all new 2022 toyota gr86 in low
Altair Club Cars *All-New* 2022 Toyota GR86 in Low Light: Interior Controls, Lights, More

*All-New* 2022 Toyota GR86 in Low Light: Interior Controls, Lights, More

Take a sunrise tour of 2022 GR86. See what interior and exterior look like in lower lighting. See all buttons, dials, switches, controls, more!

Hi everyone i’m jeff teague raleigh north carolina your toyota resource let’s take a look at the all new 2022 toyota gr86 we’re going to look it in lower lighting right now because i want you to see what the headlights the tail lights look like and all the inside buttons controls and dials look like so that you’ll know i mean we’re not always driving in the daytime

Right full review is going to be auto jeff reviews youtube channel my sister channel so check that out let’s get started let’s start by walking around the vehicle here this is the premium there are two different trim levels real easy to figure out the base and then the premium the premium will have 18-inch wheels look at that headlight design there and then

Just look how clean and sporty yet aggressive this vehicle is side profile just look how aggressive this vehicle is the silhouette is incredible it’s sleek it’s stylish it’s high performance so remember this is a vehicle that’s track tuned it’s ready to see what you can do look at those tail lights they look like wings the dual exhaust let’s look down here you

Can see the lighting down below these are the matte black or the flat black wheels they would be 17 inch if you were on the base model you can get this in six-speed manual or six-speed automatic even though i said full review at auto jeff reviews i do feel like i want to show you this 18-inch wheel design here it’s not gloss black it’s a matte or flat black it

Looks really cool i love it with this vehicle here auto jeff reviews full review let’s start by hitting the accessories button love that animation of the gr spinning and spinning ready for you let’s look inside this two-door sports car give me your first impressions folks this vehicle is hot i am getting too hot i’m gonna take the clothes off right these seats

Here they have alcantara material you’ll also see alcantara in another spot inside the door we’re going to see the door locks lit up and then take a look at all of the switches i’m going to turn that on start it up hear the rev this is a touch screen it’s real easy to use gives you most of your basic functions and what i mean by basic functions is there’s

Not all that much you can do but you can do android auto apple carplay i’m just looking around here so you can see what it’s looking like i like that the details very simplistic apple carplay android auto let’s see what we’ve got going on here we’ve got lighted red controls here for the windows and the mirrors then underneath here we’ve got sport pedals no

Lighting underneath there let’s go out lighted controls and then the steering wheel thing i appreciate it’s lit this thing is lit then we’ll come over here you can put it into sport mode snow mode you could also put it into track mode it has heated seats either high or low the shifter of course this is a six-speed automatic you can drive it sequentially if

You want to you can also get it in six-speed manual and then we’ve got the digital temperature controls i love this that’s really cool let’s see if we can turn it up this is freedom rock turn it up and then looking up top we do have the sos button tells you about seat belts that caused a reaction in the camera and then we’ve got a lighted mirror as well not

Slid no slider i don’t know if we need one and the different pieces of information that we can get off this vehicle here is let’s just kind of move it around you can see your g rating g-force lane departure alert radar cruise control now this is interesting see where that is the indicators in a different spot it’s still in the side mirror but it’s more toward

The interior of the vehicle and that’s different of course than most toyotas now let’s take a look over here again let’s keep going now if we hold this button down here you can see it says track so watch the display oh right we got traction control off now we got something to talk about let’s give them something to talk about that’s cool right temperatures in

The 30s right now just so you know i think we’d want to see that let’s get in and watch us back up let’s put it in reverse that way you can see exactly what people see behind you when you’re backing up let’s put on my flashers take that off turn on turn signals i think we should stop here’s the window sticker so we can learn more about the vehicle here this

Is the premium you can also get the base you can get six-speed automatic six-speed manual this is the premium six-speed automatic it’s made in japan this color is called steel here’s the fuel mileage up to 31 on the highway 25 combined the one i left out 21 city didn’t leave it out on purposes didn’t think i’d mention it it’s a 2.4 liter four-cylinder boxer dual

Overhead cam 16 valve 228 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque it does have the paddle shifters mcpherson strut front suspension multi-link rear suspension this has standard 18-inch wheels seven airbags here we go 31 800 you can get that number as low as under 28 000 if you get the base model and the six speed manual 32 8 with the delivery then we’ve got 32

780 here carries over this one has toyo guard platinum and the carpet trunk mat and so 33 678 here everyone thanks so much for watching what are your first impressions of the new gr86 this is exciting of course this is a partnership between toyota and subaru you’ll find its sister some would call it a twin in the brz have you seen them both which one do you like

Better this thing is hot it’s sexy it’s sleek i just absolutely love it i was so excited to see it the adrenaline was flowing inside something like that not like rocky and clubber lang or something like that like i want bamboo i want bamboo you know that kind of thing but it was similar just much not next level not next level at all anyway i’m on toyota jeff

Reviews for toyota and then all brands i do have to put some toyota in there because we’ve got all brands we’re going to do the full review at auto jeff reviews so just go to auto jeff reviews it looks at all autos and then you’ll find me on instagram at auto jeff reviews and at toyota jeff one thanks everybody so much peace you

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*All-New* 2022 Toyota GR86 in Low Light: Interior Controls, Lights, More! By ToyotaJeff Reviews

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