all new audi a3 sedan 2022 in de
Altair Club Cars All New Audi A3 Sedan 2022 In depth Review interior and exterior

All New Audi A3 Sedan 2022 In depth Review interior and exterior

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Welcome to a world exclusive first look of the new audi a3 sedan and look at it it has the typical audi face with the large single frame grille right here and then it has digital daytime running lights which look really nice i think and also those inserts here secondary color it gives the whole car a really sporty look and that goes on on the side i mean you see

The negative curvature that’s the world first for the audi a3 and that is in contrast to the flared krato blisters and also then it is a sedan so you have quite a big boot that you can open with your feet so as you can see there’s quite a lot of space in the boot but now let’s check out the interior so of course this is a whole new cockpit but it looks really

Nice has premium materials everywhere and there’s a large 12.3 inch virtual cockpit plus that you can set to your own preferences it has a sporty and dynamic layout and you can set everything you want there for example your music or a large map of your navigation another thing i really like is you have wireless phone charging right here and then also two usbc

Ports so you’re really set for the future what now comes standard on all a3 is this large touchscreen here that has acoustic feedback and inside is mib-free that’s the new modular infotainment system and it’s really easy to use it’s just like on your smartphone and for example you can go onto navigation and then go to search and you can now use handwriting

That’s really nice for example i just put down i n and of course it got it i n for english stud and with this you can put in your whole address or for example go back to music and play something and with that let’s go down here because this new round element that’s your new sensory volume regulator so you just slide your finger in a circular motion and that

Controls the volume or go left or right to put on the new track so those are all nice features but i also just like the new layout of the middle console and the whole interior i mean look at the air vents and there’s large screens right here and the design language doesn’t just stop in the middle but we also have new really extravagant door handles so the

Interior really feels like an audi the outside looks like an audi but does it also behave like an audi let’s check it out so right off the bat the first thing that i see that i feel is wow this is premium i mean we are in a compact class car everything is really focused to the driver you have the virtual cockpit plus you have the air vents going directly at you

Just it just looks nice the new thing that is standard now on the audi a3 is the pedals so you have pedals to shift up or down right here in front of you and you can use them really easily one feature i really like is the head up display it’s right in front of me it’s like a virtual image on the street and i don’t have to take my eyes off the road to see the

Speed that i’m at and also the speed limit you can now order the a3 with a mile hybrid so that means less emissions and also better efficiency okay i think i can confirm this car really behaves like an audi and i like to drive some more you

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All New Audi A3 Sedan 2022 In depth Review interior and exterior By Automobile World

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