assessing the damage on my 1600h
Altair Club Cars Assessing the Damage on my 1600HP Nissan GTR

Assessing the Damage on my 1600HP Nissan GTR

Special thanks to Supercar Driven for the Huracan Loan:

And just like that we’re back baby ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and welcome back to vlogging it’s very windy here in utah today now a couple videos ago the nissan gtr self imploded we have good news engine is fine transmission is fine turbos are fine that being said when you have a driveshaft that’s rotating at 6 000 rpms and it shears in half

That’s a bad day today is a good day and we’re back so we’re headed down to precision performance to assess the damage on the nissan gt-r we’re at a precision he sent me like a dozen photos of the underside of the car it looks like a minefield there are parts just scattered and destroyed everywhere it’s gonna be very it’s really windy it is so windy here in utah

We’re headed precision performance in the twin turbo huracan we don’t own this car it’s on loan from supercar driven and we’re not gonna break it now of course you guys know the drill if the editor wouldn’t mind blowing up the speedometer do that all right let’s go jeez to infinity and beyond that was a mild 34 miles an hour trust me it it was it was definitely that’s

What the editor definitely 35. now if you guys did not see the last video it’s a sheepy race liberty walk silhouettes twin turbo lamborghini huracan on mid boost 900 wheeler sparkle oh it’s so fast is so good and the bluff sounds incredible so on full boost 1150 horsepower we don’t own the car we’re not going to run on full boost but 900 is pretty so good now i

Should also note we’re currently running on e85 wait for it let the turbo spool go i think the most amazing thing about this car it is so easy to control it’s a rear-wheel drive conversion also yes it does have a starlight headliner as you do right of course so good so good all right we’re gonna go to jail now every single time we drive northbound we always make

It a very clear point to head one direction and that is to right here go be always in the wrong gear go i almost messed that up i almost just caved under i was in third gear under tell what was i thinking but i saved it i was tenacious i was quick thinking we got a second gear pull this car is insane though the more i drive this car the more i think we definitely

Need to sheep erase the twin turbo huracan the only thing we’re missing is a hurricane now in the last video i told you guys i put a deposit down on a car it’s a v10 it’s a lamborghini but there’s a caveat and the caveat is that lamborghini has not revealed the car quite yet the more you know i’ve been going like back and forth on my gtr we have the factory wing

But check out that massive apr wing should we get a wing like that for my gtr let me know what you think in the comments below well we’ve reached a turning point in the video either a the rest of the video i’m in a very very good mood or the rest of the video i am very very sad welcome to precision performance luke please after you please after you it doesn’t need

To be said i’m not going to say honesty now before we got here to precision performance luke gave me a pep talk he said i’m not allowed to cry i’m not going to be emotional i’m not going to cry any tears the gtr is here safe and sound at precision performance and honestly it’s bad but it’s not that bad so i was just given this box right here i’m not going to show

It to you quite yet but if you listen closely that right there is my bell house and kind of a representation of my future and my shattered dreams right there oh i’m trying to i’m trying to make humor out of it but i think it goes without saying a quick and sad moment of silence for the bug killer so so off camera luke was just asking brad so is there any driver

Air involved in what happened i was going to say as much as we want to blame you there’s no driver look brad we talked we talked about this off camera you weren’t supposed to say that you got to practice your lines better i mean it was 100 yeah that means you guys can stop at the dms i didn’t break it all right all right you guys heard it here first it was not

Luke’s fault it could happen to any of us it just so happened that luke was driving so don’t let it happen again now as i mentioned in the beginning of today’s video the engine is totally fine so no issues right there transmission is good the turbos is also fine obviously those items be way expensive however what’s not fine bear in mind i’m not a technical person

Whatsoever so if i say something wrong don’t blame it on me but this right here this is a bell housing this is not my bell housing this right here this is my belt housing out of you guys can see the difference there’s a little flex seal on that that should be totally fine just a little elmer’s glue no big deal luca really so this box this is the rest of the bell

Housing now you notice these are not all the parts of the bell housing there are some pieces left in mexico of the bell housing we apologize for that we’re gonna go clean that up here soon but uh that’s the main culprit that’s the main issue right here we also have a down pipe that is heavily dented that is not good uh let’s see oh we got coolant lines so what

Happened is when the driveshaft snapped in half it hit a coolant line and that’s why we spilled coolant all over mexico as well and then up here you can see these two massive holes like in the bottom of the car that’s why the cabin was full of steam immediately now it makes sense what’s so funny i don’t think i don’t think the audience realizes this as soon

As the car like you heard the explosion luke thought it was gonna catch on fire there’s steam coming up through the dash he hops out of the car he’s grabbing everything valuable but uh that’s why it happened now the best part about all of this brad here at precision performance is the man he’s gonna get this car fixed in a matter of no time when the driveshaft

First snapped i was thinking worst case scenario like the gt-r the bug killer actually had killed itself all the tesla dms i got so many dms from all the tesla fanboys laughing at me in my face but that’s not the case because the gtr is gonna be back in the road maybe two or three days we already have the new bell housing in place this bell housing is effectively

Indestructible so good luck it’s not a challenge okay i already verified with brad that luke terry cannot break this bell housing but to go back to the tesla fanboys i’ve read the dms i’ve seen the dms now most scenarios the original is far better than the sequel but with the gtr killer the sequel is gonna be the second coming now i usually don’t do this but we’re

Gonna do this right now so on july 2nd at the utah motorsports campus we’re going to be running the bug killer if you got a fast car and you live in the state of utah and you think you can beat me i’m not calling you out it’s just friendly competition i want to see you out there i’m going to run you against the gtr the reincarnation is going to be way better well

Enjoy this view of the nissan gtr bug killer because the next time you see it luke terry is definitely not 100 going to be driving the car for the foreseeable future however i do have a car that i do not own that you can drive it’s a twin turbo should be raised lamborghini huracan and you’re not joking i should be i’m not i should be but i’m not i just realized

Could you imagine a scenario in which you actually snap the drive shaft and i have to call chris and explain to him how you did that sorry chris that is such an idea the thing is though luca we love you we support you you gotta feel the swing turbo huracan gotta feel it gotta feel it it’s an obligation let’s see what this baby can do to the moon oh my goodness oh

My god wow you’ve already killed one gtr you may as well kill another gtr oh he wants to go puppies baby to the moon oh goodness kingdom come for this nissan gtr it’s not a very fair race we’re in the hov lane but check out that nissan gtr that’s so sick was that full beast no that was not no okay okay okay okay we’re gonna try to get around two right there not

A fair race right there we were in an hov lane and he has a jeep in front of him but irregardless i don’t know how this has happened this is such a bad idea how did that happen we did not set that up there’s just something about killing gtrs it’s in his nature it’s in his dna this is unbelievable luke starts driving the huracan there’s all these supercars coming

Out of nowhere and everyone’s erased them we have a mclaren 570s right behind us now we’re gonna wreak some havoc he doesn’t realize it’s a sheepy twin turbo kingdom come here he comes on you oh what’s up what’s up dude you want to go let’s see it let’s see let’s go oh a little round two shaking baby this car is next level fast like a 570s that car is so fast

From factory but a shipyard hurricane winter winter chicken dinner it would be so amazing someday one day bug killer against a sheepy huracan it’s got to happen well i don’t know how this has happened quite possibly the most unexpected sequence in a vlog ever somehow someway mr luke terry actually got the car to the warehouse made in don’t break it we don’t own

It turn it off right now wow this thing is so sick the more we drive this car the more i realize we have to have one we don’t need one no we do need one we don’t have to have one we need one now before today’s video is over we have a very quick very fast update on all the cars so yes unfortunately the porsche safari is going on bringing trailer very soon for some

Reason or another the 458 does not have a hood and yes of course the polaris razor we’re just grateful we haven’t rolled it in over a year and then why body ca corvette yes of course we know we know we know the rear wheels they’re on backwards the ferrari gtc4 lusa with that front engine v12 still sounds like a vacuum the urus we need to unwrap it and we need to

Sell it the ferrari race car that baby’s going on the wall the nismo gtr still has 80 miles on it and the supra needs big power now probably the most exciting update of all the updates my 1987 lamborghini quintos that car is in florida john tamara’s place in miami we’re driving that car back to utah in a matter of a couple weeks so jon is putting that car through

Its paces making sure that the car has no issues whatsoever so he drove that car to naples the other day put a hundred miles on it and guess what john tamarion broke my lamborghini kingtosh someone in this room knows what that’s like everybody who drives my cars they always break thanks john i’m just kidding john did not break the countach he’s just trying to find

The weakest link it just so happened it was the ignition system so the car is going to be sorted out and we’re going to be driving that car back to utah very very soon he filmed a video i’m going to link it in the description below but on that bombshell today’s video you

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Assessing the Damage on my 1600HP Nissan GTR By TheStradman

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