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Altair Club Cars Apex performance cars Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 tdi

Apex performance cars Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 tdi

Ice silver lovely car

Sir good afternoon apex and martin now let me show you this this is a great multi-purpose car they’re just fabulous i picked up this morning and it drives wonderful okey-dokey here we go aldi a6 allroad this is the facelift with the 3 litre diesel the letter engine now these are a great great idea in a super practical car everyone we’ve had we’ve salt straightaway

Because they just work and they have a bit of a following they work for so many people you see because it’s a big practical estate car but being the old world it’s slightly rear suspension next of ground clearance and the four-wheel drive system make them suitable people who live in the country vets and people who want the practicality and the occasional use so you

Know having to go down a track or four-wheel drive but don’t want to have to have a full-blown seven or four before the car was originally ordered as an audi demonstration car which probably explains why it’s got the huge huge specification and then it’s had 100 cents and it’s always been serviced that they only maintained it’s finished a nice silver and with the

Contrasting moldings on the side which giving that chunky feel to i think it looks really quite striking if we come up and i’m a lot from the side right we’ve got the upgraded 20 inch wheels and being an allred you can see those extra moldings the aluminium in layers roof rails and the privacy glass it really is a beautiful car isn’t it it looked very classy very

Elegant and like said they’ve got practicality they’re a big come for your state car they work they drive nice the great on diesel and being a 3-liter it’s got plenty of power too now this cars got parking sensors front and rear the privacy glass as i mentioned a big practical boat space and six slightly higher than the regular air six to give you that little bit

Of extra ground clearance when you new good-looking car enter and it is a quality product we’ve got the full leather trim as well that’s nice and it’s practical so it’s easy to keep clean and let’s be honest each is more pleasant isn’t it now coming inside the car it’s fitted with cruise control this cars got a tech pack and the better now system he’s got the audi

Multimedia system advanced key which is the next tronic dual clutch automatic gearbox now it does have the pedals to change manually because there is not the odd occasion where you want to select again it works for you we’ve got multimedia we’ve got some hill descent control device here and it’s just a lovely place to santelli seats the beautiful hugely being an

Audi it’s really nicely and well engineered it’s a lovely lovely color we’ve got the auto dimming mirror just big comfy practical now i already know that this is the best value all rode on the market today it’s the first lift model with the new 3 liter engine it’s got the new dual clutch gearbox we’ve got he’ll hold assist we’ve got a host of extras and i mean

It is wonderful what a lovely car we’ve got cruise control they just thought of everything now this is here it will go quickly and i haven’t got another at this price we can arrange some funding will look at finance and we’ll consider a part exchange please don’t hesitate to give me a call and chat in more detail but with the bad weather approaching in the time

A year i don’t expect this to hang around in fairness i’m quite hoping it does because if the snow comes down it’s the whole car i’ll be jumping into using myself anyhow give me a call we’ll have a chat and i look forward to speaking to you soon bye for now

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