemingly opposing traits that make the dbs superleggera the absolute aston martin aggressive yet beautiful super light yet powerfully strong a commanding

Presence yet lavishly finished dbs superleggera coupe and volante offers the ultimate super gt experience menacingly attractive convention says form and function are opposing interest the dbs superleggera proves otherwise the shape is unmistakably eastern martin but stronger broader and more muscular than ever not at a stylist whim but to cool and control the

Most powerful production of aston martin taken by its beauty the dbs superleggera is dominated by a breathtaking hexagonal grille combining a sense of unbounded strength with the most natural beauty this sets the visual agenda for the entire car while simultaneously feeding the instable ap tide for oxygen of the mighty 415 bhp engine a whole new reeling of luxury

Where others stop restart settle into the sumptuous leather and phosphorus interior of the dbs superleggera and see how our high-performance seed supports your body to perfection in both the driver and passenger seat your home before the journey has even commenced strongest lightweight materials typically as a car gets faster it requires more cooling larger brakes

And stronger suspensions which inevitably results in increased weight the dps superleggera begs to differ naturally it has been created in all areas required to handle its phenomenal performance but not by merely adding more of the same instead using the finest strongest lightweight materials the dbs superleggera includes carbon ceramic brakes as standard this

Braking system in conjunction with the new 21 forged wheels further enhances the super light nature of the car all features in combination result in a 70 kg weight saving over the db one one the architecture of beautiful power without control is power that is standard which is why the dbs super legarra is a master at making the most of the vast resources the v12

Places at his disposal it starts with the chases of enormous rigidity and continues with the classic double wishbone front suspensions a geometrically optimal multi-link rear axle and an even more stable stance thanks to a track that is 10 millimeters wider than the db-11 at the front and 20 meters wider at the rear of course the massive pirelli p0 tires are

Best poked for the dbs superleggera beautifully brutal dbs has long signified them utmost in elegance and speed comfort and performance the dbs superleggera coupe and volante are murderfully handcrafted with beauty and performance in equal measure no fraction is compromised the dps superleggera will leave you in heavy its beauty is absolute thanks for watching

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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera | Aston Martin Dbs | Aston Martin Db11 By Car Beast

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