alfa romeo 4c european road trip
Altair Club Cars Alfa Romeo 4c European Road Trip to Sardinia via Route Napoleon and real world review

Alfa Romeo 4c European Road Trip to Sardinia via Route Napoleon and real world review

First road trip in my alfa 4c launch edition through France to Sardinia.

In september 22 and we’re at dover getting ready for another one of our european road trips this time we’re taking a new car to the garage which is my alfa romeo 4c and we’re heading to sardinia we’re going to do root napoleon on the way down and uh stop off on the french riviera the 4c is quite an interesting car i’ve not seen many uh road trip videos of them um

Me and my wife are going down it’s quite compact it doesn’t have loads of boot space um but we’ve managed to make it work and i’ll talk you through what space there is available in the 4c in a minute which i again couldn’t find any information on online hopefully that’s useful to people um this is how much luggage you can fit in a 4c quite a light turns out i

Don’t know how we can see all of that but i’ve got three bags in the boot and there’s my wife is a bit shorter than i am just get a suit carrier backpack bags behind the passenger seat it’s tight but it doesn’t fit we drove down last night to dover averaged something like 45 miles per gallon which is absolutely brilliant for a car of this type and it’s yeah it’s

I mean it’s not a luxury cruiser like the maserati grand sport but it’s not bad modern cars seem to be able to do most things pretty well so we’ll give you an update more when we get on the road thank you right after eight hours of driving through france we’ve finally made it to our hotel the mercure hotel in grenoble secure car parking which is a bit of a

Result because it looks a bit rough outside but uh no the alpha’s been fantastic um average about 45 miles per gallon which seems incredible um we’ve got all the luggage in the car that we need a bit of a number by the time we’ve got here and friends had a few sort of aches after sort of eight hours but for the first six or seven it was absolutely fine so yeah

Surprisingly good car uh for a long distance road trip i’ve definitely been in more comfortable cars but i’ve not been anything that’s been sort of this fun and good on fuel um it gets a huge amount of tension everywhere you go i don’t think you see many of these around here in france so yeah absolutely excellent anyway i’m gonna go and get some dinner now and

Then sleep lots of it itself foreign foreign napoleon foreign a bit on the warm side foreign amazing myself if you stop halfway down there you can cheers the training the ferry which you can see about over there it’s been delayed a bit there’s load of old triumphs here as well road trip i had a nice champ from england who’s got a leaking water

Pump unfortunately foreign mama now i think we’re going to uh sardinia some late set off foreign foreign

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Alfa Romeo 4c European Road Trip to Sardinia via Route Napoleon and real world review By IGNiTiON MOTOR CLUB

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