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Altair Club Cars Alrik kr: Polestar 2 Performance Upgrade – 68 extra hstar

Alrik kr: Polestar 2 Performance Upgrade – 68 extra hstar

Med uppgraderingen av Polestar 2 som ger 68 extra hästkrafter går sprinten från 80-120 km/h på 2,2 sekunder. En besparing på 0,5 sekund. Alrik har provkört en uppgraderad bil och svarar på de viktigaste frågorna.

You can get that with the four wheel drive polestar 2. will you notice the difference with this tuned car? are there any drawbacks? i’ll try to find out today. said that a car that you can’t update from your couch we won’t want it. resale values will plummet. we’ll want cars that improve without getting a new car. but there’s an added cost of 150 euro, because the car

Isn’t road legal without a new registration inspection. there he goes in his car. his spot is closest to the entrance. which is widened and lowered and has extra horsepower. we don’t get to drive that car today, but we do get to drive the question is, should you spend that? will we notice and are there any drawbacks? i’ll try to find out. you also can’t buy the car with

This much power right off the bat, this could be the death of traditional tuning companies they might not be able to get into the manufacturer’s software. it’s said that they’ve sold tuning updates worth 400 000 euro. stellantis say that they’ll sell over-the-air updates it’s not all about power. you might get better range, other lights or heater updates. they’ll sell

Tons of new things to car owners along the line okay, let’s see what a standing start feels like. come on. yes! but the 0 to 100 kmph time is decreased from 4.7 to 4.4 seconds, all this optimization is to get better overtaking performance. the nm go from 660 to 680, so it’s not a massive difference, this car doesn’t quite have tesla model 3 performance acceleration, but

It’s so fast, that it really doesn’t need to be faster. but if you think this car’s performance shocks from öhlins are a bit stiff, you can get a power boost over-the-air, but you have to adjust the shocks manually. that’s stone age technology. people think it’s so cool to get all nerdy and adjust things manually. the electric motors haven’t been tuned, it’s the power

Output of the batteries. the tires actually spin when you push it in these wet conditions, which is fun. all the way down to 70 percent charge on the batteries. it’s not like a combustion engine, which gives you full power no matter how much fuel you have left. the update that polestar owners should really get is reduced power consumption. i’d like faster charging,

That update might be coming. we want 800 volts, which will be available in future polestars and volvos. i want to give polestar’s sustainability spokesperson some flak. she said that tesla building their own charging network is counter-productive, every manufacturer shouldn’t have their own charging network, she says. that’s what she says. neither polestar nor volvo are

Part of ionity, so they don’t contribute to the charging infrastructure expansion. they really should. i agree, every manufacturer shouldn’t have their own. is it worth 1 000 euro to get 68 bhp if you’ve bought a nice, expensive car like this, it’s a darn fun car to drive, it is a bit more responsive and has a bit more juice. the tires spin and it’s a really nice car to

Drive. in with the horses. will also be able to get the same power boost update. “how much power do you want? order, and you’ll get it.” that’s great.

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