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Altair Club Cars All-new Jeep Cherokee Overland Review – Is this offroad legend now just a luxury family car?

All-new Jeep Cherokee Overland Review – Is this offroad legend now just a luxury family car?

The all new 5th-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee has touched down in South Africa, but for the first time is offered with 7 seats. We took the Jeep for a little 4×4 test at the All Terrain 4×4 test facility to see if it is as capable offroad as it is comfortable on the long open road.

Thank you good morning i’m gita pay and welcome back to another 4×4 test today we have this the jeep grand cherokee al overland spec and today we will be testing this over here at the all-terrain 4×4 test facility dream search drive insurance affordable because you can’t afford not to optical number one let’s do a low range test so cars in low

Range i’m at the highest height setting of the suspension and i’m going to see if the car can crawl its way up i won’t use any acceleration and stopped this car is a 3.6 liter v6 engine it had produces 211 kilowatts and 344 newton meters of torque so let’s see if it can go up this up traction control is working really hard over here we are at 26 degrees pitch

Incline but it’s going i need to accelerate though i can’t not accelerate i’m giving a little bit of acceleration traction control is working overtime doing its thing as you can hear it and we are up and over low range test complete successful i guess now let’s taste the downhill ascent feature to have to stand still for it now control on okay so it had

This car has got flappy pedals and you must use the flapper paddles to control the speed of the daniel scene so i’ll keep it at its lowest of one setting you have to be in four low in order to activate the downhill ascent so here we go down the hill we go nice and steady and then there we go it’s taken feet are off the pedals my feet are not touching you can

Hear the car just sliding down but yeah this car does run like a bit of road bias tires it’s not the best for 4x4ing but traction control is doing its thing the downhill descent is doing its thing we’re going down a 26 degree pitch i can see it all on the infotainment here it’s giving me pitch and roll what do you call it stats it’s giving me my altitude my speed

And low range speed and coordinates three base coordinates if you get stuck you can call a friend and tell you exactly where you are yeah kill the same control works and i left it on its minimum slowest setting so here’s a quick look of the interior it’s got a nice soft leather touch or soft touch material everywhere except this but soft over here in the dash

Soft steering soft here then it’s got this fake wood trim all along the dash over here which looks very beautiful like a dark wooden trim so it looks nice so just let you know the overland this edition is called overland which is the mid-speaker range of the jeep cherokee l so we’ve got the mid-range one pricing at 1.5 just under 1.5 million but it’s got his

Nice infotainment system here it’s got lots of buttons it’s got buttons for everything and then it also has the same button in the infotainment system so it’s a bit overkill in my opinion some other things are found in the car because he’s a converted right hand drive vehicle it’s originally left hand drive some things stayed on the left-hand side so the volume

Knob for the radio is on the left so you have to take it out of the road to find it all the way on the left hand side same as the steering heat control is also on the left of the screen a bit of a reach to get there and there’s no volume button on the steering wheel which is odd i keep trying to up the volume on here and then i have to reach all the way over

Here take my eyes off to try and find the knob between all the other buttons but then another odd feature is you have a screen on the passenger side so the passenger has a screen in front of them which you cannot see from the driver’s side at all it’s just black from my perspective but it also for some other reason you can’t control in here or you can control

In here but it’s so it’s as if it’s its own whole infotainment system which you connect to in over here so you plug in your orgs or your cables in here your hdmi port and then it’ll display it on your passenger screen could be nice in road trips and the passenger can sit and watch a movie while you are driving and they are entertaining themselves another nice

Feature is the sound system it has a macintosh sound system which sounds really great tons of usb port and type c ports over here has a good name here no no use reporting here but another whole bunch at the back and the savings seats also has their own usb ports so yes this is a seven seater and tons of space inside like a typical jeep panoramic sunroof lots of

Features and functions everywhere so instead of a gear lever you have a tourney dial over here which you can turn into all your settings you want to right alongside all your 4×4 settings so another very american feature which i’ve most found in american vehicles is the sun visor is adjustable so you can set it to close off the back of your window in the sun it’s

Just getting in a little gap over there which is actually quite a nice feature and more car manufacturers should have this setting especially with this nice big sun visor it helps a lot so there’s a quick look of the interior this is a seven seater like i’ve said so your second row of seats also has lots of leg room and they own usbs and aircon conditioning at

The back and then you still get your third row seat right at the back to make a7 seater so lots of space in here enough space for a big family foreign here’s a quick look at the boot you have your spare wheel underneath the vehicle so over here you just have some packing space and your jack and your tire repair kit is in there then your seventh row of seats are

Here but you have buttons conveniently placed over here which are electric so you just hit them and then they go down and actually electric up as well so you hit them and they come back up and then your second row of seats you can also close from here but they just fling closed they can’t open again but then you have all your load room over here which is quite

A lot like i can put a bed in here and you can sleep inside them electric tailgate which you hit with a button over here which is a bit odd i keep looking for the buttons here i’m so used to them over there and then you have both usb ports for your third row of seats and cup holders everywhere yeah very convenient and lots of space over here in the back and

There we go there’s a quick 4×4 test and a little review for you guys on the jeep grand cherokee l overland spec it’s a lot of words to say two things i forgot to mention is fuel usage it’s claimed to be 10.1 liters per 100 kilometers but on the dial it says 14.1 liters per 100 kilometers but it is a jeep so it is pretty heavy on fuel it is a 3.6 liter v6 and

Jeeps are known to be very heavy on fuel in general then when i threw in fuel this morning the petrol attendant put the nozzle in took or filled up the fuel took it out and then just closed the door and i was like what about the fuel cap so i learned that the new cars a lot of modern cars come out of the fuel valve instead of a fuel cap so that the nozzle just

Goes in through the valve of the hole instead of a cap that you have to turn on so that’s something i didn’t know existed so this is a very big vehicle it is a seven seater it’s a very luxury family vehicle it’ll take you from point a to point b on road trips very comfortably it feels a little underpowered but it still does what it needs so it still has plenty

Of power to spare another thing the grilled part of this car looks very suzuki especially or in my opinion it looks like the pig from angry birds but anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i hope to see you guys on the next 4×4 little off-road vehicle review cheers do you like clothes i do this is available right now on our sentimental shop just go to

Kazakoza forward slash shop or look for the description in the link below see what i did there just trying to catch you out and we’ve got tons of exclusive merchandise which is designed and made exclusively for our store i said exclusive twice because it’s very exclusive also hats budget insurance affordable because you can’t afford not dream search drive because.koza

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