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Altair Club Cars All-New 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 – Full Details – The Most Powerful Luxury SUV

All-New 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 – Full Details – The Most Powerful Luxury SUV

Introducing the Aston Martin DBX707: The world’s most powerful luxury SUV.

Oh my goodness to be as the dbx dbx707 looks absolutely stunning this must be a very proud moment for you i mean setting a new benchmark for performance suvs isn’t it is this car all about the power not at all tests there’s so much more behind than let me tell you why when it comes to that segment when it comes to the ultimate regarding performance power you

Have to have execution and precision in detail so it’s yeah it’s 707 horsepower that’s a lot of horsepower so acceleration 3.3 zero 200 unbelievable numbers good kpis when it comes to performance but it’s so much more it’s an outstanding drivetrain i think it’s the fastest shifting gearbox in in in that universe of suvs i think it’s the benchmark in regards of

Driving dynamics so combine everything that as a package when it comes to precision when it comes to driving dynamics you have to drive that car it’s not all about power it’s all about performance and i would say it’s quite a lot about looks too because it looks absolutely gorgeous for sure it marks the benchmark in the ultra luxury you have so many different

Variations regarding colors and interiors and that combination of craftsmanship of offers regarding individual personalization individualization and that combining together with that outstanding performance pinnacle of ultra luxury series so to be as i imagine that in order to create the highest performing model then you you had to overcome quite a few engineering

Challenges challenges are part of the life that’s part of our engineering journey always and if you set up the goal to achieve that level of performance and you know raising the bar of the world’s most performing and powerful suv in the luxury segment you have to overcome a few challenges cooling brakes carbon ceramic brakes as a standard but you know what the

Team did great we set up a high goal a high level of targets in every perspective for every aspect on that call by the end of the day we overcome all the challenges and we overachieved all of every single target was overachieved thank you to this i think it is time for us to get into the detail find out a little bit more about the world’s most powerful luxury

Suv and i am joined now by the head of vehicle engineering and aston martin drummond decoy and it wouldn’t be aston martin without beautiful design so who better to speak to about that than chief creative officer marek reitman right let’s get right into it now drummond what makes this the world’s most powerful luxury suv well tess as toby has already said the

Dbx 707 is more than just power the team at gaiden have done a fantastic job to realize the huge gains in both power and torque from the four litre twin turbocharged v8 engine which demonstrates not only the inherent proudness of this v8 engine but also our appetite and ability for finding uncompromising engineering solutions in combination with a new nine-speed

Wet clutch transmission output of the four liter v8 has been lifted to an immense 707 ps and 900 newton meters of torque combine that raw power with class leading driving dynamics exceptional precision dynamic flare and genuine engagement you get the fastest most powerful and best handling luxury suv in the world or in simple terms an suv that can do zero to

62 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds the hut is impressive i mean the dbx 707 it certainly has road presence in abundance marek will you talk us through the whole design process yeah i mean presence is about proportion so when you do the first sketch you’re looking for perfect proportion and obviously that proportion comes from a golden ratio rule 1 one-third to

Two-thirds proportionality so the hood length versus the length of the cabin the height of the side glass versus the height of the body side gives you perfect proportion when you have your own architecture and you can set the wheelbase where you want it you can put the touchdown of the a-pillar where you want it and the over hangs in exactly the right place

You not only have perfect balance for design but you also have perfect balance for dynamics as well wow that’s so true beautifully put i must say i mean the car looks amazing it’s just sensational to look at but drummond what we really want to know is what’s it like to drive well first of all it’s absolutely incredible and amazing to drive like no other luxury

Suv in the market today but i would obviously say that obviously this amount of power needs to be controlled and that is what really astounds me about the job and the whole engineering team at aston martin have done this car handles beautifully and really delivers a true truly addictive and uniquely impressive driving experience key to the dbx707s exceptional

Handling is its air suspension system retaining the basic architecture and triple volume air chambers of the dbx v8 already regarded as the best handling suv in the market dbx707 features a dedicated chassis tune optimized to its uncompromising demands and objectives the electronic power steering system has also been adjusted to improve steering feel to help

The driver build the clearer picture of increasing corner loads and available grip further detail chains have been made to the electronic active roll system to heighten the sense of agility and prove the dynamic balance of the car and to underline the dbx 707’s driver focus credentials we have introduced race start in veil available in gt sport and sport plus

Modes to maximize the off the line acceleration and truly showcase the enhanced performance also integral to the dbx707s performance enhancements is the standard fitment of the carbon ceramic brakes giving improved federal pedal feel and braking response for greater precision and driver confidence so when you take into consideration all the elements of the dbx707

You have the ultimate performance luxury suv and marek how can this stunning machine how can it be personalized aston martin is really all about personalization they are truly bespoke cars i can guarantee not one single dbx707 will come off the line exactly the same as another they will all be individual they’ll all have their own fingerprint if you want your

Own car test we can do exactly as you wish we have queue by aston martin so you can specify whatever you want in the car the combinations are limitless in into the millions because it’s exterior colors the wheel color the stitches on the inside the leather colors on the inside the different materials on the inside that augment the interior so effectively you

Can have whatever you want so marek we’ve talked a little bit about the design process but talk us through the finer details if you don’t mind yeah absolutely so if we start obviously with the front of the car it wouldn’t be an aston martin without its grill so in this instance we have probably the largest grill that we’ve ever developed at aston martin part

Of that is because of the power so it has to breathe and cool the engine and also provide cooling to the brakes but it’s also about stature it’s about giving the car its presence this is an iconic part of an aston martin grill we call it the s curvature and it really defines who we are what we stand for and of course it wouldn’t be an aston martin without the

Badge and these are made in the jewelry quarter of the uk they are individually made they are pieces of jewelry in themselves unique it’s a basically a metal badge with an enamel infill even the grille veins are real metal so anodized or polished aluminium veins 707 is about dance it’s about power so if you look at this section of the car which is partly for

Cooling and you can see the rads through there but it also visually puts the car onto the road it really plants the car onto the road the drl the daylight running light extends that it comes out of the grill if you like and through pushing your eye out pulling the car onto the ground the front carbon splitter providing aero but also providing really a framework

For that wonderful grill and then out here another aero feature which puts an end cap to the wheel really helps with the side arrow that drummond’s team was developed on the car as you come down the car which in this instance is in a titanium grey satin you look at the 23-inch wheel really filling the arch pushing the wheel through the arch really muscular

And powerful and this line here key feature line on dbx proportion the glass to body one third to third and then the addition of the side sill and skirt again visually connecting the car to the road so you have this planted stance same with the rear wheel pushing through the fender the power of the rear fender and as we come around to the back of the car you

Start to see all of that width through these outlets the carbon diffuser the little tail flip which helps with the aero and obviously the quad pipes the most powerful v8 engine has to have the most powerful sound and that’s it they are all the features that make dbx707 unique thank you merrick thank you drummond so there you have it the fastest most powerful

And best handling luxury suv in the world achieved on its own terms and in its own inemitable way the multi-award-winning dbx sets a new standard and the dbx707 has raised the bar again building brilliantly on the acclaimed design dynamics and intense character of dbx thank you so much for joining us the reveal of the dbx 707 a new seat of power you

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All-New 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 – Full Details – The Most Powerful Luxury SUV By Caromobile TV

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