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Altair Club Cars Almost Self-Driving – GENESIS GV80 Highway Driving Assist / Lane Keep Assist POV Drive

Almost Self-Driving – GENESIS GV80 Highway Driving Assist / Lane Keep Assist POV Drive

In this POV Drive video we take the 2022 Genesis GV80 mid-size luxury SUV for a test drive on the highway! There we test the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, and Genesis’ highway driving assist and lane centering assist! We also get a feel for how the 2022 GV80 drives on the highway!

Welcome to gc cars my name is eric and today we are going to take a highway poe test drive on this 2022 genesis gv80 prestige and then this highway puree test drive we’re going to test its assist system namely adaptive cruise control link keep assist and the semi-autonomous lane centering that comes with this car and um that’s just going to be a quick little pv

Test drive to tell you and show you how to drive genesis 380 that’s fully loaded on the highway but before we do that if you want to hear all my thoughts about this gvading you know figure out if it’s actually a good car make sure to click in the top right hand corner for my full review or talk about everything from the internet to the exterior driver plenty and

Of course we’re going to compare it to the competition with that being said let’s go emerge the beat and right away we can test maybe the lane keep assist let’s see what the car does and it steered us back very quickly so whenever i do this that means i am not actively staring okay i’m just here holding my hands so can we can intervene and because legally i have

To keep the hands on the steering wheel because none of this have some contest today is for the autonomous system so just you know that means cars doing the steering that means i’m in the steering but we’re gonna go back to the middle lane here i’m gonna give lane keep assist one more shot i’m sure we don’t impede anyone so with that guy just behind us let’s

Let’s turn on the highway well no sorry not the highway driving so that’s a different system there’s just so many systems details okay so sometimes you get oh confused i mean the semitone was lane centering so now the car steering and automatically centering itself the nice thing is it is not coupled to the adapter cruise control that means we can do this right

Now steer let the car steer and at the same time use the paddles ourselves to adjust speed and distance which is very nice but speaking of adapt cruise control there’s a gap on the left hand side which we are going to take and use turn on adaptive cruise control to put that up oh crap and we also have automatic lane changes so let’s see how that works but

Down just gotta find it yeah because based on my experience with the gv70 it’s not perfect but we’ll see it doesn’t need quite a bit of room and we don’t have that much room here on the gardener at 10 in the morning on a monday we’ll find out no maybe and the car is doing a lane change there you go ahead let’s see right it does work actually better than it

Was in the gb70 let’s see if it does work into a turn though nope okay it’s a little confused there we go okay that’s so cool it’s kind of the trend took precedence which is which is important that the current is kind of like number one priority but yeah i’m i wouldn’t i wouldn’t really use it i’ll be on more more of a gimmick i’m like it’ll grow something

Might actually automatically decides when to change lands and it steering wheel but we still need to have and see these systems kind of evolve and get better over time but that means we have tested everything we wanted to test so why don’t we just uh i’ll stay quiet for a little bit for a minute or two i’ll give you a chance to actually hear how it is to drive the

Genesis 380 on the highway foreign test drive here today thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed it um and i hope it gave you a bit more insight into how it is to drive this gb80 on the highway we have two more pv test drives one in the city where we test the smoothness off the drivetrain and another one on the well not on at night the countryside you

Can you can tell it’s still still a little tired here in the morning any help um we’re just the high beams the headlights and the automatic cabin to kind of see how well the car illuminates the roads but like i said for all my thoughts make sure to click in the top right hand corner or somewhere on your screen right now for my full review and if you liked it make

Sure to like and subscribe the video to not miss any more content thanks so much for watching i hope you enjoyed and i hope i’ll see you next month thank you and goodbye

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Almost Self-Driving! – GENESIS GV80 Highway Driving Assist / Lane Keep Assist POV Drive By GCCars

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