all new kia ev6 shocks the entir
Altair Club Cars All New Kia EV6 Shocks The Entire Car Industry

All New Kia EV6 Shocks The Entire Car Industry

All New Kia EV6 Shocks The Entire Car Industry!

Our globally odd eb6 is the most exciting and sophisticated product from pia the all-new kia ev6 is out and it has everyone struggling to pick their jaws off the floors this extraordinary vehicle is everything you need it offers you the ride of your life speaking of which you’re in for one let’s start with the general insight of this car here you go the 2023 kia ev6

Is simply a twin to the hyundai ioniq 5. and this suv moves through the ev market with a gorgeous bold look and swift road manners the kia ev6 1d 2022 ev of the year so best believe that the abilities of this suv are beyond our wildest imaginations the back wheel drive models are standard but the four-wheel drive has a much larger battery pack and a driving range

Of 310 miles at most the gt model of the ev6 is very ideal for hot shoe drivers as it incredible 576 horsepower is more than enough to make rival car owners green with envy as it speeds past them the handling of the ev6 is also quite easy for an suv making it fun to drive on roads all of this happens while the cabin of the ev6 maintains peace and has just enough

Space to defend its spot among rivals such as the ionic 5 the ford mustang mach e and of course the volkswagen id4 this ride is definitely one of the top suvs in the world right now because its features are that of a well-rounded electric vehicle that’s easy to handle fun to drive and comfortable to live with the ev6 is topping all the lists and you just might be

Tempted just wait for all the juicy details coming your way let’s take a look at the power motor and performance of the ev6 the ev6 is built with just one electric motor at the back axle that enables rear-wheel drive on both the front and rear axle to give it a four-wheel drive they’re two different models the all-wheel drive models which have larger batteries and

More horsepower and the rear drive model which has a smaller pack of batteries and therefore less horsepower going for the larger battery pack will boost the entire system output of the ev6’s rear drive to 225 horsepower which is a lot more during testing it was observed that the 320 hp gt line model attained a speedy 4.5 seconds 0 to 60 miles per hour time which

Is quite impressive the performance of the kia ev6 comes with several enhancements such as a firmer chassis tuning an electronically limited slip differential stouter brakes and an adaptive suspension one smoking hot ride charging battery life and range let’s delve in the ev6 offers two distinct sizes of batteries a 77.4 kilowatt hour and a 58 kilowatt hour pack

The larger battery pack will obviously provide a better driving range the kia ev6 battery pack was made from nickel manganese and cobalt the small battery pack of the ev6 has a 232 miles per charge apa rating while the bigger long range battery pack is epa rated at an impressive 310 miles per charge however if you purchase the performance oriented gt model of the

Ev6 the driving range reduces from 206 miles per charge even though it comes with a larger battery pack the ev6 has a fully operational voltage of 800 volts the manufacturer kia has observed that its battery is capable of charging from just 10 percent to a whopping 80 percent in about 18 minutes when using a 350 kilowatt fast charger good battery life and now fast

Charging what else does this electric ride offer there’s more to come how good is the interior let’s find out the layout and interior designed to the ev6 are not as adventurous as its exterior still the features and configuration look more impressive and innovative than any other kia model unlike the hyundai ioniq 5 the center console of kia’s ev6 doesn’t glide

Backward and forward and doesn’t have a front seat footrest the ev6 also offers a blend of high-tech content like its digitized dashboard system that has practical elements including a suspended setter console boasting abundant storage resolution and a considerable bin under it other features that stand out in the ev6 include two spoke wheel steering two-tone gold

Accents that are sensibly placed throughout the cockpit and the notable start button in the middle console also the kia ev6 has a very flat floor and features a wheelbase almost the size of the three row medium-sized kia tellia ride the result space for passengers is more than enough think that’s all not so fast there’s also a 28 cubic feet space for cargo at its

Back seat at a total of 54 cubes when its back seats are folded flat so this suv has enough space to go around what do you think of the kia ev6 so far impressed share your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to like and subscribe to this video affordable or too expensive let’s take a look at its pricing with a battery pack of 58 kilowatt hours the

Kia ev6 comes with a starting price of 41 400 with a higher battery pack of 77.4 kilowatt hours the kia ev6 has a price of 47 000 but a net price of 39 500 after the federal electric vehicle tax credit foreign driver assistance and safety features of the ev6 adequately provided its ev6 with standard driver assistance technology including automatic high beams and

Emergency braking that’s not all as a lot of several optional assist functions give the ev6 an even safer experience when added key safety features include standard adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist back cross traffic and standard blind spot monitoring kia provides a great warranty plan compared to the rest available in the market the only downside

Is that it doesn’t come with a scheduled maintenance from the company hate parking it’s easier with a kia ev6 you’d love its features av6 is equipped with four separate external cameras that provide you with a clear view of your surroundings allowing you to park easily it also has an alert system that notifies you of objects close to your rear view you don’t

Have to worry about hitting anything behind you if you think that’s all it’s got wait till the experience its remote parking feature that allows you to park or leave a parking spot while controlling the car from the outside mind blowing yeah the infotainment and connectivity of the ev6 are also something to brag about you can enjoy non-stop entertainment from

The car’s infotainment system which is made possible by its 12 inch touchscreen which is an extension of the suv’s 12-inch digital dash cluster the system includes popular features such as wi-fi hotspot apple carplay wireless smartphone charging and android auto along with an impressive ability to accept over-the-air updates and give responses to voice commands

The only downside is the poor design and performance of the navigation and menu structure but on the plus side the stereo of the ev6 can be upgraded to the available meridian unit with 14 speakers impressive wondering what’s coming up in 2023 for the ev6 the fast gt model takes the top spot for the kia ev6 lineup this year complete with an incredible adaptive

Suspension and 576 horsepower kia has also included sporty interior amenities to the cabin of the gt model including neon green trim and sport seats to match the car’s increased performance that’s not all though a green button on the steering wheel unlocks the maximum capability of the car’s propulsion system which we believe would be more than enough to blast the

Ev6 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds unbelievable this might just be a downside because the extra energy needed to push out the extra horsepower shortens the gt model’s driving range estimate to just 206 miles per charge which is quite a reduction from the maximum 310 miles per charge range of the most efficient model but this doesn’t make the ev6 any less

Incredible there are a lot of similarities between hyundai’s ionic 5 and kia’s ev6 let’s find out the kia ev6 and the hyundai ioniq 5 both share an electric suv bond still it’d be a difficult one when trying to differentiate them on the outside the ionic 5 and kia ev6 are the newest and most enticing electric cars out at the moment and they’re practically twins

With its 800 volt dc speedy charging great value wireless power transfer charging and excellent warranties these fraternal twins can be added to the list of impressive electric suvs on sale at the moment inevitably it begs the question which of them is better well they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it depends on whose ass the hyundai ionic 5 serves

The mission of crossover better with its versatile utilization of interior space coupled with the hatchback style which gives it a retro futuristic feel that makes it stand out from other crossovers whether electric or not the ev6 and ionic 5 are both ambitiously designed but in a different and extremely incredible way this all of the kia ev6 is believed to have

Been inspired by famous european wagons and perhaps its driver friendly deck is why some people regard it as more of a driver’s vehicle what’s impressive about the performance feature set warranty and charging if the ev6 is the price a super ride that’s super affordable getting your wallets ready to purchase the stunning kia ev6 that’s only normal because the car

Deserves it so what do you think of the ev6 and its amazing features and price don’t forget to click the like button subscribe if you haven’t and ring that bell icon to get notified about more videos like this one thanks for watching and see you next time

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