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Altair Club Cars ALL THE FEATURES FOR 1/3 THE 2346742$ – 2022 Genesis GV80 Review

ALL THE FEATURES FOR 1/3 THE 2346742$ – 2022 Genesis GV80 Review

AYE BROH – If you’re that savvy business professional with the need for a little bit of luxury, but you don’t want to BREAK THE BANK FOR IT…..we’ve got just the car for ya!

So do do ladies and gentlemen welcome back to just another car show are you a walmarts over gelsons aldi over whole foods type of person you’re probably a shrewd investor you’re probably very careful where you put your money if you’re one of those types of people you should probably look to invest in the new genesis gv80 in their lineup of suvs this

Car is the baby brother of the bentley bentega literally designed by the exact same man but only a third of the cost when you park the genesis gv80 next to the bentley bentega the cars are nearly indistinguishable the big grilles the nice lines down the side and the casual looking rear end are all a product of setting up lee’s work and genesis really made it

A point to compete with the luxury brands on the market today when genesis showed up to the luxury brand market they made it a point to be very unique san yaply did an awesome job introducing the genesis lineup with unique futuristic features that we only kind of see in concept cars and my favorite being the turn signal that was applied to these suvs the turn

Signal actually moves past the headlight and down into this little side vent which is kind of a nod to the futuristic concepts we see and those old european cars that needed the turn signals on the side body moving past the turn signals and the uniqueness in that they also did a good job of applying uniqueness to these wheels a lot of luxury cars these days have

Aggressive spokes sharp edges or if you’re a mercedes you just have a lot of lines they created this interesting netting that is in the center of the wheel that extends out into each spoke and gives this car one of those head turned types of looks again with the turn signal with the wheels with the big brakes and down the whole side of the car you just feel like

This car is unique in the market it’s sitting in and the rear of the car is also super unique they kept it minimalist and very clean there’s not even a latch button the button for the rear trunk is actually in the windshield wiper on the back of the car which once pushed allows you to check out all the beautiful unique features on the inside of this car just

Like how genesis kept the outside of the car very unique the inside of the car is also very unique they needed to create their own luxury brand so the interior of this car couldn’t look like any other luxury car you’d hop into they gave you a circular shift knob with a few really nice little details you can actually see through the top layer of the shift knob and

It looks almost crystal the other interesting thing is when you’re driving at night different colors illuminate this thin piece of plastic here what letting you know if you’re red for park or it matches your accent tone for the interior of the car when you shift into drive it’s a really nice little design feature they give you this scroll wheel for your navigation

System and for your infotainment system it also has a touch feature here on this pad but it’s not worth using when you have the scroll option your button for your volume is here as this again really interesting little crystallized scroll wheel and the buttons for navigation are here on your center console but you also can touch the screen here the infotainment

Center is also really nice with this home screen look it gives you all the basic information you’re gonna need it’ll show your media that’s playing the time the date where you are and even shows your directions over to the right side and then with a simple swipe to the right you get access to all the crazy features in this car and the price point that this car is

At the amount of features that you get within this unit is absolutely obscene the adjustments for interior design driving volume all the features you’d expect out of a very very expensive car are in this genesis gv80 you can control the climate up here on this display but you can also just do everything manually down below and besides having a very fingerprinty

Display here this is actually a very intuitive display and control system it kind of reminds me of some of the ones in the land rovers and the range rovers but again this touch screen has vibration patterns when you hit a button so when you’re driving you need to quickly turn on the ac for your glutes you can just feel the vibration through the screen and you

Know that everything’s back on you have all the buttons for easy navigation through right here radio media setup navigation map and because this is an ultra luxury vehicle all you need to do is go auto pick the temperature you want and you’ll be cruising in cool comfort when you get in the car if you don’t like how your gauge cluster looks you’re gonna simply

Change your drive mode this car has four different drive modes and a custom feature as you switch between drive modes your center gauge cluster they the gauges themselves change because they are digital so snow looks different than eco eco looks different from comfort and obviously comfort looks different than sport but that custom mode you can choose whatever

You want those gauge clusters to look like you can flex with the 3d designs that they have in here which are really interesting to the eye it took me a second to get used to but that 3d dimension is utilized when you’re using a navigation system because they’ll actually put the turn that you’re making next further back behind the turn you’re making currently so

Even though it took a second to get used to visually the depth in the 3d display here is really nice really unique and really interesting and if it bothers you you can easily turn it off in your main hub the last thing genesis did to be super unique on the inside and make their car stand out is they are the only car manufacturer that doesn’t have a third spoke

In their steering wheel they got this weird oval shaped thing going on and at first i i just didn’t like it i didn’t like the design i didn’t like how it looked but as i use it as i drive especially as i use the lane keep feature on this car i love it i love the feel and i love that it is a big bulky wheel it really makes genesis stand out as a brand by having

Their own type of steering wheel but the front is not where this car shines where this car really flexes and puts down the paint is in the back seat these rear seats in the gv80 punch way above their price point and they were actually rated the best rear seats for the entire class of large sized luxury suvs these seats also have a few really cool features i

Got a middle cup holder with a little bit of storage in the middle once i put my grey poupon smoothie in the middle here i need to kick back a little so i just recline in the rear seat and oh the sun’s coming through pull up the shade in the rear seat here with the gv80 moving down the door they gave me actual wood trim here three point sound system in the rear

Seats again this is a rear seat car you get highs mids and lows the quality of metal buttons here are just way out of the league especially with the price point of this car and as i move down into the center of the rear seat i notice i have all my climate controls here and a lot of cars give you climate control for the rear seat the vents in the rear change and

You have different ac components from front to back but remember your butler’s driving this car you should have complete control of the climate in your luxury suv the adjustments that you make here in the rear seat change the climate for the entire car your butler’s not in charge you’re in charge in the back seat here you’re in the back you got to check those

Stocks and bonds because you’re driving in luxury you got power outlets right below your ac climate controls you have chargers for a iphone with a usb plug or you have a full 115 volt plug for your laptop or anything that would need a little bit more power right after your butler drops you off it needs to go pick up your new piece of furniture there’s a beautiful

Button here on the side of this seat that if pushed folds this entire row down and if you look in the trunk of the car those buttons are accessible from the trunk if you get the option with the third row though they’ll add more buttons to the trunk and you can automatically fold this row and the rear row of seats so there’s tons of storage in this car and as much

As i love sitting in this seat i still got to get to the front seat and we got to take this car for a drive driving the 2022 gb 80 in luxury remember once you’ve had that grey poupon smoothie you’re gonna hop in you’re gonna realize you’re sitting on a massaging driving seat so if you’re paying for a driver the driver will be comfortably massaged in the front

Seat if you’re driving you’re gonna get that tush nice and massaged while you’re cruising around the gv80 comes with active noise reduction that you can set inside the center display unit and it honestly is a very quiet comfortable ride in the car driving around in la there’s a lot of road noise beeping yelling et cetera people on the street it was very almost

Alarming to go back into my daily driver and realize how quiet and comfortable the ride had been in the gb80 another nice feature of driving the gv80 is when you need to set a navigation point you can simply talk to the gv80 and i know a lot of siri google talking applications are not that great but the gv80s navigation dictation feature did not mess up a single

Time so 100 shooting from the field with the voice feature for the navigation so now let’s say you’re looking forward to driving in your massaged seat but your car is just parked a little too tight to other cars well no worry genesis thought of this on the key there’s a physical button that you can press and hold to move your car forward and back before getting

Into drive it can squeeze you out of tight parking spaces which is what genesis planned when they designed this car especially for people who live in places like new york and la and have tight parking situations once you’ve hopped in your gv80 you’re gonna turn it on and notice that you have more than enough power in this day and age back in the day an suv

Like this might come with almost 400 horsepower and a big v8 as the first option in a smaller v6 is the second option but in this day and age when we’re saving the planet we got the four cylinder base model with 300 horsepower and we can upgrade that engine to a v6 3.6 liter 375 horsepower engine with those engine stats the gas mileage on the gv80 was a little

Disappointing we had the base model four cylinder 300 horsepower engine and still only got the high teens low 20s for average miles per gallon the gv80 comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission which if needed you can go into manual mode they give you little paddle shifters on the side of the steering wheel so the transmission actually made very smooth shifts

Even when we were in that manual mode and kept the comfort driving to a maximum the suspension in the gv80 is a new electric suspension technology that genesis developed for their luxury brand it’s designed to preserve comfortability against quote road contingencies basically what they do is they have forward-facing cameras that intake the road information which

Then is processed through the car and helps the car make adjustments when necessary for more stable movement through obstacles steering is a really interesting experience in the gv80 because the chunky wheel genesis is going for this oval shaped steering wheel and at first it is kind of weird but secondarily they’re in a very competitive market they’re in a market

With a lot of other luxury brands that have already been established and hyundai is trying to create this genesis brand and they need small nods small things they can do like the turn signals and the steering wheel that will allow their brand to stand out and be different from the pack all in all driving the car was really nice but the best experience was sitting

In the back seat there was a day where andy and i sat in the back seat and sam drove us around downtown l.a and i felt like a superstar i was reclined in the back seat leaning back eating snacks you know the boys here at jax don’t drive that many comfortable cars but the gv80 is one of the ones that we put for its price point the driving experience and the riding

Experience especially for one of the best ones money could deliver the genesis concept as a brand was not introduced until 2003 as an extension of hyundai 2007 was when we saw the first genesis model hit the road 2013 was the second genesis car it wasn’t until 2015 that hyundai decided to take the genesis concept very seriously and create the brand in its own

Entirety they hired designers from audi bmw and lamborghini to help push the genesis brand forward and it wasn’t until 2021 that we finally saw the gv80 hit the road and it did so making a huge impact on the car market consumers are now super confused why would they spend 160 grand on a bentley bentega when they could spend 55 to 75 on this genesis gv80 and the

Consumer still gets the same quality comfort and design for only a fraction of the cost we at jacks believe it’s better to spend 55 to 75 on this luxurious gv80 versus 160 on the bentley bentega and you can still afford to pay a driver for two full years and if that driver isn’t really your speed you can still cruise around in comfort in the genesis gv80

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ALL THE FEATURES FOR 1/3 THE $$$ – 2022 Genesis GV80 Review By Just Another Car Show

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