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Altair Club Cars All-New Mazda MX 30 Review – Electric Sports SUV

All-New Mazda MX 30 Review – Electric Sports SUV

Introducing The All-New Mazda MX-30!

This is the mazda mx-30 and in this video we’re going to talk about where this small electric suv fits into place in the electric car world but before we do that be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more weekly videos when it comes to cars these days most manufacturers are sticking with turbo or hybrid engines but you see mazda has stuck with

The big heavy naturally aspirated engines that’s why this the mazda mx-30 has come at quite a surprise you see mazda has come full force into the electric car range and isn’t messing around when it comes to the battery it’s not as big as some of its competitors you see mazda has thought about this and done it on purpose to appeal to a specific type of customer

It’s said that the average person only drives about 20 to 30 miles a day so technically speaking then most is right you don’t need to be lugging around massive batteries with you in the car if you get into the habit of charging this at home or at work this could be the perfect car for you the whole thought process behind the mx-30 is that mazda wants you to

Use this car as perhaps a suitable city car just like the honda e for example the mx-30 is based on the mazda cx-30 underneath the only difference being that it’s a little bit taller in order to accommodate the batteries in the floor other than that the dimensions are very similar you see this car has a very unique stylish and modern look to it it fits into the

Electric car world very easily the only difference being of course is its size you see unlike other cars like the honda e and the fiat 500 which are also made for electric city driving this car has a much bigger footprint to it much like that of the kia inero it’s not just the outside which looks really nice the inside is really sleek and modern as well you get

Three touch screens here for you to use you have one for the driver’s display one for the infotainment and another one down here the climate control and now normally climate controlled touchscreens are a bit fiddly but mazda has done a really good job and the reason being is because it stays the same it doesn’t turn off randomly and you also get physical buttons

Next to it as well for you to use on top of that this infotainment system is one of the best in the electric car range it’s an 8.8 inch screen which is not a touch screen but it’s in fact controlled by this dial in the middle and these buttons alongside it and the reason why it’s so great is because it’s very simple to use and all the functions are right there in

Front of you and on top of that because you use these controls down here rather than the touch screen it’s a bit more safer to use while driving compared to other systems and as far as the quality in here goes i’m sure you can imagine just by watching this video it really does feel very prestigious in here you get a mix of vegan leather on the seats and recycled

Plastic here on the door and everything is really well put together and really solid so regardless of what you may think of the outside the interior is one of the best of any electric car out there when it comes to the back then you have these really cool rear hinge doors which means there’s no pillar in the middle so getting in and out should be a bit easier

But that being said you can only open the rear doors if the front door is open so when you are back here then these cushion seats are really nice for longer journeys plus the space you get back here is pretty decent as far as leg and headroom goes moving on to the boot then mazda has kept it very simple you don’t get any adjustable storage you just get about

366 liters of storage capacity that being said when you do put the rear seats down you do get an extended flat boot floor which is very handy in certain situations as far as the driving goes it’s what you’d expect from a company like master they’ve been doing this right for so long now and this is no exception the car feels really planted to the ground it’s so

Nice to drive with a nice smooth comfortable ride and this really planted nature of the car really helps its cornering ability as well it’s really flat through the corners and has no body roll to it and on top of that you have this great sharp steering so putting that all together it’s a great place to be when being behind the wheel in here overall then if you

Know you are someone who is not looking to do a lot of miles every time you get in this car the mazda mx-30 is a great fully electric car which is extremely well built and fun to drive for more information regarding the mx-30 and other cars we have for sale visit our website for more information be sure to subscribe to our channel for weekly videos and thank you for watching

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All-New Mazda MX 30 Review – Electric Sports SUV By Norton Way

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