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Altair Club Cars Approved Audi Q3 Sportback Vorsprung 45 TFSI Quattro S tronic | Blackburn Audi

Approved Audi Q3 Sportback Vorsprung 45 TFSI Quattro S tronic | Blackburn Audi

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Hi and welcome to bob and audi my name is fiona and today i’m really excited to give you a tour of this stunning audi q3 sportback bar strong that we’ve just getting to stock here at flapping so if you are interested throughout the video then please don’t hesitate to call 012-54-868-216 starting off at the front of the car it comes the matrix led headlights with

Led rear lights and dynamite front and rear indicators accompanied with the headlight washer system just enjoying you’ll have absolute maximum visibility on every single journey no matter what the weather and coming around to the side of the car with the 20-inch 5v spoke star design every spot alloy wheels a matte titanium look which really pulled this car apart

From others on the road the dominoes in this car are also folding with the auto dimming function as well as contrasting black heated and electrically adjustable the heated option is really handy for those winter months so you don’t have to go to the car and defrost them yourself and taking a look in the back for the passengers it’s extremely spacious as well as

Comfortable with the added armrest too and with the purposely glass in the raven rear side windows so that we know as much privacy as possible taking a look at the boot space it definitely does not disappoint we have a really huge spacious boot perfect for big shopping trips if you want to carry any luggage style those seats fall down too so you can carry even larger

Items and you do need to and when your hands are full we have a power operated tailgate that comes down automatically it’s complemented with the flat bottoms multifunctional steering wheel aluminum inlay is given a sophisticated design and spark front seats with the s emboss logo the panoramic glass summary gives it a really airy feeling and with the cultural

Detailing as this carries a four-wheel drive perfect for all roads and all weathers so now i’ve finished the full 360 i’m going to give you more of an interior tour four-way electric lumbar support so you can create that perfect posture for you and the bang and all sun system transforming your car entertainment automatic lights as well as the cruise control which

Is adaptive making motorway drives effortless telephone voice and sound control so you won’t miss any important calls and on the left side it controls the virtual cockpit which adds a completely customizable experience the driver is taking choose from a range of displays the fully touching infotainment system includes sat nav perfect for people that travel a lot

Telephone bluetooth connect for those humphrey calls as well as the external media player and dab radio to play favorite music on every journey it also comes with audi drive select this allows the driver to put the car in any mod they bike for example dynamic more of a sporty drive or efficiency if we go in a longer drive and want to save some fuel we have the 360

Degree camera system so there’ll be absolutely no blind spots for you when maneuvering this car the electronic climate control is dual zone so there’ll be no arguments with the temperature as well as heated seats another added luxury for winter months wireless phone tracking box so you can charge your phone on the go out of the way without any distractions and the

Electromechanical parking brake as well as the automatic gearbox now making driving as easy as possible so thank you for watching this video on the audi q3 spotlight force brung which is part of our od preview scheme which comes with a minimum 12 months warranty along with flexible finance packages available if you do want a personalized finance score or to book

A test drive please contact us now on 012-54-868-216

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Approved Audi Q3 Sportback Vorsprung 45 TFSI Quattro S tronic | Blackburn Audi By Blackburn Audi

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