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Altair Club Cars All New Volkswagen Taos 2022| Price-Specs Details|

All New Volkswagen Taos 2022| Price-Specs Details|

Trim S SE

Hello patrick hello thomas we’re here at the volkswagen canada training center in ajax ontario patrick what are we going to show the good people today thomas this is the all-new 2022 volkswagen taos wow that was some introduction it’s not every day that we get to introduce a new suv to the volkswagen model lineup so we have to mark the occasion taos when it

Arrives this summer will be the newest member of the volkswagen family now volkswagen has long been known as the people’s car company it is after all in our name but when taos arrives you can probably start referring to us as the people’s suv company an suvw company of sorts exactly patrick tell us what’s special about taos well without overstating it pretty much

Everything volkswagen has been making a name for itself in the suv space with great models like artiguan compact as well as the atlas crossboard and atlas intermediate suvs at the top of the market however we see an opportunity at the smaller size with the taos and this is what fills that gap smaller yes but it’s not exactly small is it no in this case smaller

Is a relative term taos is a compact suv like tiguan but it’s around 25 centimeters shorter overall and only about half of that comes from the wheelbase meaning that the vehicle has a really spacious cabin as well as incredible cargo space tiguan meanwhile is one of the largest compact suvs in the segment and actually has three rows as an option so with taos and

Tiguan we have incredible offerings for our customers in canada’s single most important vehicle segment well tao certainly looks the part yeah and as far as daily practicality it really serves the need me with my family of four or five if you include the dog there’s plenty of space for all of the kids as well as all of their stuff that’s actually the first thing

I noticed it’s so compact on the outside but really spacious on the inside precisely all right thomas now we are inside the towels and this is where you’re really gonna see the just right sizing of this vehicle pay dividends as you look around what you’re going to notice is tons of useful at hand storage we have a nice spacious passenger compartment including

Generous rear seat leg room there’s a really usable rear cargo space on the vehicle a very airy open feel culminating with that lovely panoramic sunroof above your head we have lovely soft touch materials on the door panels and the dashboard you can see the two-tone look with the stitched leatherette on the dash in this high line model but in fact every house has

That same two-tone appearance no matter what you choose well it sure does look good but does it go it does like every good volkswagen taus gives you an engaging experience behind the wheel and of course that starts under the hood with our 1.5 liter tsi engine pumps at 158 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque over a very broad plateau and all that power is sent to

The ground through an optional four motion all-wheel drive system and a seven speed dsg dual clutch gearbox it’s spacious it’s flexible it’s powerful and it’s fun to drive now tell me about the tech every single taos vehicle is equipped with this lovely volkswagen digital cockpit it’s all of your useful driving information right there in front of you and inserted

Models can even be configured so you can see classic gauges you can see a navigation map whatever the case may be sound patrick i’m talking about sound here of course if you’re an audio file you can select the optional beats audio system which is equipped in this highline model along with a couple of other cool features like the adjustable color ambient lighting

These lovely ventilated leather seats apple carplay android auto the two-tone interior styling keyless start all standard and of course there’s a wide range of incredible available features these adaptive led headlights and even 19-inch wheels tao certainly has a lot to offer we should probably start to talk about price i couldn’t agree more for a front-wheel

Drive trendline model taos will be priced starting from twenty six thousand six hundred and ninety five dollars or for an all-wheel drive trendline model twenty nine thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars below all right folks and it’s coming soon so you probably wanna start picking your color right about now and thomas as far as i’m concerned there is

Only one color to choose on the taos and that is this incredible corn flower blue you will not get any argument from me patrick volkswagen inside taos’s spacious interior probably the first thing you’ll notice is the two-tone theme this time we’ve got black and gray and it’s found on every trim line in the taos it’s got elegant features horizontal styles all

The little details abound not the least of which is this wonderful leatherette cover over the dash panel a particular focus was paid to storage cubbies cup holders central console all designed to make your experience with taos very sweet and very easy and if you need a little bit more airiness don’t forget the available panoramic sunroof it’s massive taking up

Almost the entire roof towel styling is unique yet unmistakably volkswagen the bold front grille with black insert is framed by an available light bar connecting to the standard led headlamps shown here with the optional adaptive cornering system moving down the side of the vehicle taus features these striking 18 inch alloy wheels on the high line model 19 inch

Wheels are available a crisp character line is punctuated by these squared off wheel wells and a smooth flowing and elegant roof line out back an elegant rear diffuser spoiler and led tail lamp finish the package what about the color cornflower blue is something we’ve only previously seen on our gti model yet it’s a sporty addition to the taos lineup please

Just as taos puts the utility in sport utility vehicle it also brings a hint of that classic volkswagen fun to drive under the hood is a state-of-the-art 1.5 liter tsi four-cylinder engine with really cool technologies like variable turbocharger geometry and an impressive 11.5 to 1 compression ratio it pumps out 158 horsepower but more importantly 184 pound-feet

Of torque over a very broad rev range giving you exceptional responsiveness in day-to-day driving power is channeled to the ground through the front wheels in trendline models with an eight-speed automatic transmission but we expect most buyers in canada to opt for our four-motion all-wheel drive when equipped with four motion taus also enjoys the lightning

Quick shifts of volkswagen’s highly advanced dsg dual clutch gearbox as well as improved handling thanks to a multi-link independent rear suspension to learn more volkswagen

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