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Altair Club Cars AMG G63 vs Toyota Land Cruiser: OFF-ROAD RACE & BATTLE

AMG G63 vs Toyota Land Cruiser: OFF-ROAD RACE & BATTLE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sat in a mercedes mg g63 and next to me is a toyota land cruiser or land cruiser prado depending on where you’re living in the world anyhow we are gonna have a drag race up this muddy hill in fact we’re not just going to race these cars uphill we’re going to race them down here and compare them across a series

Of off-road challenges to see which is best off road this fancy pants g or that hardcore land cruiser now the way it’s going to work is each car will be awarded points for how they perform in each challenge so if it wins a challenge you’ll get two points and if it comes second or last in the challenge you’ll get one point if it fails to complete the challenge for

Any reason it’ll get no points anyway let me tell you about this g so it’s got a four liter twin turbo v8 585 horsepower 850 newton meters of torque it’s got an automatic gearbox four wheel drive independent front suspension rigid axle at the back we’ve got three locking differentials one the front one in the middle one at the back it’s got a low range mode it is

Hardcore however this one is set up for the road imposing in chelsea so it’s got a low slung exhaust which affects the ground clearance it’s also got some seriously core alloy wheels with very very very uh off-roady tyres that land cruiser it’s got a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine with 204 horsepower and 420 newton meters of dork it’s also got a manual gearbox it

Does have a low range mode and a central locking differential but no frontal rear locker like this car doesn’t have a annoying low slung exhaust and it’s got big balloony all-terrain tyres which are definitely going to go in its favor but when launching up a hill i’m not sure that it’s manual gearbox all but we’ll find out won’t we tell you what is going in its

Favor is the price 37 grand that thing costs and it’s the commercial vehicle version so no back windows really blanked out and no back seats this is like 157 000 pounds oh this car has actually been lent to me by a chap called connor from hush consulting i can’t believe he’s let me do this with his car so please say thank you to him right by checking out his new

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Stop car buying comparison site now before we race let’s do the obligatory cargo sound check so i’m going to start off with this g i have a soft limiter but it’s still making me hard sorry let’s hear that toyota turbo diesel go on toyota rev up your diesel or four cylinders of diesely rattliness oh or 2.8 liters just singing for that um let’s race oh

Oh no way oh my god i don’t know if you could see that i don’t know if we’ve got cameras in the right place but that that like i took off do you know what i’ve never enjoyed losing so much in all my life air he got he got air i’m glad i didn’t get air in this but even with air it only beat by about three foot really i actually backed off a little bit at the top

Because i think i was going a bit quicker that i might like bottom out and this is expensive that’s my excuse but god he deserved to win by being so committed that was awesome but it’s a toyota it can take it right yeah it’s toyota yeah indestructible so two worthy points to the toyota and one to the g for this next challenge we’re going to be going down the hill

We’ve just raced up however this time the objective is to be the slowest down the hill not the quickest the idea is to test the car’s control down a slope so we’ve got them both in low range mode neither vehicle has hilton control so they don’t have that kind of system which will automatically apply the brakes to slow you down the hill it’s going to be all about

How low their first gear is in low range mode one that’s the break oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh no this is speeding up slow down slow down slow oh this is close this is close look feet off everything can you see hey oh yeah baby g we did it the four liter twin turbo v8 vehicle may be slower up a hill than the 2.8 litre diesel but it’s definitely slower down

It as well so i’m happy with that anyway let’s see what graham thought hello hello hello what do you think about that i won that right no yeah i did it was almost well yes this just beat that that just beat it down okay so this is slow down down so two points then to the g for that challenge and just one to the land cruiser so overall the current total is three

Points a piece this next challenge is all about maneuverability so we’re going to drive these cars through the wood round the hairpin and back on ourselves we can go one at a time and graham will be timing us and the car that does it the quickest wins it’s as simple as that let’s do it the g wagon is going to go first the g is quick but it’s not very maneuverable

The turning circle on it is like 13 meters so it’s going to be interesting if you can make it run in one go through the hairpin well she’ll see can he do it he’s going to go super wide up there i can see the big purple thing just cutting through the trees oh shame on you g wagon shame on you yeah i didn’t make a run in one go just easing it through there now

It looks so cool coming through the bushes though the time isn’t particularly good i reckon i can absolutely smash him with this this is almost a foregone conclusion the interesting thing is going to be how quick i can go and how much quicker i can beat him by yeah that’s that was slow that was slow uh protecting his side pipes and everything 38.86 i wonder do

You reckon i could do it in half the time that’s gonna be quite tricky you’d be pushing what’s half of that so yeah and no no you’ll be close two thirds of time yeah yeah yeah all right let’s give it a go i don’t get too carried away but let’s see i reckon i can destroy him whoa crapola oh that’s a bit enthusiastic through there come on oh blimey gotta remember

Twitter is a tough as hell come on i’ve stalled it oh the abs is it all right yeah it’s just water i just want muddy water smelly water water guys i beat him right you beat him gone have a guess did i do a sub 20 yes did i do did i do 18 seconds sub 18 seconds i did it in half the time 1750. oh my god i absolutely smashed that so quicker than you thought quicker

Than i thought less than half the time of the g wagon that is a clear two points to this wonderful land cruiser and just one point to the g wagon so five points overall to this car and four points to the g great thing if you like this off-road course you can actually drive it yourself they can can’t they yes so if you want to check it out i’ll put a link in the

Description what’s the company called protracts pro trucks link to pro trucks in the description you can drive round the carwel off-road course if you want to this next test is all about suspension travel and chassis articulation ground clearance and traction because we’re going to be driving up these slippery steps and they have big holes in them so the cars are

Going to have to make sure they can put their power down it’s all about keeping wheels on the ground so good will travel and the ability to just keep on moving and clear those bumps on paper the g wagon has a better ground clearance 240 millimeters compared to 205 for this however it’s got those low slung exhaust which i don’t they include in the ground clearance

Calculation so there’s a risk that might bottom out and it’s a rather expensive car which we don’t want to damage um let’s see what happens so both these cars have independent front suspension and then rigid axles at the back which will help with keeping a wheel on the ground and we’re gonna go in low range mode i’ve locked my central diff that g is fully diff

Locked all over the place so that you won’t spin up any of its wheels this now when you put it into low range mode you lose traction so i don’t have that to stop my wheel spinning come on big g how are you going to perform look at that it’s keeping his wheels down those tyres are not right for this i could just see him sliding sideways not that much grip really

Better on tarmac it’s keeping its rear axle moving steadily that’s quite good oh here we go here we go oh well in the air wheel in the air oh what’s this what’s going on graham’s chrome’s interrupting what’s going on what’s up graham what’s up i’m graham you’re right don’t fall over mate matt it’s touching it’s on the floor on the near side oh dear it looks like

The g wagon is touching cloth no just touching she’ll let him out come on this is embarrassing yeah not so mighty off-road now hey glenda wagon yeah it’s a girl underwater it is it is failed oh my god look at that oh dear one epic fail do you know what i’m a bit disappointed with that hopefully i can make it up now i have to give it all blah blah blah blah blah

Anyway my go see if i can do it here we are i’ll show you how it’s done 157 000 pound g wagon i think the entry level price rvg is like about 100 grand let the land cruiser cruise across the land yeah yeah yeah baby bear get the momentum going get the momentum up oh oh come on oh look the stability is still working hey baby yeah toyota for the win ah we don’t

Even need to have this chat really do we d card card i don’t know is that an insult towards me money oh okay all right okay that’s fine so no points there for the g y gun two for this that means this is on seven and the g it’s still on four points poor g this fifth challenge consists of two obstacles the first is a side slope so we’re going to drive down there

And hopefully you’re not going to tip over now the land cruiser has a turnover angle the amount of side slope you can drive out before doing over at 42 degrees what the number is for the g wagon i don’t know it’s not listed anywhere hopefully it’s um not a lot less than that otherwise i might tip over we’re also going to assess the car’s departure angles as they

Come off this slope so it’s 30 degrees for this and it’s 25 degrees for the land cruiser so this is better in that area it’s also going to test these cars grip because you don’t want them sliding down the side slope and off the actual course this is obviously on road tires then after you complete that obstacle we’re going to then go up over this hill and then a

Second bank as well and that’ll test the cars traction to keep on moving when wheels might be off the ground it’ll also test their breakover angle because there’s a bit of a hill that they’ve got to go over and it’s 22 degrees for this car and 22 degrees for that car anyway let’s get and do this weight will play a part in this as well because more weight you’ve

Got the more you like to slide that weighs two turns this way is 2.6 to fatty oh my gosh i don’t like that angle i don’t like that angle at all oh god and i don’t know the response of this gearbox either it was just like well brutal then okay oh i did that absolute piece of i’m rocking i’m doing quite a lot of rock in there okay now look at me graham this is

The expensive car you need to keep your eye on this okay a bit of left ah that’s the road ties for you i literally almost shot myself then i thought i was gonna roll over oh god i don’t like this i’m not liking this it’s the tires that’s the trouble with these g’s they’re all about the street in it whoa parking sensor doesn’t like that i’m clearly close to

Something ah it’s sliding it’s back end is just snaking around we’re all right now shut up pocket i’m being a bit gingerly with this oh that’s a trouble when you’ve got an expensive off-roader oh dear haha this ain’t good for the land cruiser from the get-go it’s his 205 millimeter ground clearance also his lack of rear locking differential will probably mean

He saw us a bit for grip come on land cruiser cruise the land i’m getting bored here i mean this is just walking this this is i can’t see you mate it’s trying to see graham i can’t see him because this is blooming so high that the bonnet on this oh there we go oh yeah yeah look at this i’m quite confident in this now that’s because it’s not mine you’ve got

To keep the power going smooth but not too fast that’ll bottom out i mean this is just absolutely ace this aced it aced it aced it hey you might have been humiliated in the last challenge up those steps g wagon but you’ve done a blinder here come on all i need now is graham to confirm it come on graham come on come on on the side slope they were both equal oh

This was slipping a little bit at the back end just rolled on a rock okay okay you know it’s rolled on a rock as you do go on coming up there this one come on the g-wagon one we had to be careful with the uh land cruiser because this guard for the gearbox just touched note nothing touched on this brilliant so this wins this gets two points on this challenge the

Land cruiser gets one it means that the land cruiser is still in the lead though with eight points overall whereas this has pulled it back somewhat it’s now on six points if you’d like to see some other off-roading videos with a car you wouldn’t expect to see off-roading it’s actually a tesla click on the pop-up banner up there for the link in the description

Below to check that out now we come to the final challenge and it’s the hill climb basically we’re just gonna drive up that hill trouble is it’s quite steep and yeah the rocks are slippery it’s all about traction so i’ve got all my diff locks on it’s just got a central locking diff also got all the power he hasn’t let’s do it right what’s gonna happen here now

If he gets stuck he could roll back and be in a lot of trouble oh you just aced that that’s like a mountain goat bugger i hope this does all right i don’t damage it the wheels on the rocks please make sure you check out connor’s website yeah hush consulting just to say thanks for lending us his car to hoon around with off road this thing doesn’t like to maneuver

When he got all the diff locks on okay now if i don’t do this right i could get stuck and going backwards could be very scary indeed just line myself up just so you know i controlled it steadily over the top because i didn’t want to go over the bump um i was impressed with this i was impressed with the fact that the tyres are and the condition they’re in row

Tires uh in fact not just rotaries very much focused performance tires this walked it so did the loaded the the land cruiser yeah you wouldn’t guess but um graham does a bit of work for land rover hence the uh freud didn’t slip there right yes a cheeky bit of advertising where you can yeah so overall which one the one that’s impressed me the most coming up there

Was this one two points of this yeah two points of this it’s one point to the land cruiser now it does mean that this got eight points overall and it was just beaten by one point by the land cruiser but considering this is basically road spec and that’s like a proper like you know utilitarian commercial vehicle it’s done well in it it has done very well considering

It’s a say it is a road-going car shall we say do you know what graham speaking of road-going suvs i found an amazing deal on a really good road going scv3 car wow click on the pop-out bar up there i’ll follow the link in the description below to see what that is anyway thanks for watching i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you didn’t

Let me know some other off-road videos i’d like to see in the comments below click on those windows there for some more videos and on that box there if you want to sell your car through carway we’ll get you a great deal on it thanks for watching

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