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Altair Club Cars Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2017) – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2017) – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Na de Giulia is de Stelvio de volgende stap in de wederopstanding van Alfa Romeo. In de Zwitserse Alpen – de Stelvio-pas lag om de hoek maar was helaas nog gesloten – maakten we kennis met de eerste SUV in de geschiedenis van het roemruchte Italiaanse merk. Daar ontpopte de Stelvio zich tot het sportieve alternatief voor een Audi Q5 of BMW X3.

Was the matta, made in the fifties. it actually was the italian version of the willy’s jeep. it’s funny how people don’t seem to have any problems with a suv. it seems this model of car has established itself in the market. it’s part of the resurrection-course alfa romeo is following. the giulia was the first car in the resurrection-course, and in the coming years

We can expect some more new cars. named after the legendary italian mountain pass with the same name. alfa is one of the last brands which didn’t have a suv in its range, forgive and forget. when it comes to sales numbers, suv’s go through the roof, it’s clear the stelvio comes from the same drawing board the giulia came from. it’s got different daytime running lamps,

So the giulia and stelvio can be told apart in the dark. factually speaking, the stelvio is a raised giulia. the width in the front and the back is bigger though. that’s something in which you can see the difference. where do we place the stelvio in the car-landscape? it’s about 4,7 metres long, the wheelbase is 2,82 metres, and with that, the bmw x3 and audi q5 are

Its main competitors. but, cars like the jaguar f-pace and porsche macan also belong to that list. cars at the more sporty and more expensive side of the spectrum. that’s even more emphasized by the quadrifoglio stelvio, they’ve done that with a reason. they want to emphasize that the non-quadrifoglio cars of the range, we’ll start off with a 2,0-litre petrol version,

Producting 280 horsepower. also, there’s a 2.2-litre diesel version producing 210 horsepower. in the following months, less powerful versions will become available. diesel-engines producing 180 horsepower and 150 horsepower will reach the markets, if you want a less powerful petrol-engine, you can wait for the 200 horsepower version. a very strong diesel and a very

Strong petrol-version. contrary to the giulia, on which the stelvio is based, the stelvio can’t be equipped with a manual gearbox. 8-speed zf-gearboxes. a gearbox which you’ll also find in bmw’s, for example. the q4 system by audi. the 180 horsepower producing diesel-engine can be supplied with rear-wheel drive. it’s available with 4-wheel drive, but if you want a

Rear-wheel drive stelvio, get that one. we’re driving with the 2.2-litre turbodiesel, 210 horsepower, right, the steering and suspension are just giulia. i think it’s the most direct steering you can get in a suv, but that’s something you’ll only appreciate if you really want that in a car, but on the other hand, that’s exactly what alfa romeo’s are about. alfa claims the

Driving characteristics from the giulia are present in this stelvio, this still is a higher car, so the center of gravity is higher. it isn’t bad though, so when it comes to filling the gap in alfa’s range, let’s take a look what’s around you in the stelvio. the dashboard seems to have come straight from one, the design is a little bit quiet, i think it’s quite stylish.

Because the functions are operated by a knob in the center console. or relatively big, because when you get the base version it’s quite a lot smaller… and how do the materials and the finishing hold their grounds? but alfa wants to take on the german ‘premium’ brands, and that means they’ll also have to get on the same level when it comes to the finishing. the materials

Used aren’t from quality as high of those german cars. but if they want to compete with the germans, they’ll have to get on par. a little bit too high though. when i got in for the first time, maybe it’s because this is an electrical operated chair. i think it would be nicer if i could lower the seat a little. if i try to sit behind myself, there’s more than sufficient

Legroom for me. the luggage space fits 525 litres, just like it’s supposed to have in this segment, the ceo compared the stelvio with a mountain climber, right, alfa romeo has had enough time to explore the suv-area, and that’s something this stelvio absolutely offers. together with the jaguar f-pace and the porsche macan, it’s the most sporty car you can get in this segment.

Especially when looking at the american and asian markets. the stelvio is a very refreshing and sporty newcomer.

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