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Altair Club Cars All-Electric 2023 BMW iX M60 Laser Lights, Ambient Lights, & Night Drive

All-Electric 2023 BMW iX M60 Laser Lights, Ambient Lights, & Night Drive

This new BMW EV is impressive during the day but also at night. This video shows the all-new 2023 BMW iX M60 at night with it’s laser lights, ambient lights, and more!

Welcome everyone today we have this all new 2023 bmw ix and as you approach the vehicle not only do you get the headlights to light up you’ve got that pattern on the ground the mirrors open lights on the doors tail lights everything looks really slick and in this night video we’re going to take a detailed look at the exterior lights the interior ambient lighting

And get this electric car out on the road for a test drive all right y’all thank you so much for tuning in we’re going to take a look at the exterior lighting first and this is all electric so you don’t have an engine in here you don’t have any open grilling but one thing that’s really awesome with this is that we have the icon adaptive led lights with laser lights

And it’s branded as such i have another video with the bmw laser lights if you want to see that you can see the turn signals go on right there you’ve got full led lights right here and they just look really nice as well this ix is all electric and this is the storm bay metallic paint paired with our 22 inch black wheels you can see the light markers from the front

And the back the turn signal there too and of course you’re going to get full led tail lights back here a red led turn signal as well looks really slim kind of matches the front lights and the lights do a little dance when you approach and leave the vehicle now we’ve got led license plate lights right there as well those are very bright and take a look at this you

Actually have redundant tail lights back here for when the vehicle is open those are there because the lights actually go up with the tailgate so you’ve got to have these right here so that’s good that you still have the safety lights there and a very well illuminated cargo area you’ve got an led light on each side so bmw definitely does well with this plus with the

Power folding function here those are illuminated there too one last thing overhead there’s another light right up there so this whole area is super well lit this metallic paint is very interesting it’s kind of a bluish grayish color it’s not showing up the greatest on the camera right now but as you can see we don’t even have real door handles right here these are

Electronic you’ve got a little lever on the inside right there there’s going to be some ambient lighting and underneath of the foot wells here and you’ve got full illuminated climate controls for the backseat passengers and take a look at this even some backlit usb ports on the back of the seats that’s pretty cool they’re in the back seat the lighting is actually

Pretty cool here too like i told you that there’s climate controls there you’ve got the same color ambient lighting at your foot well and over on the door it’s really cool plus coming from the back you get some little ambient lights that shine down on your armrest and overhead even though you can’t see out all that great right now you’ve got light reflections on

This giant glass roof and as you saw as you approach the vehicle you get this marking on the ground the door handles light up the mirrors line up and even some ambient lighting on the top of the doors which is really really awesome the seats in here are something else too they’re really customized able in different ways you’ve got some nice leather material on this

One as well really interesting kind of sporty looking seat here let’s dive into the interior all right let’s take a look at the interior here now first of all you’re going to see these red flashing lights right here you cannot see those to the naked eye it’s just from the camera i’ll have those covered up when we go for our test drive those are the sensors to keep

Their eyes on you to make sure you’re paying attention i’m guessing that’s going to be a big part of a future further autonomous part of this driving experience but take a look at these large screens in here you’ve got some ambient lighting some nicely lit buttons in here ambient lighting on each door panel and in this this part of the video i’m just going to kind

Of quickly go through the interior mostly talk about lighting and controls but ambient lighting up here this is standard i like this little ambient lighting on the speaker grille there as well you’re going to have nicely illuminated lock buttons memory settings even a little gentle glow down by your arm rest and some low down in the bottle holder down there and

Some foot while lighting as well and this can be customized i’ll show you how to do that in a little bit just to the left of the steering wheel you’re going to get your actual light controls there’s not a lot of physical buttons here you can push the auto or the off button to have it on auto or to turn them off but you push that to go to further settings and then

That’s going to pop up a little bit more so you can turn it on just through parking lights you can touch that to actually get into more options here you can have your lights on automatic which most of you will leave it there otherwise you can do just low beams turn them off exterior lights or go over here and you can turn off your automatic high beams if you want

So it’s not as quick as some vehicles but you still get an option over here then for even more options you can touch on that screen to get this kind of just your basic stuff on here steering wheel has nicely illuminated buttons as well they’re fairly interesting to operate it’s a little bit different takes a little bit of getting used to to with what’s what and

What’s where but you got this large digital display up overhead right here as you can see so don’t mind the flashing lights this is semi-customizable as far as what information is available to see on here plus you’re going to get a really large head up display where you can change the graphics on that but check out my daytime review for even more details coming

Over here you already saw this screen it’s kind of connected to this uh cluster screen but this is just massive just a super large screen there’s a bunch of stuff that you can see and do on here and there’s just there’s so many things it’s crazy there’s so much customization there’s so many different pieces of information on here we just go to menu it’s unreal just

How much is actually on here you can pause if you want to but for lighting purposes let’s go to interior lighting so one thing that i don’t like which i’ll talk about in a second is in order to actually like turn on all the interior lights or turn on your your overhead lights you have to touch that and then touch interior light then that will turn all of this on

All the brightness there and all the brightness in the back otherwise if you don’t do that and you want to get lights in here you can turn on your map light or your little reading light for you or the passenger but you can’t turn on all the lights up here you have to actually go into the screen kind of odd for my thoughts you go to that button and then it shows up

On there kind of like your actual headlight buttons so more controls on that now if you want to open the or want the lights to turn on when you open the door got to push this button otherwise go to your ambient lighting and check this out you can individually adjust background lighting accent lighting and let me show you the colors on here so there’s not as many

Colors as you’ll find in some cars but i mean you pretty much got every color that you would expect on here so let’s go ahead and look at maybe a green color it’s going to change everything green this isn’t as customizable as i was expecting first for what the price is about 115 grand but at least you do still get some ambient lighting you can turn it completely

Off if you want or another option is you can have it reduced for night driving so if we select that just watch the door and the armrest it dims so you can have it dimmed or you can keep it bright it just depends what you want to do on that same interior lighting screen you can adjust the cockpit brightness overall so check it out that really ramps things up on this

Interior ambient lighting color here that’s pretty wild i mean it gets pretty darn bright in here especially the leg lining and the lighting right up by your face right here that’s pretty bright so if you want to turn the doors down you have to adjust the accent lighting on the screen and the background lighting on the screen is technically the lighting like down

At your feet and your foot wells things like that if you go back to your menu go to displays this is where you can adjust your head up display the overall brightness of the screens here too so you can do what you need to now i’ve talked about that a lot you’ve got four zone climate control in here ventilated and heated seat heated steering wheel it’s a little bit

Of a pain in the butt to use if you don’t want to rely completely on automatic function but i talk more about that in my full review this this little armrest here is pretty wicked this is actually a wood panel right here and crystal finished buttons it’s pretty wild it looks cool your shifters here you’ve got shortcuts i like the ambient lighting and the lighting

Overall around this and this whole section has a glow of ambient lighting from overhead it comes from right up there and it’ll be whatever color you have set for your ambient lighting and of course in the armrest you’ve got an illuminated center console area this little tray there’s a little tray right here too now over on the glove box you do have a soft opening

And softly lined glove box that’s an automatic dimming rear view mirror and then of course you’ve got a really bright vanity light in here and one thing that i want to know is that when you go into your rear view or your your backup camera you’ve actually got a really nice clear camera and you can tap on these cameras to see different parts of the vehicle whatever

It is it’s fairly dark right around the vehicle and it still sees really well now as you turn the car on we’re going to get these adaptive lights from the icon adaptive led lights with laser lights and just look at this beam pattern first of all it’s really high and it’s really bright right in the middle now we don’t have fog lights but when you turn the corner

You will actually get lighting to the left it’s not just going to turn on with my blinker it’s when you’re moving and i’ll show you that in a second and then with the high beams the high beams are really bright nice and wide and they’ll actually kind of crescendo into a brightness when you’re driving you’ll see that in a little bit as of right now these don’t

Have iihs ratings but let’s get them out on the road now as we look off into the distance you’ll see that that hill is very well illuminated that is much more than what i see on a lot of vehicles even the left side where the driver’s side’s supposed to dip does dip but it still lights that hill up really well and these headlights are nice and bright and then the

High beam lights up that hill very well as well so things look really good here all right y’all right off the bat we are in the ix at night and look as i turn to the left you get the left side of the car that lights up that’s both sides so that’s part of the adaptive lights we also have adaptive lighting as far as the leveling and the side to side you’ll see that

In motion and we’re gonna get on some dark roads some semi-lit roads so you get an idea of what it’s like to drive this car at night and these lights do a pretty darn good job did you see those high beams right there first of all they just flash that crossing car but they crescendo’d open and closed once we got to the right speed no i gotta say this car is super

Cool and super fun and if you want to see more details of everything including the driving experience be sure to check out my full daytime review coming out after this video but check out this m60 this ix m60 power let me put us in sport mode for just a second and let’s get a little pedal down here we go oh my gosh it gives you some serious willies this car is

Absolutely bananas okay while we’re here the river mirror is auto dimming the driver’s side mirror is auto dimming as well and i’m gonna have the automatic high beams on i’ve got the head up display on there’s different variations of the head up display you can do and i’ve got the interior brightness ambient lining about 50 right now but so far the automatic high

Beams are on right now so the overhead lights don’t distract it and full disclosure the us does not get the same type of lighting system as some other countries that i know of in europe so it’s not going to be the same if you’re in different markets for me which is the us now so far on this road i haven’t had any other oncoming traffic but these lights have been

Really good the high beams have pretty much stayed on the whole time and those are super bright you even get an adaptive function that is visible with these overhead lights but we’ll get on a dark road in just a sec all right y’all we’re now getting on a dark road we’ll take some dark corners get an idea of the adaptive lights the high beams high beams just turned

Back on super wide super bright lights up this entire corner very well let me go just the low beams watch us flatten out and those line up that corner very well again so let’s see how this function does going around a corner so far so good i have good visibility up into that corner i’m gonna let the high beams go back on automatic high beams are on you can see

Very well down there good distance i’m gonna do the low beams again here low beam cutoff line is further than what it is in a lot of vehicles i’m going to turn the high beams back on boom big crescendo on that tree very nice job the lights are so bright so wide that you can’t hardly even see the adaptive function but even in high beam setting here you can still

See a little bit of that adaptive function they just do a really good job of being wide and just being bright dispersed all over the place high beams are on right now let’s go with the low beams the low beam distance is still good i’m still actually really happy with that and the width of the lights is good too we don’t have fog lights but i can still see into

The ditches pretty well we’ll test the width in a second on some very short corners and see how they do all right now i’m at a spot where we’ve got a couple of sharp little turns where a lot of vehicles are so narrow with their lights that you can’t see anything if you’re turning one way or another adaptive headlights work great in the distance but these have the

Adaptive cornering light that lights up next to the vehicle and these lights are actually pretty wide so i can actually see over there where most vehicles i cannot so for example as i start going turn the wheel to expose what was over here immediately next to the vehicle you get light but you could see this very well and i can see really well down that way to

Where i don’t i don’t have a question at all about what is in those corners so sharp corners dark areas this does so well i hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think of the ambiance in here and the lighting overall thank you so much and have a great night foreign

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All-Electric 2023 BMW iX M60 Laser Lights, Ambient Lights, & Night Drive By Prime Autotainment

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