all electric 2023 lexus rz 450e
Altair Club Cars All Electric 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Revealed

All Electric 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Revealed

The RZ 450e is an all-new battery electric SUV, the first Lexus electric vehicle to be developed from the ground up. It is not a vehicle that simply adopts battery electric power in place of a conventional engine; it goes much further to realise the exciting potential of new technologies that enhance performance and driving pleasure, true to the Lexus Electrified philosophy.

Hello everyone my name is cody sato president of lexus international recently we showed a glimpse of our fast dedicated battery electric vehicle or bev the all-new rd and today we’d like to give you a little more information about it late last year we announced a new electrification strategy to help achieve recovery neutral future for lexus electrification means

Maximizing the vehicle potential through electrified technology while re-imagining the driving experience itself the lexa sports bev next to me is a symbol of this effort it will inherit and expand upon the driving taste of the lfa extending its appeal to other lexus models and transforming lexus into a dynamic bev centered brand while the vev sports is a symbol of

The future the algae is immediate proof of the transformation that is happening at lexus strong vehicle fundamentals electrification and direct4 our intelligent power control system will further distinguish lex’s unique driving signature quick acceleration precise brake fuel and confident handling will all be lexus hallmarks the all these testing under the harsh

Driving conditions of the new shimoyama tescos is evidence of our commitment the combination of confidence inspiring big performance with the quietness of a vev it’s sure to elevate the driver’s senses while the electrified technology respects the needs of our planet and moves us along the path towards carbon neutrality we hope each driver will enjoy the unique

Experience offered by this lexus bev now please take a look and listen listen listen to the oldest conversation so the joy of driving born in you for everyone for everything as you saw we are working on improving the driving experience but we also value the customer experience for instance lexus is now working with legions

Around the world to create the charging infrastructure for our customers we are developing household charges partnering with charging networks and taking advantage of our amazing deal network overall we envision a world where personal luxury experiences are complemented by the unique character and capabilities of lexus bevs the shift to bev is an opportunity for

Us to open up a whole new world of possibilities for our customers we will accelerate our effort to our full lineup of vvvs in all categories by 2030 and we aim to achieve 100 percent bevs in all models globally by 2035. through this transition we also aim to achieve carbon neutrality in an accessible manner for every customer by offering a variety of patterns

Meant for the light place at the right time as part of this effort we plan to unveil another new lexus this summer this vehicle will not only feature a new hybrid system equipped with dilect 4 but a prague in hybrid version like in the new nx by applying refined electrification technology gained through rd development into all electrified lexus vehicles we will

Continue to evolve the lexus car making process and the resulting driving experience we look forward to telling you more about the future of lexus thank you very much for joining us today so you

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