all new 2022 ford f150 lightning
Altair Club Cars All New 2022 Ford F150 Lightning Electric Truck

All New 2022 Ford F150 Lightning Electric Truck

The All New 2022 Ford F150 Lightning Electric Truck.

It’s got a targeted 775 pound feet of torque it’s targeted to go from zero to sixty in the mid four second range it’s a driving experience that’s pure unfiltered exhilaration from the moment you hit the accelerator oh and it’s an f-150 introducing the all-electric f-150 lightning the smartest most innovative f-150 we’ve ever built iconic f-150 capability meets

Advanced technology meets electrification for an experience that’s more connected more dynamic and more unexpected than ever before it’s the quickest accelerating f-150 built yet with the most targeted torque of any f-150 ever it’s one of the most thrilling rides we’ve ever built truck or otherwise but even when it’s not being driven it’s still got the ability

To starting with ford intelligent backup power which gives you the ability to off-board up to 9.6 kilowatts of power enough to power a home for about three days and with the available 9.6 kilowatt pro power on board you get 11 plugs with enough power to keep your mobile business running or if you’ve got a table saw a blender a circular saw a fan a can opener

A kettle a slow cooker and a juicer that need power the f-150 lightning is up to the task then when the truck needs powering on the go it’s got access to the fordpass charging network easy to access easy to customize easy to pay for through the fordpass app and at the front end of all this power popping the hood has been completely redefined with the megapower

Frunk a walk-in closet that you can drive with 400 liters of storage capable of hauling up to 400 pounds standard with 2.4 kilowatts of power up front with four 120 volt and two usb outlets storage that’s customizable and lockable the mega power frunk is quite possibly the most useful innovation since well since the truck bed then at the nerve center of all this

Capability you get an available 15.5 inch touchscreen which can be used to activate four different drive modes and access an impressive range of productivity enhancing technologies like intelligent range which considers towing and payload as well as terrain traffic and past driving behavior to automatically recalculate your range it’ll even program a new route if

You need it you also get an entire toolbox of available trailer tech and most importantly you get an f-150 lightning with power up over the air software updates that means you get a truck that’s connected to engineers at ford if they find a way to enhance features quality experiences capability and convenience it’s possible to receive those updates wirelessly now

The f-150 lightning runs nearly silently but make no mistake it’s built for tough torture tested so it lives up to the f series standard with the available extended range battery lightning has a targeted epa estimate of 300 miles of range targeted maximum available towing of 10 000 pounds and targeted maximum payload of 2000 pounds then when the work day is over

100 charging overnight and it’s designed to look like a truck because that’s what it is the next chapter of ford f-series america’s best-selling trucks for 44 years running it’s not just another new ev it’s over a century of innovation and human insight manifested in a revolutionary new pickup it’s a trusted workhorse made more thrilling and useful than ever it’s

The moment when ford took electric and turned it into lightning it’s the only all-electric truck that’s built for tough it’s the all-new f-150 lightning

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