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Altair Club Cars All New Jeep Recon EV / JL Wrangler Rubicon Terminator Revealed

All New Jeep Recon EV / JL Wrangler Rubicon Terminator Revealed

Jeep has always kept up with the times I just wish these times weren’t upon us. The all new Jeep Recon as well as the Wagoner S have finally been revealed. How many Jeep 4xe are there gonna be?These are my thoughts and predictions of what is to come out of this. Will the Rubicon 392 Wrangler be taken out sooner than we thought? Let me know what you guys think and don’t forget to like and subscribe, Godspeed!

What is up everybody and welcome back to godspeed zrz now as many of you have seen there has been a lot of new information released about the all-new fully electric jeeps that are coming to us here really really soon and i’ve had so many questions about it here recently that i wanted to give you guys my honest predictions on what i think the actual price performance

And honestly the capabilities of these new electric vehicles that jeep is going to be making now it’s ruffled quite a few feathers of course it’s going to be pretty controversial we all know about the deadlines they’ve put in place for themselves so let’s dive into this video go over what was actually said and i’ll tell you guys what i honestly think foreign it’s

Easy to tell jeep has changed a lot but they had a strong start born in 1941 the jeep brand has lived by its core values of freedom adventure authenticity and passion over those eight decades we’ve been on an endless quest to build the most capable off-road production vehicles in the world and that same company now has its shots set on full electrification with

That being said they already have 4xc platforms that they’ve put into many different models they currently produce and apparently they’ve sold pretty well leading the plug-in hybrids for number one seller and they’re also debuting the wagner s which as you can tell 600 horsepower 0-60 rating of 3.5 seconds much more aerodynamic than the wagoneer we’re used to seeing

And it’s much more aggressive it’s even got a big wing to go beyond that they’re also releasing an avenger which is a sub-compact more of a crossover style suv that won’t even be sold in the states this one is more for day-to-day use not really off-roading which is 100 understandable they don’t think they have a market for it in the united states they will also

Be implementing the 4xe into the grand wagoneer with that a combined range of over 500 miles now that’s fuel and the electric capabilities it’s going to be impressive but the number one thing is the new recon the recon which is supposed to stand next to the wrangler not replace it but essentially be another option for customers in that category obviously it’s a

Very boxy design very similar to the wrangler itself but from what i can tell from these videos it’s going to be a fully independent suspension vehicle with a unibody frame which is actually pretty similar to the new defender so there are there are ways of making these new bodies these unibodies extremely dependable durable and tough aside from that you can see

The exposed hinges which this is more of a rendering but obviously the open air capabilities will be possible on the new recon so it even has a pull out window in the back now from the very back you can tell that it’s more of like a tailgate style we’re used to from the wrangler but it doesn’t look like the actual window and the tailgate itself for two separate

Pieces so that should all be together aside from that you’ll see the moab badge on the far right which does mean they’re definitely interested in its capabilities and they’ve already stated that the range is capable of going all the way through the rubicon trail and taking you back to a town to recharge but can’t really make it through the rubicon trail a lot of

These new updates for jeep themselves are a little bit outside of what they usually do aside from the normal 4xe stuff which they’ve been able to really show that they have been able to dominate the market so hopefully that short video gave you guys a brief understanding of what is to come but i wrote down a couple notes and a few things that i actually noticed

Just from watching that simple video one of the biggest things i noticed was the size itself is going to be extremely close to the wranglers that we’re pretty familiar with it’s going to be based off of the slta large chassis so with that it should be a very similar size now in terms of interior space obviously you didn’t see the fender flares the way they are

On the wranglers but you saw more of like the bronco style thinner flares that are molded into the fender itself and with that we could expect a little bit more interior space in terms of width which would be a nice thing it seems like whenever you’re in a wrangler especially with you know two full-grown people you’re definitely elbow to elbow almost shoulder to

Shoulder so some more space on the inside would be nice but along with that you saw definitely has the open air capabilities like we would expect to anything being related to a wrangler you have the one touch skyview roof which obviously is always a really nice thing to have i don’t have it in this one but i’ve seen it on many many different ones in the past and

Of course with the exposed hinges you could tell that it’s definitely going to be able to take the doors off now the exposed hinges it looked like more of a rendering more than anything but they were quite a bit more apparent than the ones we have here on the wranglers so with that it kind of makes me think that maybe the doors could be a bit thicker and of course

This vehicle is probably going to be mostly aluminum based so with that the doors shouldn’t be too awful heavy but i would say it will have more material on the inside than what the wranglers do and if they are a bit thicker it’s going to be quite a bit heavier so the ease of just throwing them off with one hand and slapping them back on it might take two people

So that’s just something to keep in mind another thing i did notice was the rear tailgate of course with the wrangler we’ve got the window that flips open or the rear hatch that flips open and the gate that you open like this and with the recon on it looks like it’s all going to be one piece that you’ll open more of like a g-wagon style and with that it also had

The rear window actually out or rolled down so i assume that it would probably be more of a center button that you could just roll the window down in the back very similar to like the toyota’s do and i think that would be a pretty cool feature and then to go beyond that of course you could tell that there it didn’t look like any solid axles from that one side you

Could kind of get an idea if it was going to have solid axles or not and it does look like it’s going to be independent suspension all the way around much like the vehicles that are more based on-road but it could still have very good off-road characteristics with the right articulation but it’s also on a unibody so if any of you guys are familiar with the xjs

That we had in the past that was the unibody design as well as the new defenders that are out now so if the newer technology it is a lot easier to make them more rigid more durable with older technology they were just quite a bit softer vehicles overall more prone to you know catastrophic failure maybe you’re in hardcore off-road situations but the defenders have

Pretty much proven at this point that they can handle it so if they have that technology i’m sure jeep does too it doesn’t really seem like too big of an issue but they’re also going to have all those batteries laid underneath as well so with the batteries it is going to be quite a bit heavier i mean you could be talking about a vehicle that’s twice as heavy as

The wranglers that we’re used to now so i’d like to see how that comes in the playoff road it’s definitely going to be a drawback in many many different types of conditions so i’m eager to see how they actually can perform now they did talk about range in the video too and the range that they quoted was an actual mileage they just said that it could go through the

Full rubicon trail and back to town to recharge so with that being said i mean that’s only about 40 50 miles all the way back to town even if you leave from town go to the trail and drive back you’re looking at maybe like 50 miles so that’s not really saying much so estimated range tbd not really disclosed that along with the power so the power in the wagoneer

S was revealed at 600 horsepower 600 electric horsepower which seems pretty reasonable so that leads me to believe you know the the recon version may be somewhere around 500 horsepower and that also leaves in you know the towing capabilities so a lot of people will be wondering what the towing capabilities are and as we’ve seen through many different tests for

The electric vehicles the towing capabilities although the numbers may be high the actual range you can do while towing is usually never too impressive i’m sure they’ll still rate it somewhere around 3 500 pounds just based off the restraints of the actual chassis itself much like the rubicon 392 behind me even though it’s got the 6-4 and the good gear ratio and

Everything it’s only rated for 3 500 pounds the same as my 3 6 rubicon i had a certain size chassis there’s just really running the limitations of the chassis itself before you run into the actual powertrain so i’d say it’ll be the exact same outcome for that now in terms of off-pro capabilities it does look aggressive and it looks like it’s going to have the stock

Or the factory rubicon tire selection the bf goodrich ko2s in a 33 ish tire which is more of a 32 but it looks like it’s pretty aggressive on there now they didn’t stick out much at all obviously didn’t really look like they stuck out any and the front bumpers really didn’t look good so just looking at the front bumpers it looks like the actual entry angle and

Probably the departure angle tube is going to be absolutely horrific like even if you try to drive up on a curb in a mall parking lot you’re probably going to rip the front bumper off but you know the defenders look like that too and once you do some modern modifications they end up doing pretty well you just have to be a lot more cautious of that front bumper of

All that plastic just hanging there that’s more than likely going to make contact with anything before you’re tired unless you’re really driving it the right way with the wranglers you can be a little bit more carefree and just kind of nudge up to anything with the right bumpers with the right setup of wheels and tires and the tires should make contact first one

Small feature i did notice was just the power seats so having power seats in any kind of wrangler vehicle would be pretty cool i’ve never had that before even in the rubicon 392 of course they’re all manual up till now they’ve all been manual and with that it also leads me to believe you might not have the drain plugs on the inside if you did they’d have to filter

Through like the battery system and go through that way so i say you won’t have internal drain plugs on that one so not necessarily going to be as like rugged as the wrangler is itself now obviously the interior is still going to have to be able to handle weather conditions like rain if you are caught out in a rainstorm obviously they’re not going to make something

You can take the top off of in one little rainstorm destroy your interior so i’d be interested to see how they are going to do you know and they might just tell you to get a shop back and suck it out you never know but it still looks pretty cool they also stated that they’re going to have electronic lockers from one of the angles of the interior pictures you could

See a switch much like our rubicons have now and just a little toggle switch it looked like actually front and rear so that’d be really nice to see now in terms of just the overall look of course it carries a lot of the wrangler characteristics over just in terms of the boxy design as well as the seven slots on the grill but i mean if we’re being honest it kind

Of looks like a wrangler rubicon and a bronco got stuck on a power line and made a baby and it just came out like that it’s not really the best look in the world it’s kind of futuristic it’s kind of rugged looking but it’s just kind of weird right now and that may be because it’s so new i also think it kind of looks like a miniature hunter without a bed so i’m

Sure they took some design elements from the new gm hummer and you know for good reason those have been doing pretty well in terms of just customer feedback maybe it’s not a bad thing to go that route with with the design you can see that it had a much longer hood so with that hood obviously there’s not going to be an engine in there they’re probably going to have

Like a really big front so a lot more storage in terms of you know just camping or overland style off-roading so i’d be excited to see a lot of the new overlanders adopt this new electric vehicle see how they’re actually going to charge it out on the trail but also some of the new accessories that are going to come along with that they did say they’re going to be

Pretty aggressive on the accessories that are going to be available much like they are for the wrangler and i’m sure they will really cater more towards the overland community more than like the hardcore off-road rock crawling community as long as you can keep them charged you could probably run a lot of cool stuff off of it which would be the which would be neat

To see and i’m pretty excited to see what kind of you know accessories they’ll make to go along with these ev off-roaders another thing that you guys might have noticed was the flat bottom steering wheel now we don’t have a flat bottom steering wheel in any of the wranglers as far as i know yet and it looked like kind of an srt inspired steering wheel which was

Pretty cool the flat bottom obviously a lot of the electric vehicles are having weird steering wheels you know the tesla has like the airplane steering wheel which is pretty crazy so i don’t think that’s too far out of the question to say that would come into production now to get into what my honest opinions and projections are for the actual price performance

Etc i think the base price starting off for these is going to start somewhere around seventy thousand dollars that doesn’t seem too unreasonable for what jeep does now of course if you want got that flower on camera of course if you guys are familiar with the rubicon 392 they start somewhere around eighty thousand dollars so with that being said i don’t think

An ev platform is something that’s supposed to be comparable to these i don’t think seventy thousand dollars is out of breach i think the base base base base base base price for one of these is probably going to be around 70 and they may top out closer to 100 maybe right below 110 with you know really loaded out equipment but who knows i think that’ll be really

Extremely close based off of what they produce now and what they’re asking for them i feel like the range is going to be somewhere definitely under 300 for that body i think if they use a similar motor as they will in the on the wagoneer s i believe it’ll be rated for somewhere around 500 horsepower and probably have a maybe a 250 260 mile range somewhere within

That range and uh that would probably suffice plenty of people i think the hummer is somewhere close to that as well not really 100 sure but i think that would be at least acceptable and that would do most people just fine now pre-orders for these do start in 2023 apparently early 2023 and we might not see them into production until 2024 so 2024 the year itself or

Maybe we’ll see them in late 2023 you know as a 2024 model a year and that would be pretty cool it’d be pretty quick but so little information on them right now i really doubt that’d be impossible so i really estimate we’ll see them in the actual year 2024 being the model year 2024. that’s just about going to wrap it up for today guys if you guys do have questions

About this or you know some more information something i didn’t touch on please let me know down below this is something i’m actually kind of interested in i wouldn’t mind to have that as you know like a third vehicle or something like that it looks like it has you know reasonable capabilities and it could just be fun it should be pretty quick of course a lot of

The evs are a lot faster than we’d really assume so i’m excited to see more of the numbers come out but for now i hope that answers a lot of y’all’s questions that you have been asking me i hope it at least gives you a basic understanding of this vehicle that way you know more that way you can really do a little bit more research whenever the information comes

Out so let me know what you guys think about this all new jeep recon what your honest opinion is and what you think they’re really going to do obviously this vehicle will be setting the stage for a whole new market of course rivion has some stuff out there and hunter has theirs out there now too but hopefully if jeep does this correctly the price point will be

Significantly less than the competitors which is typically a route that they can go on if they want and that could get you know these evs into the hands of much much more people and it really could set the stage for this market i’m excited to see what happens but you never know until they actually meet production if you guys haven’t already please like comment

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