approved used audi sq8 vorsprung
Altair Club Cars Approved Used Audi SQ8 Vorsprung TFSI 507 PS tiptronic / Stafford Audi

Approved Used Audi SQ8 Vorsprung TFSI 507 PS tiptronic / Stafford Audi

Just into our stock, this used Audi SQ8 Vorsprung TFSI 507 PS tiptronic in Navarra Blue Metallic, is now available for sale from Stafford Audi.

Hi and welcome to stanford audi this is used audi sq8 vultron tfsi 507 ps tiptronic which is now in stock it says it’s a used vehicle it does come with 12 months warranty and also 12 months roadside assistance if you would like any more information please give us a call on one seven eight five eight nine nine four two four and beginning off at the front of the

Vehicle we do have the daytime running led headlights we’ve got the sq8 badge in the gorgeous front grille moving around to the side we’ve got the 5v spoke start on apos 22-inch alloy wheels it does come with the black styling pack so we do have a black mirror housing also the black previous glass in the back windows which is really convenient if you’ve got any

Viables on the back seats and speaking of the seats they are the gorgeous velcona leather seats these are also heated as well in the center here we do have a pull down armrest with two cup holders perfect for those long journeys this car is really really spacious check out all that room and the passengers in the back of the vehicle can control their own climate

Control kept temperatures there is a 12 volt plug socket two usb ports in the back of the car too so this vehicle is petrol it is automatic and it’s done just over 1500 miles on a clock so far it is also a full sprung meaning it is four wheel drive as you take a look in the boot now the boot is really really spacious plenty of room here for your suitcases the

Shopping or maybe the push chairs if that wasn’t quite enough room then the back seats do fall down give you like extra space and as you can see here we do have an electric tailgate so from one portion of the button that tailgate will open and also close for you which is really convenient if you’ve got your shopping bags in your hands take a look at the front of

The car now we’ve got the gorgeous alcantara headlining the front seats are sport seats they’re heated and of course they are electric as well and then just above this we do have the panoramic sunroof which allows plenty of daylight into the vehicle the color of its car is the gorgeous naval blue metallic so the vehicle does come with central lock in all four

Windows and the mirrors are electric just come with a memory function for the driver’s chair meaning you can set two different positions away from the steering wheel which is perfect if there’s more than one drive to this vehicle here we have the multi-functional steering wheel which is also heated as well we’ve got the s9 logo at the bottom using these buttons

On the steering wheel you can personalize your copper display so whether it’s information about your vehicle you require you flick over to your media which is currently on a dab data radio meaning there’s plenty of things to listen to why so you want to move you can connect your mobile phone to the screen too and then we do have a navigation system where you can

Zoom out and also zoom in if we hit the view button just here you can make those clocks bigger and also smaller so you can personalize the screen to however you want it to look over to the right we’ve got the volume control and then just above it the button to take or reject phone calls to the left we’ve got the padder for the cruise control and then moving to

The center console we’ve got the main display in the vehicle this is called the mmi which stand for multimedia interface and as you can see here it is sort of touch screen and it can do a range of things on here including selecting your radio station you got your navigation screen we can scroll around if we go into the car menu go to audi drive select you can

Choose how you want your car to perform like the stiffness of the steering wheel and the thrust of the vehicle so whether that’s dynamic auto comfit and the list goes on and then if we head back into car menu go to light and vision and background lighting you can choose what color you want your interior unfortunately daylight you can’t quite see it but on this

Screen you can see what i mean so whether it’s red blue light blue white all these colors look really really cool at night there’s several cameras on board as well so here’s our front camera there’s our rear camera our bird’s eye view camera there’s also a 360 degree 3d camera as well as you can see here over to the left we’ve got our front and rear parking

Sensors which are really helpful when you’re trying to get in this tight car parking spaces at the supermarket moving down then we’ve got our climate control you set various temperatures within within the vehicle here and as you can see it is all touch screen as well mentioned the front seats are heated really convenient on those cold winter mornings and then

Moving down we got our main volume control in the car and to the right we’ve got our power button so as long as you’ve got your car keys with you press that button and the engine will fire up two cup holders plus the 12 volt plug socket here as mentioned this car is automatic go let your handbrake then under here we have the audi phone box so if you put your

Phone on there it will charge it wirelessly also give it a stronger signal boost plus two usb ports there as well if you would like any more information on this used audi sq84 spring tfsi which comes with 12 months warranty and also 12 months roadside assistance please do give us a call on 01785 899 424

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Approved Used Audi SQ8 Vorsprung TFSI 507 PS tiptronic / Stafford Audi By Stafford Audi

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