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Altair Club Cars Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio quick drive review

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio quick drive review

In this short drive review, I drive the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The question is…Does it drive as good as it looks?

Hello and welcome to we blog any car with me sheridan and today i’m in julia from portfolio over to the starts this is the alfa romeo julia quadrifoglio prices start from around 75 000 pounds it uses a 2.9 liter v6 bi-turbo engine that produces 510 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque it uses an 8-speed automatic gearbox and all the power goes to the rear

Wheels top speed is around 190 miles per hour zero to 62 miles per hour takes 3.9 seconds fuel economy is 28.2 miles per gallon and combined co2 emission figure of around 227 grams per kilometer this is a car but a driver quite a while to be fair um i’ve driven the snow video called the failure so i’ll put a link in the description if you want to see that video

And what i thought of it um but for me i’m more of a conventional box type four-door salute the guy this if you’ve watched my previous video my alpha spider you know that you found the fun and this car is just pure theater even before you start the engine just walking up to it looking at it there’s not a lot on the road like it but also how this thing drives

As well i’ve just got it in the normal drive mode to get along here nicely at 50 miles an hour it’s very um i’m very controlled the dials are really clear all the you know the infotainment center improved it’s lovely a little bit of carbon fiber there for the passion to look at and obviously the stitching as well which is just absolutely gorgeous the drive

Position i like i’ve adjusted the steering wheel where it is look at mobs just sit easily three position got your paddles just behind the steering mode as well just flick it up and down through the gears nice and easily that’s fourth now and to be fair with this car i know it saw it had a bloodline of alpha of air but you don’t have to go mad with it you can

Just drive around very easily simply we’re trying to actually pushing you want you to go faster which i’m actually quite surprised i’m just in the standard drive mode if i put it into dynamic it’s a slightly changed i could feel that actually changed gear and the throttle response now probably can’t see that but i’m only touching accelerator just like me and

Yeah a lot more responsive absolutely it is that i’ll tell you the the way this car feels is really suspension-wise everything feels really tight and together tell you what i do i’ll slow right down i hope the sound comes through the if you can hear the sound here we go brilliant i’ve got no words i should use that as my wake-up call brilliant attack if i can

Put that on my phone i would do every time someone you know notification a text i’ll just have that sound beautiful sound through the bends to put the steering sharp everything about it it’s just copes with it brilliant the brakes they’re good it’s a good feel to them real good feel to them and then like that confidence this car gives you confidence one word

Confidence on how it handles roads like this i would take roads like this to motorways every day of the week in this car a cliche everyone says it at least once in your life you should experience an alfa romeo i would say it all the lamps here but seriously if you have that age and yeah anything italian that’s what i say about psychobonist i like the seats

The seats are comfy um and as you know they’re supportive as well i’ve got no kwanza with how the seats are i’ve got no coins with the car full stop i like the paddle so just as you can see my fingers just sit just now interesting when i was pressing it a bit i didn’t use them i let the gearbox do its thing but like i said before i’ve only got this car for a

Little while so you know i’ve got to give it back maybe if i get more you know in tune with it perhaps i would do who knows but yeah it’s been a lot of fun enjoyed it now i’ll give it back hey look on the bright side sheridan at least i’ve driven one i’ve got to drive it that’s good enough for me anyway i really hope whatever your driving is enjoyable as

This has been if you’ve got any questions queries please just put them down below you can follow me on all the normal social medias uh platforms don’t forget if you’re looking for new car news uh go across to my blog which is the blog uk and as i always say whatever i really hope this is enjoyable take care and i’ll see you for the next video bye for that bye-bye

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