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Altair Club Cars After 500 Kms Hyundai Venue Petrol DCT Review |

After 500 Kms Hyundai Venue Petrol DCT Review |

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Hi guys and welcome this is small sony what is in front of you is the facelifted 2022 hyundai venue and uh it has come after almost three years you’ve read about it on our website and we’ve done a video about it uh when it came because when it came we told you that this has the potential to be a blockbuster and it has turned out to be one uh so much

So that one day had so much bookings for the value of the previous version before they launched the new one that almost a lack people are going to upgrade to the new one from the older one because almost 1.3 lakh bookings are pending for the old venue of course that was down to the pandemic and the chip shortage and all of that resulting into very high waiting

Periods but at the same time it also shows that hudai has some serious demand for the venue and uh there has been a good amount of change let’s see what that is which you know cements its position in the software meter category uh despite you know serious competition that is on uh in this segment from the likes of many many rivals such as uh the the kia sonnet

The nissan magnet the renault kaiger and others in this segment and this is what the venue looks like at the front row so it gets a typical hyundai suv design language at the front which we are seeing with most suvs from one day worldwide so it gets this very nice grill at the front uh you’ve got uh the eyebrow tail indica you know turn indicators here the drl

Continues to be there though there is no fog lamp that is the main halogen sorry led projector lamp that is with the car uh it’s got a nice theme going on with the bumpers uh you know having these vertical lines at the front and at the back now you’ve got a very nice bonnet uh which almost looks like a clamshell unit as a very very compact car at the side as

You can see these are really really good looking alloy wheels on our website or while they were showing you the spy shots we thought this is the end line but no these are inline expired uh alloy wheels that is the dcb badging on the side you’ve got a very distinct shape turn indicator on the side mirror uh usually it’s a bigger strip here and i like this area

It’s very clean really well done it’s got a lot of plastic but it’s a job well done it looks clean nice and gives that premium seating uh with the car keyless entry i’ll come to the features just a little bit that is the rare uh the million dollar air because the light bar always makes every car look really impressive the venue badging badging and as you can see

Those lines that are talking about in the front are in the back as well this gives me an idea of you know very old school watch that i know uh it you know sort of resembles to that aspect uh design aspect really well really good tail and song offer and uh again very good looking car on the side and the front the dimensions haven’t changed there is no changes to

The sheet metal on offer and it was a good car but it was a very small car in its class because of the height and the wheelbase wheelbase is still on par with certain rivals but certain rivals have larger wheelbase and more height this truly looks like you know kratos uh younger sibling getting inside that’s the big change love the new upholstery hundred dollars

Upholstery colors really well you’ve got this bit of leather and fabric running around and part like you know part powered uh seats uh for the driver that’s the start stop button keyless entry that i showed you earlier that’s the interior nothing much has changed except for the screen in the way it looks but that’s the big change that’s the new lcd screen which

Looks really nice and is entirely new and what you can also see is that it has blue lighting that is depends on the drive mode dial that is here and we are in normal mode now this is eco mode and this is sport mode so color changes accordingly to that aspect and uh this is hyundai’s uh excellent infotainment system that is on offer with this car and yeah the

Fonts have changed the color has also changed a bit uh it’s a very nice screen smooth fast really impressive and these buttons here can now be swapped so you can have this as a volume dial or this there’s a feature inside where you can do that easily and uh i think it’s in the layout section i saw it three days back so and i don’t remember it exactly i think that’s

It yeah so i can swap so this is how it is this becomes the volume this becomes for everything else and then this becomes the volume and that becomes something else so that’s really nice uh i always wanted that surprisingly uh honda has gotten it done in a very very nice way um that’s the interior with the tiles of the climate control that is an offer looks really

Nice the dies with the screen always looks really impressive one day knows to get the feel good factor right and that’s your lot of charging point as you can see fast charging 12 volt socket usb a glove box not illuminated but chilled at least a very suv bigger suv like space at the dashboard here and that is hyundai’s renowned air purifier that has three modes

Normal and turbo side two and then you switch it out like this there’s a button which is illuminated that’s the kind of space you get because the air purifier is taking a lot of space here needless to say very nice feature to have and before you ask there is the sunroof with the manual shade of course bluetooth mic no mirror here surprisingly even on the top

And variant and there’s a mirror here no light but this higher vm is automatic it’s got concierge service along with breakdown so that is really nice and the sound system is good uh for a car of the size and segment and price and of course the passenger seat is all manual you get the typical hyundai door handles here the same switch gear and a very good cabin

But a very small narrow cabin but at the same time it feels very special because quality is really good the texture plastic is really amazing and you’ve got apple carplay android offer on offer but surprisingly it’s still not wireless and uh i told you the screen is really impressive you can have control from here you’ve got maps you’ve got valet mode which is

Also really nice to have it also has the blue link technology where it has 60 plus connect features where you can control a lot of features from the mobile i’ll do that in a separate video someday when we get to spend more time with this car unfortunately we have a little short on time today uh with the car and uh really like this gear lever as well as always looks

Really nice and futuristic and the steering controls cruise control is on offer you can control everything here via these buttons here we have done 252 kilometers on it as of now front and rear defogger and uh really nice to see that i was pretty drenched and the heater worked really really well and the car was also warming up quite a bit so everybody enjoyed that

Aspect and happy to see that it works extremely well just like the normal ac the heating also works it doesn’t work in certain cars i think of the past but i think new cars are doing it really well so that’s a different aspect with the car let’s jump at the back despite its raining a lot this is me behind my own driving position and uh got a very good nero very

Good leg room under the support is also accident but for taller people i guess it’s going to be a bit of a compromise you’ve got your illuminated sockets which is really impressive a better view at the airport fire of course oh it’s got a center armrest two cup can holders adjustable headrest on all four but none in the middle and uh yeah the seat belts are also

Not height adjustable for now that’s the center cabin light along with the front right which is different usually it’s either either way around and now let’s jump to the boot and then the driving part so that is how the boot looks like it continues to be the same in the venue and this is a very large cavity or very good opening no obstructions very little that

Is you know obstructing here it’s illuminated as well and uh let’s go below to see the fact that it has a spare tool kit and it’s a steel not an alloy wheel and you’ve got two lights here as well which is also good reversing camera reversing sensors that they don’t offer and uh let’s step back inside to show you that there are no ventilated seats on offer with the

Venue but what you get here is a very good safety system uh that is uh where it tells me what the speed limit is uh whether there is a school uh children are crossing or not because there are two schools in my area and it warns me that you know you should drive slowly here it basically tells you all the road signs here you know this pretty well we’ve shown you

In very different cars as well over the past so that’s a nice thing i think is getting all of that from the maps and project projecting it here which is really impressive so uh our power seats have made it there is no ventilated seats on offer the feature list given take has been revised with this new lcd screen and other bits we wish to see ventilated seats

From the manufacturer who started this business of offering uh that feature and uh in the near future and now let’s jump to the driving part so what we’re driving here is the venue with dual clutch gearbox and it makes 100 power and 170 newton meters of torque uh 7 speed dsg makes life easier in traffic of course but at the same time it can feel a bit hesitant

If you ask more from it um at lower speeds but that was the case previously uh there has been substantial tuning with the gearbox of course this is something oda has not told us we felt it for the previous version uh is the fact that the gearbox definitely feels much better than before uh it’s not very hesitant like how usual the dcts are right from munda to bmw

Uh even premium card manufacturers have this default problem with the dual clutch transmission is the fact that it can be a bit slow uh you know to shift at lower slower speeds but after that uh it smooths you know it shifts so smoothly so seamlessly and so quickly that you don’t even realize that it’s happening and that is why extracting power from this is very

Easy you know just go full throttle and then the gear shifts happen the engine also wraps surprisingly quickly and uh freely and smoothly so again extracting performance is quite easy but at the same time it’s obviously not a segment benchmark because uh there was the volkswagen polo with the 1.2 dsi which was uh better because of course because that was the four

Cylinder motor as well but uh nevertheless this is what is remaining and this is what we should be talking about and uh what that means is uh you know efficiency is also quite good in the city we’ve been getting 11.6 and 12 uh at the lowest we saw eleven and uh on the highway it was pretty impressive at 15.6 kilometers to the later driven under 120 kilometers an

Hour because it’s been raining cats and dogs and we had to maintain a certain speed all the way and even at those times we even saw 17 kilometers to the later uh so that’s pretty good efficiency you can get 14 or even 15 15.5 as an average uh fuel efficiency from this car so that’s quite good uh given the highway and city usage entirely within the city you are

Not going to get above 11 or 12 kilometers to the liter this is a turbo petrol this is a dct so making uh you know getting the best fuel efficiency is this is not the right engine to have this will give you good efficiency extreme good performance and very good shifts from the gearbox and needless to say the refinement is downright brilliant the engine is not

Hurt the vibrations are well in check even at idle and the noise from the engine also can feel great to certain people uh at the same time it can’t feel not that great to certain people and uh apart from that let’s talk about the handling part the steering is definitely gotten better it feels uh well weighted uh there is a decent amount of communication with you

Know from the previous car but at the same time it feels quite light quite precise quite easy um to drive within the city and uh that’s the best part the hyundai venue is an absolute uh jam when it comes to driving in the city because it is so easy to drive uh the short wheelbase the compact dimensions this the steering is quick and light so maneuvering this car

Is absolutely no effort that’s the reason why in my extended family there are so many venues uh you know i was really surprised to notice that uh when i met those relatives they’re finding that all of them dry venues and the only thing they said is that it is so compact and so easy to drive i think that uh you know that was our recommendation and they went ahead

With it and they actually found that part already really impressive and that’s what impresses everybody as well is that it’s very easy to drive at the same time you’ve got amp more than ample performance a car that looks good on the inside and outside has more than enough features on offer hyundai’s first free service and reliability along with a large reach makes

The only uh when you a very good pick in the segment uh it’s a default pick for a lot of people at the same time despite serious competition and hyundai venue has its own way of doing things and that impresses customers and it will continue to do so because this facelifted version feels really really good uh just like the old version how it was a blockbuster this

Will very likely continue to be the same and uh that’s it what we can tell you right now we’ll of course try and drive the diesel and other variants on offer uh to give you a complete road test on our website so stay tuned for that on our website stay tuned to our social media and website for everyday updates until then goodbye

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After 500 Kms! Hyundai Venue Petrol DCT Review | By Thrust Zone

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