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Altair Club Cars All-New 2022 GMC Sierra – Denali ULTIMATE (Wild Luxury Truck)

All-New 2022 GMC Sierra – Denali ULTIMATE (Wild Luxury Truck)

Hey Guys, Here’s The First Look of The New Refreshed 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Pickup Truck. 2022 Sierra Denali Ultimate is Most-Luxurious Sierra 1500 Yet. Checkout New Interior, Exterior Design Changes, Added Features, Tech Updates, and Much More in This Walkaround Review Reveal Video.

The new 2022 sierra denali ultimate yes denali ultimate a remarkable evolution of first class luxury and unrivaled technology including supercruise which allows you to drive hands-free on compatible roads but more on that later building on the strength of denali this is the first ever denali ultimate trim offered by gmc on the road you will soon see this signature

Denali grill and unique badging with exclusive dark chrome it’s a strong look and has some serious rear view mirror street cred plus these sharp dual led projection headlamps are integrated with the grille to give the front of the truck a bold and wide appearance their consistent bright white color is precision crafted design at its best and below the fog lamps

Are discreetly integrated allowing the grill and headlamps to be the stars of the show now let’s talk power under the hood the denali ultimate features a standard 6.2 liter v8 engine that delivers an impressive 420 horsepower and 460 foot-pounds of torque power and torque which gets sent straight to the truck’s large 22-inch wheels and at the rear there are

Two incredible gmc innovations that came directly from listening to what customers want and need in a truck it starts with the world’s first 6-way multi-pro tailgate which makes loading and hauling gear much easier it is the most innovative pickup tailgate ever and set the standard for what a tailgate should be it features six functions and positions that offer

Enhanced second-tier loading load stop solutions a standing workstation and easier access to items in the box there’s also carbon pro the industry first use of carbon fiber composite in a pickup bed which delivers exceptional dense scratch and corrosion resistance when the work gets tough and the job needs to get done and it offers more cargo bed volume than any other

Competitor let’s check out the exclusive denali ultimate interior i can’t wait to show how the design team at gmc is taking craftsmanship and attention to detail to the next level first there’s extensive use of genuine high quality materials there’s full grain leather throughout the interior it’s soft to the touch and amazingly comfortable all while retaining the

Durability truck customers expect there’s also authentic open pore natural paldeo wood its darkened finish adds a luxurious touch and the unique grain ensures no two interiors are the same now look up that’s a premium suede headliner all this attention to detail is exquisitely crafted first class luxury wherever you look there are unique visual details gmc customers

Will really appreciate a distinctive design signature of the sierra denali ultimate both inside and out gives a nod to the highest peak in north america mount denali a topographical map and the geographic coordinates of the mountain are featured in really cool places it’s laser etched into the paldeo open pour wood grain on the passenger side and it’s also on the

Front and back of the seats the denali ultimate even features 16 adjustable power massaging front seats let me tell you the kenmore air folks really fell in love with them after a long day and as i sit behind the wheel it’s like there’s a whole command center in front of me displays and controls are so easy to see and use and premium materials and surfaces are all

Around the new sierra also boasts unrivaled technology starting with massive customizable screens and as a fun touch when you start up the denali ultimate there’s this awesome mount denali animation the driver instrumentation cluster features a large 12.3 inch display which is incredibly configurable and for people who prefer a minimalist approach they can keep it

Simple but for people like me who like to keep tabs on a wide range of information they can easily reconfigure the cluster to display what they want to see and not to overshadow that 12.3 inch display but believe it or not there’s an even bigger one over here it’s 13.4 inches and features a theme designed specifically for gmc as well as custom welcome animations

For at4 denali and denali ultimate and beyond the size of the screen it’s also extremely customizable for example you can choose to have full screen navigation or you can have two areas of information to display navigation and trailering or entertainment setting up display and icons is easy and they can be organized to feature the ones you use the most just like

I do on my smartphone it’s all about letting people personalize their experience and have the exact information they need when and where they need it now let’s talk connectivity the sierra is fully compatible wirelessly with both apple and android mobile devices android auto or apple carplay lets you easily control many of your smartphone apps all on the center

Touch screen but wait there’s more gmc is leading the way by integrating google built-in compatibility on the hummer ev yukon and now sierra the gmc and google teams work together to seamlessly integrate the power of google with the distinctive design of the sierra including google maps google assistant and the google play store this allows customers to bring their

Existing digital life with them wherever they go some of the features and functionalities you know and love on your phone are now available directly in the vehicle the denali ultimate also features an advanced 15-inch diagonal multi-color heads-up display so let’s do some math the 12.3 inch driver information center the 13.4 inch center touchscreen and the 15-inch

Heads-up display that adds up to a whopping 40.7 inches of screens for the driver and i just did that math right now and again best of all each of these screens is easy to use and incredibly customizable perfect examples of the ultimate personal reward your music comes to life with the 12 speaker bose premium surround audio system with etch stainless speaker grilles

On the inside of the doors it’s got this amazing center point technology which analyzes the stereo signal and converts it into multiple channels the result a surround sound concert-like listening experience for everyone inside now this is where the tech on the truck truly stands out supercruise the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance technology on

Compatible roads no other competitor truck on the market today offers this type of true hands-free technology on so many miles of compatible roads supercruise now adds an automatic lane change feature to provide drivers with even greater levels of hands-free driving convenience on over two hundred thousand miles of compatible roads in the us and canada sierra

Will offer something no other competitor has true hands-free driving while pulling a trailer that’s right supercruise also works when towing this is a home run especially for customers like the folks at kenmore who transport their invaluable restoration projects long distances all over the pacific northwest it’s also perfect for taking along outdoor toys like

Boats atvs and campers the truck’s trailer side blind zone alert system even accounts for the length of a trailer to help alleviate driver stress sixty percent of sierra pickup truck owners tow regularly and now with super crews they can enjoy the convenience of hands-free driving on compatible roads when they do so you

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