alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio
Altair Club Cars Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio REVIEW by AutoTopNL

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio REVIEW by AutoTopNL

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Okay boom a beautiful day actually but it definitely has some ties to ferrari here’s a little taster oh just got rid of my jacket what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today we’ve got a very very rainy day an autumn day a beautiful day actually to drive one of the coolest suvs out there and well we’ve

Got a great spec today we borrowed it at adults cars in the netherlands uh check out the description or the top comment for a link to their website they’ve got a great selection of cars super super nice company it’s a family company ran by a couple and their some uh they really do have a very nice collection of cars so if you are interested go check it out in the

Description today we borrowed this alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio there the stelvio q one of the supposedly coolest suvs out there especially to drive we haven’t driven it but i’m super curious to see what it’s like so today i’m going to show you around and show you the spec we’ve got it in and then we’ll take it for a drive i’m not sure where because it’s a

Completely new area for us but we’ll see we’ll take it for a nice drive but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video and check us out on instagram if you like at the top now okay so we’ll do a quick walk around in this weather this color is called blue mizano metallic quite

A nice color at least i i like the fact that it’s different from all the others which are almost always red i like this blue i think it’s cool we’ve got some air vents in the hood as well which looks nice and aggressive this front end is really really good especially without a number plate on there we’ve got one in the car don’t worry but it does look very very

Nice the wheels well these are super super nice wheels as well i really like them 20 inch nice yeah that that design with that sort of circle in there is so recognizable alfa romeo and just so beautiful with of course the quadrifoglio verde right there and well it’s not that big this car it is quite manageable it’s like a porsche macan size i would say bmw

X3 mercedes glc but it feels quite sporty and cool and at the rear we’ve got a nice rear end with quad exhaust one placed just above the other and q4 so it’s got standard all-wheel drive of course but yeah it’s a it’s a nice rear end uh sorry it’s so freaking dirty but yeah we weren’t expecting this weather it was supposed to be dry today uh so yeah on the way

Here i kind of got it a little bit dirty sorry about that so we’ll open the hood and check out the engine which is of course this 2.9 liter v6 developed with ferrari or derived from a ferrari engine at least but it definitely has some ties to ferrari it’s a twin turbo engine and it delivers 510 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque it is a very cool engine

It is very different from all the others that are available and that really gives it like its own place in in the in the class in the in the engine environment if you will and on the inside well this is always a bit of a weak spot for alfa romeo of course it does have some nice carbon fiber and aluminium stuff well a lot of carbon fiber actually i do really like

The steering wheel with the carbon fiber aluminium lots of leather and we’ve got the big pedal shifters behind the steering wheel which are column mounted so they are fixed they don’t move with steering wheel we’ve got a carbon cover for the gear lever as well and we’ve got these really nice sport seats with alcantara and leather you can actually go for the full

Carbon fiber buckets in this car which i think looks awesome because that the seats are beautiful but i don’t know if i yeah if it’s that suitable for an suv so we’ve got the starter button here and it’s called a valve controlled exhaust which is really really noticeable so this is just in normal mode sounds normal as you would expect and if we put it in race

You can really hear the difference it’s really noticeable and i really like that because it does mean that you still have a regular like a regular car a regular suv you can do your everyday shopping with but when you put it in race mode everything tightens up and becomes much more sporty okay so we’ll take it for a drive i’ll get rid of my jacket and then we are

Going to get going okay boom just got rid of my jacket and we’re going to get going now i am quite happy actually that we are driving a stelvio today because we have that all-wheel drive let’s get going and see what this car is like we’ll start in dynamic mode so you can see all the stuff that changes in there it is actually quite significant the changes you

Get from playing around with this dna system it is of course the engine the throttle mapping but it’s also the gearbox the power steering and you really feel the difference when you drive around and you switch the button yeah i don’t know where i don’t know why we’re in this mode we’re just going to go to race and we’ve got this button right here for the

Suspension so you can go for race mode with the mid dampers which is nice i think that’s smart but we’ll keep it in race mode for now to see what it’s like we’ll put the gearbox in manual now this is one of my favorite parts about these cars about the julia and this one the gearbox is really really fast the shifts are crisp it is super nice and well it just gives

You a bit of a race car feeling because you get that little hit in the drivetrain when you shift and most cars don’t do that anymore and you get like a nice crackle through the exhaust as well wow that is that is really really nice more cars should do that it is an 8-speed automatic gearbox of course but they have calibrated it really nicely okay so driving

It you honestly you have to get used to this car because it is so direct you don’t really expect that from well an suv an suv that’s quite high and it’s it’s just a weird a weird thing to get used to but once you do it is really nice because it gives you the idea that you can actually you know place it where you want the card really shrinks around you it it is

Well a lot of car manufacturers say this and claim this uh and call their suv like a high up sports car or something like that but this really feels like a sports car because you have you have that 510 horsepower v6 twin turbo which feels really aggressive and torquey okay let’s put it in mid damper yeah that’s a bit better and you have that gearbox that feels

Super aggressive you have those crackles in the up shift you have that stiff suspension that direct steering it all really comes together when you put it in race mode and it it does really feel like like a high version of that julia q yeah really really nice now the brakes are really good as well in this car they too are super like direct uh it’s like at the top

Of the pedal you touch the pedal and you can feel it immediately you know yeah yeah it wants to break it’s super high strung and this is not even the most fierce setup you can also go for carbon ceramics on this car but yeah normally i would always say go for the carbon ceramics but i do really like these steel ones but with the weight i mean this car weighs

Around 1800 kilos if you go for like high-speed runs because this car has a top speed of 283 kilometers an hour if you do that regularly i would say go for the ceramics oh man the drive train is such a nice one but it’s mostly that gearbox that makes it really fun and of course that sound because it does sound nice so what should you compare this with well as

I said the porsche macan the backhoe turbo probably um bmw x3m competition geos mercedes amg glc 63s those are basically the ones and i have to say i do quite like the fact that this feels so different from the others so if you compare it to the german brothers i mean if you look at the interior of course yeah finishing materials everything is just better in

Those german rivals it’s just it’s just a fact okay if you buy this car you have to be able to live with the fact that the interior is not the best the infotainment is not the best what you pay for with this car is the fact that you have something different of course but also the fact that you have one of the coolest looking uh ones in this class in my opinion

And you have one with the drivetrain that is well just it’s fun it’s exciting it brings a smile to your face and i’m not sure if those other ones do that uh if you have driven them for like a year i think this will keep entertaining you because it is so stiff and hard and aggressive so zero to 100 should be able in 3.8 seconds uh but i have actually tried that

And it is nearly impossible to get there i mean you have to have like super dry tarmac of course and brake launch but here’s a little taster oh it does it does really move this car yeah it’s a fun fun little suv so unfortunately no out about today because of insurance reasons so this is it for today if you are interested in getting one of these you can check

Out adults cars in the netherlands they really have a cool selection of cars so go check them out and you can subscribe by clicking the big button right there you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see the next one bye

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio REVIEW by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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