alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio
Altair Club Cars Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Review // Pure Italian Sex Appeal

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Review // Pure Italian Sex Appeal


We’re here with the 2020 alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio and boy that is sure a mouthful it’s a lot to unbox we’ll tell you what all of that means let’s go for a drive okay andrea what do you have to put it in we got to put it in s for subscribe that’s right subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell get future updates and uh andrea’s instagram is motormouth

Underscore andrea here’s a picture of her in front of the stelvio quattrofolio and then the channel sort of instagram is uh motor mouth underscore auto yes this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in

The description below okay let’s unbox this name as you said it’s quite a long name it’s quite a long name so alfa romeo of course is the brand yes stelvio is what is the pass in italy it’s a it’s a it’s a hot it’s a road that goes through the alps like this so it’s the stelvio pass northern italy and then then what does quattrofolio mean our research department

Has looked all of this up so a research department what what does it mean i gotta tell you i love the history of it all so um alfa romeo started using the four leaf clover in 1923. i guess when they were started racing they used the four leaf flowers good luck yeah then it was really about just luck being lucky and they’ve had some success with that so the first

Four drivers the leaves on the four-leaf clovers represent them okay and then it used to be a diamond shape around the four-leaf clover and unfortunately one passed away and so they changed it to a triangle to represent the loss of the driver so the triangle is the three drivers remaining in the four original drivers that’s right yeah that’s cool and alfa romeo

This year is celebrating 110 years and they have a long long rich history now it can be spotty uh there were times where alpha maybe wasn’t as strong as other times they’re really with these new models this and the julia trying to relaunch them in north america and they’ve gone through some updates to get that done and i look and one of the biggest problems

With alpha romeo is reliability and we don’t have a rating for the 2020 with jd powers but we do have it for the 2019 and it came in at a 73 rating not terrible okay i have a friend of mine and he lives in toronto and i sent him a message on facebook uh because he had one of these for two years yes okay he said there was a sensor replaced under warranty which

Is really kind of minimal um car was brilliant apple carplay only crashed once in two years he says one of my staff has the x3m 40 which is a higher performance x3 and he says car play maybe works half the time um one of the best cars i’ve ever owned would definitely get another but i don’t need a daily much anymore so i traded it for a porsche 911 cabriolet

So because of covid he’s not going to the office anymore so he got a fun car to drive instead that’s great see that’s an excellent real world review yeah so there you go that’s from someone that actually had this very same car same engine same high performance model so the quattrofolio is the high performance version what do you get for your money drea wow we

Are dealing with a beast here with 505 horsepower and 443 pound foot of torque you know what’s interesting the engine under the hood of this is a 2.9 liter v6 turbo exactly the same size and displacement as the porsche macan turbo and their gts same thing 2.9 liter and um but they don’t have as much power as this engine no the um no the makhan turbo has 434

Horsepower and 406 pound foot of torque which is quite a bit less do you know what the actual beast is for torque yeah it’s the mercedes-benz glc uh 63s yes 516 pound-footed torque now they wow but they use they use a v8 in this size and it’s turbocharged all of the others have six cylinder turbos very true so the other contenders in this are the x3m which

Has the competition package has over 500 horsepower that’s right the mercedes-benz as you mentioned so there are some other players out there um but what i want to talk about just for a second is the non-quattrofolio version the regular stelvio the four-cylinder turbo is the champion when it comes to power so most of those like the x3 the glc all of those cars

We kind of touched on they’re all around 250 horsepower yes so the stelvio is 280 horsepower and i’ve driven the base model and it is a load of fun to drive yeah you said that you really enjoyed it so there’s something different in this alpha romeo when it comes to driving dynamics usually we see kind of comfort sport echo this is dna which stands for dynamics

Which is their sport mode um natural which is their comfort level and then a which is all weather yeah and it’s quite interesting this sort of tells you what this car is all about so typically in the middle of that dial where it says dna there’s there’s a little shock absorber button in the middle yeah and typically in most brands when you hit that that makes

The suspension firmer no no no not the well for a male no you hit that button and it says soft damper active yeah soft mode it’s like totally opposite oh no you we always go firm yeah you like it firm i like a firm ride we know that now you go soft now you go soft who wants to go soft when you can go firm now what do you think about the sound because it is

Different than the porsche macon turbo isn’t it like what what do you think this sound is um i would call it kind of raspy it’s kind of got a raspy sound and the macan turbo is kind of more throaty so i think i prefer throaty over raspy you know what we gotta take a break a break a break no andrea we’ve stopped here looks like you’ve got a picnic going on what

Is going on i sure do because this reminds me of italy and when you go to italy you have to stop you have to pause you have to enjoy the day so i made us some espresso okay i’ll take the blue one i’m guessing okay let’s not spell because we are in a crazy car yeah crazy pricey this is a nice treat it’s so true because we well i remember we flew into milan and

We were driving to that was our first time in italy yeah we’ve been there twice we drove to luca and uh we stopped at this cafe and said coffee to go and they’re like what is this sit there enjoy that we had two heads yeah so here cheers cheers to our espresso now um while we’re stopped i think there’s another reason why we’re stopped we can talk and enjoy the

Interior while we’re doing this we can so the big update for this vehicle they’ve updated this and a lot of the reviews when this vehicle first came was it was a little bit plastic fantastic yes and it didn’t really befit a premium brand and now they’ve changed it what do you think of it yeah especially this shifter it was actually wrapped in plastic and now it’s

Wrapped in leather so that’s a big improvement um i quite like the interior i like the idea of feeling like you’re in a race car they’re kind of mimicking that a bit from this steering wheel looks like a race car steering wheel push button start yes all of that um i i usually don’t like an integrated screen but i prefer floating one but this this was quite nice

And i think there’s lots of great detail with the stitching i like the combination between the leather and the suede in the car okay so what they’ve done with this is updated the center console this one has carbon on it the screen is now up to 8.8 inches that’s standard equipment the instrument cluster seven inch tft display but this is where it starts to kind

Of fall down a little bit in my eyes you don’t get a full digital instrument cluster like you do with all the german brands i’m okay with that i just think that the gauges don’t look particularly high end there is still some hard plastic in here so you’ve got leather on the top you’ve got this carbon and then you’ve got this hard plastic in the middle there’s

Hard plastic at the bottom the german brands are going back to hard plastic at the bottom too so i would say i give it an 8 out of 10 for the improvements and and i do agree with you it’s very sporty looking super sporty looking it has a beautiful sunroof they’ve done some things really well in here when we look at the comfort level of the seats the seats are

Very firm i don’t mind them but i think if you’re looking for a more comfortable seat this may not be the vehicle for you when we talk about the back seat it’s pretty firm yeah and on size this vehicle is bigger than a macan um but it isn’t the biggest for the back seat no i just had one of those cookies was a lemon one it’s lemon one lemon one hazelnut really

Good um so it’s bigger than the macan but if you want space in this premium category now the x3 is the x3m is going to be really good and the the glc i would say this offers more space than the macon especially the cargo area yeah cargo space is actually quite good in this it’s very deep and long i think that people would be quite impressed with that yeah deep

In long is good you like those don’t you why don’t you have mine okay i could be here all day i know have mine i have more and what about all of our great pictures in italy right i mean we went to lucca gorgeous little town so much gorgeous gal on a gorgeous town right there i tell you oh zach um we went to rome here’s a picture of us in front of the vatican oh

By the way incredible when we got out of the taxi and we walked up to the vatican we were like wow that is impressive and by the way and on the last trip we did we did london paris and rome yeah rome the best by far my favorite my absolute favorite even over paris can you believe that paris is beautiful but ram is something else and then portofino oh my goodness

And your pizza the food in portofino just a stunning location and where’s the last one we’re gonna go oh amalfi oh the amalfi coast yeah and look at that picture with all the bright colors i think that’s one of my favorites it was two summers ago um i emailed because alpha was in the market now in canada i emailed the pr guy from alfa romeo and i said by the way

We’re gonna be in italy for two weeks any chance we could get a now for romeo julia or one of these yeah and he went oh that’s so funny he laughed and he gave us a thumbs down we did get an fca product though we got a jeep renegade and uh it was great that was a great little car it was great and you have to be aggressive when you drive that yeah that’s true speaking

Of aggressive my turn to drive after this we’ll be back in a minute zach’s gonna finish his cookies which you love there’s more at home so now i’m all jacked up on caffeine great that’s where we like to be isn’t it you know what how much did i travel before covet so much like 300 000 miles a year it was kind of ridiculous yeah most times 200 last year we did 300

000 miles and one of the trips i did last year was with porsche for the tycoon but what i miss is the access to the people that make the cars yeah right so at dinner i think we were in denmark driving the taicon i i got to sit at dinner with a chassis engineer for porsche so how cool is that very so i start talking to this guy we’re talking about tycon and then

I bring up makan yeah and i was bringing it up because they don’t have dynamic chassis control on the mcconnell and i asked them why that is that’s another subject but then we started talking about this car and i said um i think that the stelvio is maybe a better handling car than the macan and he didn’t disagree but he said they have a different approach than

Alfa romeo he actually had this exact same car with the big engine in it for a week yeah from alfa romeo and he said it’s very sharp it’s a very it’s like a more of a weapon where the macan has a brighter spectrum of potential right yeah for sure and you can see that with the macan you you get the power it’s got good handling but there’s also a comfort level to

It yeah he’s he’s right about this it is sharp on every level and the brakes the brakes on this thing are unbelievable you look at the brake pedal and bam this thing stops yeah so you’ve got that the steering is very precise and sharp the suspension if you want it to be can be really quite firm it’s it’s a it’s a it here’s the thing is you got to go in knowing

That this is a sharp car yes now the regular stelvio isn’t as much as this but this one certainly is yeah and like you said you’ve got to to look at it that way as well some people may not like it that it is so sharp it handles so well um i i just can’t believe how much i enjoyed it but there is something about the comfort level that i’m not sure i would want

To drive it every single day this would be a great second car yeah right to have your or third or fourth they’re bad and you know what i think that people who buy these sorts of cars like um you know what’s the price on this one hundred and twelve thousand tested over a hundred and twelve thousand is tested but it doesn’t start at 112. no it starts at 96.2 and

We looked at the x3m the glc 63s all those and they’re all right around the same price they’re all around the same price depending on what you’re getting in it you know what boxes you’re ticking yeah and and as i said earlier a select few people are going to buy this car the regular stelvio as i mentioned already has more power than the others so it’s not like

This but it’s a lot of the same ingredients are here it’s a load of fun to drive if you can afford this vehicle or any of its competitors this sort of purchase isn’t that big a deal to be honest with you right yeah and it’s it’s a unique vehicle the person who buys this for a hundred and twelve thousand dollars may have many other cars to choose from on a daily

Basis how lucky are they yeah and the thing is if you’ve tried all kinds of different german brands for example and you want something different well this is different and it’s fun and you want to go back to italy when cove it’s done absolutely this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Review // Pure Italian Sex Appeal By Motormouth

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