all new 2022 toyota tundra will
Altair Club Cars All-new 2022 Toyota Tundra Will Have an iForce MAX Engine Here Is the Latest Scoop

All-new 2022 Toyota Tundra Will Have an iForce MAX Engine Here Is the Latest Scoop

( ) All-new 2022 Toyota Tundra Will Have an iForce MAX Engine! Here Is the Latest Scoop!

Come on in guys right here right now i have some more toyota tundra news this is the upcoming 2022 truck this is the teaser that toyota officially revealed let me show that to you and then i’ll tell you everything we know about the upcoming tundra so basically they unveiled this image right here it says iforce max so what does this mean well this is an engine

Cover for an engine so they’re foreshadowing the power plant for the upcoming 2022 toyota tundra but uh is this a surprise to us what is going on here and so let’s unpack this really quick and actually figure this out i also want to show you this which is a little clip they provided aha so it doesn’t show much more but it does show underneath the hood notice

The giant well something orange and when i look at this underneath the hood of a current pickup truck usually that means high voltage so i’m not going to speculate too much but this could be a some sort of a gas engine potentially a 3.5 liter twin turbo and it might be a hybrid so that’s all they showed us so far but let’s unpack this a little bit more and figure

Out what’s going on here first of all the name iforce max well as you may know uh toyota has been using iforce name for some time with their v8 engines specifically the latest 5.7 big v8 but they’ve added the max has this been a surprise to us well not really so back in march of 2020 where is the date right here um there was a trademark filing by toyota uh

That trademarked iforce max and we talked about it on and it did provide a little bit of insight this is a early prototype that we saw in colorado of the tundra vehicle or the tundra truck um so we were speculating back then even about what was going to happen with the tundra notice the six lug uh bolt pattern right here on this prototype this was

A very very early prototype um actually captured in colorado like i said so yeah so the name is familiar and they’re using it again okay so i force max it’s probably talking about something very very powerful so what could it be um here’s another clue so just a few days ago tayora has made this statement this is according to a motor trend report they spoke

And interviewed the chief north american vice president of sales evp executive vice president of sales bob carter and he mentioned that the upcoming 2022 tundra will have two power plants not one but two choices for power with substantially more power and then he says the optional power plant will uh uh blow you away and then he said also we’re in it to win it

Okay so that sounds like a lot of just marketing right let’s unpack that a little more what does that mean more powerful engine options but let’s take a look at this last week as you may know toyota also unveiled their 2022 toyota land cruiser 300 series this is the next generation land cruiser it was unveiled overseas and it’s technically not it’s not coming

To the united states or the north american market at least toyota officially said that many many months ago 2021 is basically the last year of the land cruise of the current generation in this country but we’ve learned a lot of details about this next-gen land cruiser and technically it will be sharing some of its components like some of the chassis the frame

Maybe some of the suspension components and also power train components with the upcoming tundra at least that’s what we think was gonna happen and they unveiled well first of all you know all these images right you you may have seen this already on the new land cruiser it looks quite nice and it has a really cool you know technology suite updated suspension

But don’t read in too much about into this suspension i mostly want to show you the power plant of course but i also want to show you this this is the land cruiser interior for next generation i’m guessing this is my guess unofficial this my personal take on it is that some of this style may transfer to the tundra but i don’t know for sure but this is a quite

A nice interior it’s got the latest infotainment system this could be up to 12 inches screen right there and of course the latest safety technologies infotainment technologies and also four wheel drive tech and everything else so this could transfer some of this may transfer into the tundra we don’t know but they also showed us this engine and they said this is

A basically a three and a half liter twin turbo gas engine which will power the land cruiser and take a look at this engine cover take a close look you can see this kind of an opening right there potentially where you could um you know refill the oil in the engine that’s my guess and you can see kind of these three lines on both sides of this plastic cover and

Then there’s a plate some sort of a little plate of course toyota logo and a few marks right there so what is does it look like this i mean it kind of does because there’s a thera logo there is something here where you may fill up your engine oil and there’s three lines kind of on both sides and there’s a plate and there’s no kind of vertical lines here but the

Engine plastic cover looks similar to what they showed with here this is their twin turbo engine so what does that mean how much power does it make well this particular engine overseas once again for middle east markets and some other markets like asia and australia they said 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque that’s quite a lot of power and that’s this

Is not a hybrid by the way this is just a twin turbo v6 that they’re working on and this engine is actually related to the engine that’s available currently in the lexus ls sedan so they’ve had experience with this engine it’s already been in in the field you know in vehicles that are on sale they have tuned it for suv use in this case they rated it at 409

Horsepower which is actually more power than the current v8 they have because the current 5.7 liter iforce v8 is rated at 381 horsepower so 409 this is also more power than in the current f-150 ecoboost v6 the three and a half liter ford because current ford is rated at 400 horsepower with no hybrid power plant uh and torque 479 pound-feet of torque that’s

Also a very very good number as far as this truck like engine would be not as high as a ford engine because the ford ecoboost engine is rated at 500 pound-feet of torque right now but they also said that there’s a 10-speed automatic transmission backing up this v6 in the land cruiser so i mean it would make a lot of sense that a very similar engine would also

Appear in the next tundra for the north american market so that would make a lot of sense as well um so once again this is speculation because toyota officially is not giving us a lot to go on i mean they gave us this image of course they gave us this image that i showed you a little bit ago this is a silhouette of the upcoming tundra and you can see it’s got the

Markers on the side fenders and the three lights here in the grille and lots of other off-road lights this potentially could be a really wide stanced truck uh hence the marker lights on the sides which could mean it has a lot of suspension travel uh this could be approaching what would be a ford raptor fighter in this case for toyota uh of course we don’t have

A lot of more official information to go on toyota hasn’t given us much but we think in the next couple months we’ll learn a lot more if not everything about this next-gen toyota tundra so this is the news basically they have unveiled the iforce max name it could be a hybrid we don’t know much how about how much power they would rate the hybrid powertrain at but

If they want to blow us away and really in it to win it like they say uh it could be over 500 horsepower who knows what the carpet might bring in their offroad truck so as always stay tuned to this news we will cover it immediately as it drops right here at tfl truck and also as you have seen thank you

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All-new 2022 Toyota Tundra Will Have an iForce MAX Engine! Here Is the Latest Scoop! By The Fast Lane Truck

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