alfa romeo giulia qv dog rescue
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Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Dog Rescue

The car was magnificent, the road is amazing but saving a dogs life, priceless.

Thank you it’s currently 7 a.m this is one of the best ways start your morning on the weekend or any day actually so this morning i had an hour free and i was relatively close to a new mountain pass that i’ve never driven before and i thought why not come over make a quick video of my favorite cars on a mountain pass that i’ve not driven yet so this is the

Splugen pass and from the maps from the satellite maps it looks incredible it’s my first time driving it and i thought i would take you guys along with me endless switchbacks corners road surface it’s a wild car look at this road look at these corners god this road is magnificent if you like corners like me then this seems to be the road to come to holy

I’ve not driven a road with this many switchbacks in quite some time and look at that view crazy don’t know if i would recommend coming here with a huge car like a lamborghini aventador for example i mean you could this might be sweating a bit on a few of these corners i’ve just crossed over into italy now as well so at the top here is exactly the border

From switzerland to italy so yeah now i’m in italy how cool is that wow there is a lot of people here actually you can see just ahead on the right there italia sign for italy to show you guys this really is now a border to italy i’m the only petrol head here everyone’s come here to do fitness in sport and i’m here just driving the pass i’m definitely going to

Come back and plan a route crossing over into italy and carrying on i would like to know exactly where that goes into italy i did end today’s video however i have just found a lost dog it is absolutely freezing outside and i’m trying to get her inside the car she’s freezing and she’s been sitting next to me hello hi do you have a name oh she has a name b hi

A british flag as well maybe what a beautiful dog hi how are you doing oh my god this dog is too beautiful i need to get her in the car come on come on hey come be come good go good cow come on please come inside the car it’s absolutely freezing outside okay the dog is in the car the dog is in the car b is in the car b we’re going to get you home yes you

Are now in a very cool car you’re warm we are gonna get you home that’s a phone number hmm to it’s ringing b i’m calling your owners nobody answered me i’ve got to take b to the police station now african police station yeah put on police station hmm it’s okay b it’s okay say bye to everyone that was the excitement for today’s video foreign

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Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Dog Rescue! By Cars with Luke

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