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Altair Club Cars Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato walk through with CMO Simon Sproule

Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato walk through with CMO Simon Sproule

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Simon Sproule walks us through the newly revealed Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato

Hey jeff jake’s here and i’m with simon sprawl the chief marketing officer for aston martin yep simon thank you so much for spending time with us and muzzin absolutely so i kind of intro what how long you been working for aston martin and that’s short so i’ve been in the car business nearly 30 years i’ve worked on aston martin for five years and based at the

Company’s headquarters in engadin in warwickshire in the uk and we’re here this week for the inaugural ode rain motorweek concours and we decided to make a little bit of a splash here with the global unveil of a brand new car which doesn’t happen all that often you know so it’s it’s pretty special to to be standing here next to an all-new car and what a beautiful

Place for it to write it is spectacular it’s kind of nice that we’re facing i guess the i’m not sure the direction here but we must be facing the uk across the atlantic okay so what’s our plan yeah well i wish i mean it was there’s only an ocean between the home and and this concourse so it’s kind of cool to be here on the on the east coast so in case you need to

Over back home you just point that way sort of direct across and the boaters on the earth we’ve had a long-standing relationship with zagato the italian coachbuilder dates will way back to the to the 50s and 60s the db4 gt zagato probably one of the most iconic cars created between aston martin and zagato and we on the occasion of the of the anniversary of the

Gatto we decided to create a very unique pair of cars so on the far side there there’s the continuation car so these are built faithful to the original but with i would say sensitive modern update so electrics and improvements that we’ve we’ve learned throughout the years of running the cars so these are built back at the original factory and newport pagnell

In the uk home of the db5 however the goal with bond cars so very historic place and then we decided to do something quite different for this car line which is to match it with a modern car so we took the dbs which you see the superleggera villante behind you which were that is the underpinnings and we created this unique dbs gts and it actually is the most

Powerful road-going aston martin in history is 760 horsepower out of five two twin-turbo v12 engines so it looks beautiful but it’s also spectacularly powerful enough to get you into trouble well you know i think a gentlemen say it’s adequate right yeah so have you are driven us i have not no this is literally the first car that’s built so we’re going to build 19

Of these this is car number one it was finished this week it was air shipped from the uk to to here in new england so i have not driven the car it’s here literally the first time ok so now i’m gonna try something when you’re doing a track-day test let me know and i’ll fly up to see you so you a test driver sure yeah sure ok we’ll get you over and they give you a

My racing line so there you go so you’ll be right at home with us you heard that it’s not live on tv yes probably one of the most iconic cars of all time which is the db4 gt zagato when we looked at how to celebrate the anniversary of the partnership between aston martin zagato we obviously went back to probably one of most iconic cars of all time so a faithful

Reproduction of factory where we built the original car we’re sensitive updates so you see what you see is what you get i mean it’s just a gorgeous aston martin it’s got the hallmarks of as a gateau but it’s also got that classic aston martin proportion so that’s where we started with the project now if we move across to look at what we’re unveiling today which

Is the the modern dbs gt zagato and this is a a pair of cars so the classic car on the modern car this car comes off the platform of the dbs superleggera which we lost launched last year it’s got a unique upper body it’s got this incredible carbon fiber roof with the i would say an homage to the signature there’s a gateau double bubble classic roofline you’ll

Notice there’s actually no rear window we rely on a camera and an interior mirror that shows a video projection image again a completely unique upper body for this for this car a bespoke interior it also happens to be the most powerful aston martin road car ever made so it’s 760 horsepower out of a 5-2 twin-turbo you know spectacular power but just wrapped in the

Most sensational body i think you know we’ve we’ve ever done so a classically beautiful aston martin but reflecting the partnership was a gatto at the front of the car a very unique front grille aperture and this is in the open position here but when the car is parked or resting these are shut and then when the car is started when the owner comes and opens the

Car these open up and this obviously provides the airflow into the car so a lot of people said very james bond it sort of looks like something like it’s highly a missile system but it’s classically a beautiful but very functional as well which is you know peter misers an aston martin so if we if we go into the interior what you see is an interior that’s inspired

By the dbs but has so many unique bespoke elements i mean the craftsmanship that goes into every aasta.martin whether it’s the leather from bridge of we’re in scotland whether it’s the badges that are handcrafted by vaughan turns in the jewelry district in birmingham the complete unique lattice work that you see on this car that’s only put into this again only

One of this is only one of 19 cars that will ever make of this series so it’s really a special collector’s piece the unique carbon fiber and leather seats so beautiful looking supremely comfortable and then it’s just a very easy car to live with actually i mean you’ve got a 8-speed zf transmission made it to a v12 that’s just home sort of you know driving around

What we would call be roads and a roads in england all the way through to something faster on the autobahn it is a classic grand tour and the great tradition of an aston martin thank you so much for spending time with us today and the viewers out a drive try but you’re appreciate your time and what a wonderful car thank you so much great pleasure to be able to

Show i’m sure we’ll see you again you bet thank you you you

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Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato walk through with CMO Simon Sproule By MIGZ

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